With each report of attack or attempted attack that comes from abroad, or from the seemingly endless barrage of new and hyper-intrusive security measures being taken here at home, it is not too farfetched that we as Americans might be asking ourselves the very poignant question of whether the “bad guys” are indeed winning or not? 

Just consider several of the most recent occurrences we have had to face and the ” Politically Correct” manner in which our Government is choosing to face them, and it is fairly obvious to this and many other average Americans, that the tendencies  of the Obama Administration over the last two years, to reconcile and reach out to those who wish America harm have not only been proven fruitless, but are perhaps becoming even more detrimental to our overall security than many detractors might have projected.
It is as if the world has lost it’s collective mind, and America, as for as our Government is concerned, has not only forsaken all manner of Nationalism, but has in general lost it’s testicular fortitude when it comes to our place within this structure of Global Nations.
If you doubt this, consider that Sharif  Al Gamal, the developer of the Mosque set for Ground Zero in Manhattan, in a move that is cheered by the liberal left, has been named one of the “Persons of the Year” by NBC. A definite slap in the face to not only the family members of those who perished on 9/11, but also an affront to our brave military members who risk or who have even given their lives fighting for our country everyday. 
Add to this debacle, the fact that this developer is also applying and most likely qualifying for Federal Grant funding, which will in essence see American Taxpayers paying to help build this Victory Trophy for Gamal and his radical brethren.
Our Airport security has entered the “rabbit hole” through newly applied Scanners and Pat downs. Where we are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for fallible and foolable equipment which benefit  few, except for those in high places who have invested in such technologies. True protective measures, including the most common sensical – “situational profiling” are abandoned for more politically correct cattle drives, where all are branded, resources are stretched to limits, and the Terrorists desire to “terrorize” is accomplished each and every time Grandma from Boise or some little kids from Nebraska is forced to be needlessly Xrayed or groped, in our Governments attempt to seem “Fair to CAIR”.
The Muslim Radicals who pray and effort towards our demise threaten “A thousand little cuts”. A slow and steady, deliberate chipping away at all that has made America the magnet of their hate. I say each time a TSA employee is forced to run their hands up and down Aunt Judy’s groin and beast area, they win!
True to form, Head of Homeland Security – Janet ( I haven’t read the Arizona Law but I know it’s Unconstitutional )  Nepaloitano, is now hinting at heightened search and security procedures for other transportation and mass transit sites in America. Yet cargo and checked baggage remain for the most part unchecked and a real threat to true safety.  Prepare yourself for the coming announcements of new procedures designed to ensure our ” safety”, that focus more scrutiny on us, rather than that of our enemies. God forbid we single out the group that are actually attacking us!
The Progressive’s Globalist Mentality, compounded by our Government’s increasing adherence to their religion of “Political Correctness”, has not only weakened our stance and status here and abroad, but is increasingly placing America and Americans in a more endangered state of being. Our refusal to face the true realities that confront us are placing all of us more directly in harms way. And that my friends is just a simple and plain FACT!
We see North Korea acting increasingly maniacal, and emboldened by American’s apparent inability to act, ( due to our Government’s acquiescence to the will of China, our largest banker abroad ), consistently threatening all out war and most recently attacking our ally South Korea, yet again. Of course, America will offer a stern letter of disapproval for their actions. Which will have exactly no effect at all unless Kim Jung Il happens to get a paper cut as he laughs and tosses it across the room while reading it.
Iran, backed by China and Russia, continues to snub it nose at the international community and America in particular, by still inching ever closer to Nuclear Weapons, funding and training the Taliban in Pakistan, and building stronger relations economically and militarily with our southern aggitator – Venezuela.
The Obama Progressive Administration is strongly trying to rush into confirmation the New ” Start Treaty ” with Russia, an act that disarms America and endangers our present and future, by limiting our development of defensive technologies.
We seem to tiptoe around on eggshells when it comes to Russia and China, playing this little game of ” Why can’t we be friends? “, all the while allowing them to plot and scheme against us, support and supply our more radical adversaries, and pay no real attention to the deals that China and Russia are making to further devalue the American Dollar internationally and thereby bring our economy even further harm. They are using our Government’s dreams of Global Economic Utopia as a weapon,  to bring us to our financial knees.
Plainly put, NO amount of letters, or U.N. sanctions, or even exhaustive diplomatic endeavors, will ever return a real sense of security and respect to America and Americans. It is only through strength that we will find Peace again. Only a real and ongoing fear set into the soul of any who would ever plan to attack us, will keep us and our allies safe.
A strength that is slowly being chipped away at through treaty, apathy, foolish trust of sworn enemies, and in allowing our economy to be so tied to the rest of the world that the fear of some Mutually Assured Economic Destruction prevents America from taking the necessary courses of action needed to not only remain the lone Superpower in the world, but to also ensure our National Sovereignty and Independence.

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    Excellent overview of seemingly unconnected dots that do indeed connect, to our detriment. The “thousand cuts” method seems to be working and our leadership is too utopian and politically correct to see the forest for the trees.

    The MAD theory has failed. Multiculturalism has failed. Socialism has failed and will fail again here. It makes you want to ask, who the h e double l is in charge of this kitchen? (cooking up insane schemes resulting in explosions of geo-political soufflés at our expense and lives?)

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  • Isn’t talking about talks — and feckless talks, at that — an impotent way to respond to such a deliberate and deadly aggression? Well, yes, say the foreign-policy “realists,” but what else can be done? “Ultimately, you have to talk with them,” a specialist at the Carnegie Endowment told The New York Times. “You have to bargain, because if you don’t, this is what they do. They make things worse. They create a crisis.”

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