The Campaign season is over now, and since any real talk or aggressive effort towards the “next” election, probably won’t really start up in earnest for at least a few more hours, I thought we could discuss the concept that Speaker Pelosi and all the other current Congressional Members will soon be returning for at least a few weeks, into what is commonly called “a Lame Duck session.

A short and fun filled time, when those Members having been just voted out, must go through the the motions, until those voted in take their oath. A lamentful exercise of separation from the bubble they have been a part of for so long. That is of course only until they themselves then move on to their new lives as Lobbyists.A period in which we could see anything from a quiet and lethargic exit, ( the sort of non-effective and non-productive session one has come to expect during such Lame Duck Sessions ) , to that of a full frontal “spit in your eye and take that!” kind of engagement. All of this depending of course upon the existing personnel and national situation we are involved in at any given time in history.

 Typically, one might NOT expect the latter, but considering how indifferent and dismissive this Progressive Congress has been since taking office, a truly spiteful “Here’s One or Two More for The Road!” is not outside the realm of strong possibility. Although this particular Congress will return with amongst other battles, a looming TAX INCREASE for ALL, unless they and the now hobbled White house can come to some kind of agreeable solution.
Staying now within this whole transitional premise, Does not The President then, by virtue of his NOT being able to get his agenda any further along, it being frozen by our new elected  “Check” to his “Imbalance”, combined with the new and rapidly growing National opinion that he will likely NEVER see a second term,  Does this not then technically make him a de facto  “Lame duck  President”. ( A full four years ahead of schedule I might add! )
 Less We forget, From the very first moments and initial months of this administration, until only just recently,  if any Non-Progressive challenged an individual cause put forth by Mr. Obama and his Congressional Super Majority, they were summarily cast aside, with the echoing in their ear, of the then mantra ” Elections Have Consequences! “. ( the very same mantra that was quickly ” and I do mean quickly! ” coupled with and then surpassed by the additional ” Blame it on Bush!” Another technique used in diversion, as They (and We), soon saw and continue to see their inherent inadequacies as leaders, come to the full light of day. )
Elections do have consequences!  One very profound way that this last round should display this to all, is in that this past
election was in essence the rebirth of a true Republic, a New Beginning of Citizen interest and participation, and, how this will effect direct changes upon the Progressive and Euro Socialistic status quo in Washington, casting them from the helm and forcing this ill-conceived agenda back down again into the Repressive shadows from which it slithers forth.
 The term  “Lame Duck President” is usually reserved for Presidents who are entering the last 2 years of their second term. They,  like their Congressional Counterparts in “Lame Duckness”,  have for all reasonable purposes and with few exception, accomplished all that they likely will. This perception carries over to the Congress fully as an opposing Majority can effectively freeze through funding, most anything they desire, and, Who when faced with an election year themselves, are not likely to put to a test again,  the will of a population that is once again engaged and actively involved in monitoring and guiding the direction our elected officials are bringing us.
Mr Obama will for the remainder of his term, have no free reign in the House any longer, and find a less than complicit Senate. His agenda for all reasonable purposes has hit a brick wall of Voter borne opposition. He and his Administration’s robust “Tranform America” actions are now stifled whether through funding, or due to the fact that he cant even get Democrats to support him as fervently as before, now that they know the type of electoral backlash that lays in wait if they were to go against the will of the people again.
Sure! He has veto power!..  and can slow a new Congress’ path, but..  If the people see Congress as doing what is right , they will support them strongly and force the type of majority needed to overturn any such veto the President may apply to new laws, laws his ideology will not let him sign readily.
 What we end up with then is a ‘One Term Lame Duck President” and a Classic, and in this case “Heaven Sent”  Two Party GRIDLOCK!  A blessed freeze in Washington, that at least slows for the time being,  any further real damage to our Constitutional Republic.  Allowing us the next cycles of 2012 and beyond, to make further gains in our efforts to remove as much as possible, the Marxist and Socialists, who within our type of “Free Society ” must be heard, but also, who must never be allowed to attain the level of power needed to alter the foundations that keep America on its path of personal freedoms and responsibilities combined with Managed and Less Intrusive Governance. ( Sounds silly I know… but that is actually how we are set up to run – and indefinitely!  . They just don’t listen, and we have been silent too long. )
Some say it will be a full 4 or 6 more years before we see any change that this election cycle has wrought. They feel that the much discussed tidal wave of voter activity and awareness in this past election, would not see any hard results until at least that time. I believe, what we will in fact see, is that this “Tidal wave” turns into a long term settling FLOOD. A lagoon that comes to rest upon Washington, as We the People who are engaged.. Stay Engaged!, and drive our Congress and Government the way we are supposed to.
We are watching Washington now!.. and they know it. We cannot look away again, and I do not believe we will!  Therefore, this “Change” from the efforts of this election that everyone is speculating about, is not only  immediate and emphatic, but this reborn vigilance to stay on top of future government activity, if kept alive, will ensure for at least our immediate future, that some resemblence of accurate representation and a “check and balance” returns again to our Congress and Government as a whole. 
This vigilance of the American citizens, will also force our Senate to remember that even their “origin” is based in a process of coming “From the People and For the People”, and as an extra bonus, once again remind our current and all future Presidents and Congresses, that the one thing which has always made America – America!, is that “We don’t have Kings here! ” We don’t want them!  We have for too long allowed those we send to Washington to forget that little fact, and ” We’re just not gonna do that anymore. “

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