Today as you read this column, you are either one of those who has already voted, an early bird reader who will vote later, or someone who will for whatever lameass reason you come up with, choose not to vote at all.  The irony is that no matter which you are, your life , and that of your children, will be drastically changed at many levels, and in many instances, in ways that are not even yet discerned, much less decided.

 Our lives are tied together in this Republic, and we shall ALL reap the harvest that comes from the serious decisions and choices that are made. Unfortunately, it is a shameful percentage of Americans who actually do take the time out of their days to be informed, and then visit the polling stations each cycle to have their  “Voice” inserted into the strategy and application of this Nation’s Management. ( The Very Essence of a Republic! )
While the actual outcome of today’s election will not be known until well after this is written and printed, there are some things that are known already.  All anyone would need is to have paid a little honest attention lately, and it is likely that even the truest “novice of news”, would not have a hard time predicting certain inevitabilities.
It is a certainty, that even before the polls close, accusations of voter fraud, theft, corruption and out and out  “Stealing”  of certain districts will begin to blossom  “across the fruited plains”. ( Oh wait!  That had already started in earnest two weeks ago. Go Figure! )  Some contests voted on today, will actually not be determined until days or weeks after the election, as recounts and theft charges flow back and forth, once again showing the true  ” cesspool ” that politics and politicians in particular,  have turned our established template of self-governance into. 
” Washington ” will return to Washington from their breaks, and as one side eagerly begins to set forth their continued or possibly new direction for the next two years, the other side of the aisle will surely make attempts to put on a Happy Face with the fraudulent cry of ” Bipartisanship now! Bipartisanship Now! ” ringing through the halls of Congress.
All the while one party plotting against the other, each and every second, of each and every day. This facade that they call “Representation”, is nothing more than a fake storefront used to conceal from the general public, the true fact that there is a  ” Gambling Room/Drug Den/Whore House ”  somewhere in the back.  It’s a laundry store that does no laundry, or a Chinese restaurant – that has neither food nor Chinese people in it.
 You’ve seen scenes like this represented before on old  “Untouchables” episodes, or perhaps in one of the many black and white Gangster Movies starring guys like Bogart and James Cagney. It’s the same concept here really, only on a grander scale. Sadly, legitimately Representing ” You – the Voter “,  takes a ” Backseat ” of importance to these people, faster than a Republican in Mr. Obama’s eternally ditch bound car. ( Fortunately, the lease on this over – analogized ” lemon ” is up in two years! )
Another certainty as the two parties continue this eternal joust of power, is that what many of us perceive as a recent near takeover by the Progressive elements in Washington of our Nations future, will face at least one House of Opposition again. The ensuing battles and gridlock may be the only things that save this County from ruin, as we await the next election cycle of 2012, when the majority of the Senate as well as the Presidency itself, is once again thrust upon the altar of Citizen Approval.
A fact that is not missed for a second by Washington, as every step they take will be choreographed with 2012 in mind. Each move they make will run through the prism of ” what is best to help in my quest for re-election? ”  In other words, those who remain in Washington who still hold strong adherence to the corrupt tactics of the past will continue to do so, We must rat them out and replace these parasites, with the same type of    ” People and Leaders ” – not traditional Politicians, a few of which we are hopefully installing today.
This weeding process, to return Washington back into a place of Representation as opposed to that of ” Unbridled Prostitution “, will take time, another two or three cycles at least. This fact, compounded by the earlier mentioned small percentile of Citizens who actually vote, ( I mean of course those who do it just “once” by the way! ), means that those who do pay attention, get involved and cast their votes when called, will need to stay vigilant and keep our eyes focused, and in turn remove those who refuse to abandon the ” swamp “,  as well as any of those new ones who may have deceived us and cleverly found their way into that sweet corruptive muck, diving right in – head first!
The fiery rhetoric and overtly divisive tactics utilized my Mr. Obama and the parties involved in this election, will not simply fall to the wayside. They will be the overshadowing and remaining sentiment behind any and all legislation driven over the next two years by Congress and eventually sent to be signed or vetoed by the President in the years to come. Once you make enemies of each other, it is very difficult to somehow reign them all in again for any sort of mutual respect or civility to each other.
So in short folks, enjoy whatever small victories you feel today. Just remember that our work as Citizens concerned with the direction of our Nation is far from over. Beware the trap of self satisfaction! If you wake up for an hour and find yourself quickly lulled back into deep sleep, you were never awake to begin with. You will simply find that whatever dream you rejoin in progress,  is now bastardized beyond recognition and you are helpless to control it’s outcome.

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