Let’s talk Laws!  Right now, each and every year, at both the State and Federal Level, our elected officials offer, debate and ultimately vote for and have signed into effect, hundreds if not thousands of “New Laws”, and regulations. Each and Every Year!

First we must get past momentarily, ( but only momentarily ), the fact that they seem to have no time nor interest in actually reading and comprehending much of this legislation, before passing it along party or agenda lines.  ( We really should add an Amendment that requires Congress do so..  “Congress Shall Pass No Law of Which They Have Not Read and Comprehended.  ..But we all know that is the one law that THEY would never pass  into existence. )

I propose now that this annual deluge of  “new Legislation” is incomprehensible. Are we so out of control as a Nation and Citizenry, that this much New Restriction and Regulation of our activities is required?  What mandates such a piling on of ” Control Through Law? “   Is this the Limited Government that is garaunteed by our Constitution?  Or just another way that our elected officials have used ” Our Apathy “ against us for decades, by rushing forward any and all that they can get away with?  (…and getting away with much! )

There is no way on God’s Green Earth that you can make me believe that as a State and Nation, we somehow need 700 new laws and regulations placed upon us every year!  Here’s an novel solution to solving many of the issues and problems within our Government, How about they actually enforce “Effectively” those Laws and Regulations that are already in the books, …First!

We don’t need this proposed massive new overhaul of our Financial System. All they really would have to do is to aggressively enforce existing Finance Laws, and to put those who have broken them in Jail!   ( ..and by ” Jail “,  I do not mean giving them jobs in the Administration. ) One of the primary causes for the fiscal situation we find ourselves in, is the corrupt manner in which Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have handled their business.

Not only were they and Congress complicate in shirking, defying or flat out ignoring the Regulations/Laws already in place to keep them more fiscally honest, these two “Crypts of Corruption” are not even mentioned in this new Growth of Government currently being proposed as  ” Financial Reform “. They are not even mentioned,! .. much less seen as a vital component to any true “reform”.   Not having Fannie and Freddie as a foundation of reform, is  like looking at a pile of Sauce,Pepperoni and Cheese on a counter and calling that “Pizza!”..  Where’s the bread? Where’s the Bread?

The President said last Friday that Immigration Reform, ( Let’s be honest, it’s Amnesty and a deeper gift to Unions and the Democratic Party), will also be focused on and pursued now. Ladies and Gentleman, we have an abundance of Immigration law. We have even previously passed legislation that required and allocated funds for a border fence. ( Is that thing built yet? )  No new massive ” Immigration Reform/Amnesty ” is needed. Follow and enforce the laws we currently have!  Build the damn fence, arrest and/or deport those who are here illegally, and those who are knowingly employing or facilitating them.

Yesterday, The “Cap and Tax” legislation began it’s move through the Senate. Again, massive legislation designed to overhaul an entire sector of our National Economy, that will also, raise taxes and levee fines in order to somehow attempt to pay for it’s sheer and monstrous additional Growth to Government’s Control and Regulation of yet another aspect of our lives. ( WOW!   I love Living in Europe!   Don’t you? )

We are a Nation of Law! That is one of the defining characteristics that has made us the America that we are, and have always been. But our founders while creating these laws, also set into place the restrictions that would necessarily need to be followed, in order to prevent the inevitable abuse and distortions of man, that would turn our “Sword of Law” into the “Tank of Tyranny”.

In these current times as our Nation and indeed almost every State suffers from budget deficits, do we really need to add so many new spending projects or regulations that in order to be paid for, demand that we either Tax , Fine or Fee the population further?  I say to our elected officials, Yes!  Getting that new road or bridge, or any other “soon to be named after you” project is good for you and your future re-electability, But wouldn’t the people be just as eager, ( if not more so ),  to vote for you again, if you instead worked to lighten their tax burden and Increase their freedom?

For almost a year now I have railed on about Our Great Nation and my concern for the path that we are on. I hope that many of you have agreed with me, but I also realize that many, may just as well have thought me a member of the “Lunatic Fringe”, that is perceived as anti-Government. The founding Fathers were Anti-Government to a large degree as well. They realized, ( as I also do), that it as a “necessary evil”, but also ensured and constructed this Nation’s Government to be and to remain, the most restricted. Not The Most Restrictive!

Writing these columns for me, has been a wonderful chance to enjoy and exercise my First Amendment rights within this Public Realm, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so. I am just wondering where are “YOU” at, within this weekly conversation we have? Granted, I will continue as long as I am able to express my views and inform when possible, I merely find myself contemplating what impact if any follows such expressions.

Unfortunately, I cannot talk to each of you individually to better gauge any impact these writings of mine may have. So with your help, I would like to perform a little census of my own. Write the Abbeville Meridonal. Email them. Call them, Go ahead.. DO IT NOW!…and tell them whether you agree with the things I have espoused, or if I and my views are in your eyes something else.  Let YOUR voice be heard now!   (Either way, I am curious and would most certainly hear of any “real ” response! )

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