This past week we who were paying attention, watched as unemployment went up again to the level of 9.8%, The Presidents sloth-like Debt Commission finally came out with their much awaited and procrastinated report, only to find that they themselves could not even agree upon their own findings, and a Lame Duck Congress who seems intent on still trying to jam unwanted legislation down our throats, positioning themselves for future elections and arguing over the extension of the tax cuts that were forged during the Bush administration and possibly the largest tax increase in American History that is about to fall upon the American Public.
Our television screens, radios, newspapers and the Blogosphere have seemingly looped one after another occurrence of the same political theatre that we have witnessed for years, and which does nothing to solve the problems that face us all. It is only further proof to the eye of the beholder that these people JUST DON”T GET IT!
This theatre,  and their still apparent disregard for what we have mandated, is a mockery to the message just delivered this past November. IT IS OVER!…  The American people, this diverse personification of E Pluribus Unum.. have decided by majority, to call into action and application, the structures of the Constitution that ensure that “We the People” truly are the Ultimate Voice, in this whole “Of,  By,  and For the People” kind of Republic.
It is time for those that “We” elect, to represent “Us” in Washington, in a true Jeffersonian manner –   and to most importantly, finally get it!.. Times have Changed for them, and it is now demanded by those of  Us who have put them there, that these representatives Sit Down.. Stop with all this smoke, mirrors, “Chicken Crap”, and Kabuki Opera , and Simply Do Their Damn Jobs!  In other words  STOP! and FOCUS!
Stop prancing, posing and politicking, and just do “Our” Business!. We do not believe that taxing the American Public more during a time of Economic recession and over-regulating to near “stranglehold” whole industries that have traditionally been some of the highest new job creators of all, is the right thing to do, and will only hurt further the prospects of new and desperately needed growth.
How about just this once, You in Washington,  Do the “Right Thing” instead of the “Political thing”. Begin by Extending the Bush era tax cuts for ALL, for another 5 years or so. We as citizens pay enough already in taxes.. Hell, We pay too much!  Not to mention the documented fact that decreases in taxation, often leads to increased revenues from such taxation.  Don’t even consider any such increase for now. Save your time and energy and “focus” it elsewhere.
Instead!, Why not “Focus” your attentions of Cutting Spending! Too much of OUR money is being spent on non-essentials and Government expansion. Both we do not need, nor want as a Nation. If there are segments which desire certain actions from and for their Governance, they may procure that at the State Level. The federal Government has been mandated very finite responsibility that effects the Nation as a whole, and no more!
Additionally, Stop using perceived Government perogative to “grab up and lock off “lands that possess great natural resources, and remove this ill-conceived moratorium on new energy development and production off the coasts of our Nation. This will ensure at least some domestic security, as we are still being forced to deal with foreign oil prices that float and skyrocket at the whim of such a small group of men who represent other Nations that dislike our Nation at best, and hate us in likely majority. We can never allow ourselves to be cut off of or held hostage by our energy needs. Release the Energy Kraken!
We are talking basic National Security here people!. Not to mention that the added benefit of huge and long term job creation that this action will initiate, is exactly the kind of “Stimulus” that the Government should be encouraging, not em-battling. We as a People cannot allow  “Our Government” to over-regulate Us into economic petrification, and our Representatives there in Washington need to comply.  ( That’s how this is all set up to work my friends! They do what we want, and no more!, or they are removed.)
We have just allowed ourselves to become so missing in action when it comes to our government and what we wanted it to be, having permitted them” to run amok in the name of Greed and Power, so much that many of us feel powerless.  We have not lost our Power!  We have just failed to wield it! Properly!
We have forgotten that when it comes to our Government We are the ones who sit at the “Big Chair” – We are Abraham Lincoln, and THEY! , they are the actors and stage hands,  who prance and pontificate in the light to move us emotionally to one direction or the other, all the while planning and plotting against us at small dark tables.
In two years we will once again Vote that Voice we possess. They not only know this, but are all consumed by it, and are already engaging in the typical methods of manipulation that have worked for them for years, many times even decades. What they fail to still recognize fully, is that things truly have changed, and we WILL remove again and replace, ( in even larger quantity ),  any who will not abide by our will,  and Who cling to the failed past activities of managing their parties more effectively than they do our proper and Constitutional governance.
It is time that We once and for all, demand that they put into ratified place, new Term Limits Legislation, to protect us all against any small segment that may unify to keep in place anyone who’s quest for Power and Greed, and more of both, may somehow, through whatever means, overstay their welcome into foray into the temple of temptations that has become this ethically challenged realm of public service.
We do it for Presidents and Governors, why not for those in Congress and the Supreme Court?  We always feared as a Nation – Any King! “, yet we have allowed the existence of so many “little kings”,  who reign sometimes for as much as 30 – 40 year spans upon us. Remember..”All Restricted  Government must be truly Restricted!”,  and this one move to True Term Limits, would advance that logic into reality, greatly. 
2011 must be a year of Focus. Our representatives in Washington must focus, near laser-like, on just a few items in addition to the day to day running of our Nation. They must do what is necessary to Freeze or lower taxes, Reduce spending to levels adequate to maintain our Government, and remove waste and frivolity. They must also Adjust regulations to encourage private industry expansion, by removing the redundant footage of red tape that stands between economic growth and recession, and install the aforementioned term limiting legislation. That’s it for 2011!
These few things would keep them more than busy for the amount of time they are actually there in our service, if they apply themselves to ACTION, and not ACTING.  Do your jobs and no more than that!  Do them properly, and you will likely retain your job in Washington for whatever time frame remains under the new term limits.
 Really,  so much more could be accomplished if they would only think of it this way, Why would we fire early someone who is doing a good job?    You do not need to manipulate our senses with Chicken Crap! .. Just dazzle our souls with Eagle sweat!

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