So many times from our Political leaders, whether here or in some of our fellow nations of the world, or perhaps from the pleadings of the many activist groups that focus on this one particular subject, all the way down to the candidate row of every Beauty Pageant known to mankind, we hear the everlasting and rhetorically proficient call for “World Peace!”
A very mighty and noble cause to be assured. One worth hoping for and making efforts to create. The problem is, that  that sort of  Utopic Outcome  ” must ” and can only come from Man, and there are many out there who believe that Man , “Primaly Speaking”,  is just not built that way.
A working premise that we, as humans, are wired to remember and believe.  A seemingly innate genetic predisposition to recall and react to occurrences in our historic pasts, both the good and most especially the bad. The kind of memory of factual or even merely perceived misdeeds, that lasts generations. Some times in the world’s older societies, we see these blood battles lasting for thousands of years, and though so far in the past, still fervently remembered in a  ” belief ”  that fuels the animosities even today.
Untold numbers of peoples may have died due to these long battles , some over something as insane as the fact that way back in the 14 century somewhere, someone once stole someone else’s goats, harem, or 3 1/2 acres of rocks, sand, and scorpions, that happened to have a little speck of water in it, .
“Peoples” do not forget. They may be able to forgive. But those who were enslaved throughout this long history of the world, will never forget such enslavement. Those who have been targets of a specific genocide, can not but remember those who sought their extinction. You do not need to look very long to find active, ongoing occurrences of war and strife, nation against nation, peoples against peoples, all based on just these kinds of tribal and historical issues,  even as we speak.
The way in which any given peoples or societies might react to such events related to their past, and or present, vary greatly. There are cultures who ” post-historic tragedy “, have worked to better themselves, reaching new heights in societal development and individual achievements of greatness.  Nations borne of once shackled bodies and minds, who have taken the opportunity gained from new Freedom and have grown once tattered groups of starving peoples into some of the greatest and most productive Societies known to man.
There are others who have traded in that freedom – for lethargy. Choosing to sit back in a dark pit of entitlement, to abandon the societal benefits of the nuclear family, and boldly demand for ” pittance “, rather than to take advantage of such independence, instill that sense into their young through a strong structured core family, and to always strive for the greatness of self actualization. These others, are in essence, remaining enslaved by their own apathy.
The Conquered will sometimes cling to a mistrust or anger towards their once ” Conqueror” , regardless of time gone bye, or any drastic attitudinal changes that can occur in time for some. Still blaming the people of this current time in history, who may desire friendlier cohabitive relations, for the acts of villains from hundreds if not thousands of years ago.
Some say ” If You do not learn History, You are Doomed to repeat it! ” ,  and though this is both True and Profound, the double edged sword of this truth, is that as we study such History, we are also constantly reminding ourselves of past transgressions and assaults upon each other, a reinstated memory that only aids in the rekindling for some out there,  of the empathy that drives this type of anger and hate.  The very sort of ongoing aggressions that can lead an individual or even some sub-culture, to teach a 3 year old child that a whole race of Peoples are inferior in some way,  and are to be destroyed at any given opportunity.
There can be ” No World Peace”,  when babies are being taught to hate. Whether through organized efforts and even sometimes classroom indoctrination, or by the simple happenstance of a general racial or religious bias espoused openly,  and accepted readily, within the confines of family and community.
In some cases it is deliberate and of design. Enacted specifically to procreate a continued Blood-Feud amongst historically rival tribes. In other more “Advanced”  societies,  we see the effects are the same, as too many of us forget at times, that the adult oratory heard by young, eager and developing ears, goes directly into the building blocks and foundation that will be their future selves and psyches. We willingly and sometimes even offhandedly place little seeds of hate within their young constitutions, and wonder why we reap what we sow.
World Peace is an impossibility, if mankind remains genetically wired for survival. To survive, is to overcome the difficulty of competition of one sort or another. And competition by it’s very nature, pits one against the other. There is no peace!  Nor can their be, as long as our DNA continues to be coded with many of the primitive and necessitated instincts of human survival.  Ergo, there can be NO World Peace..  Not if we as humans are to truly remain the dominant species that crawls upon this planet.
 For if we lose that Instinctive and ” Primal ” inclination towards aggression, we may possibly wake one day, to find ourselves being ” ridden roughshod ”  over, by a bunch of Overly-Theocratic Orangutans, Chimpanzees who do not repudiate possible anatomical investigations,  and Equestrial Gorilla’s with Uzis and bad attitudes!  And I promise you this…Should that time ever come upon us my friends,  I will then only have one thing to say…  ” You blew it all up! .. Damn You! ..Damn You all to hell! ”  ( and then I will casually ride off  along the beachline, to continue life with the sexy jungle girl. Knowing full well that I will survive because I am built to, and fully armed because to survive I MUST know that there is No World Peace! )

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