Americans of every station sit cautiously perched on their chairs, watching Washington duel over the “Bush Era” tax cut extensions. Yet another incident of our elected officials waiting until the very last minute to address an issue that has stared them in the faces for some time. ( See 2010 Federal Budget – Oh Sorry!…You can’t…it doesn’t exist! )

This “lame duck” session of Congress has already seen the ” soon-to-exit ” Democratic majority, attempt once again to try and jam though in last minute fervor, several of their pet project legislation, without traditional debate, Congressional hearings, and most disturbing, by avoiding the “amending ” process, blocking out completely the Minority from the discussion as to the final composition of any such legislation.
At this precarious time, when Citizens and Businesses are truly fearful of what will be the largest tax increase in American History, an outcome that is sure to not only stifle any economic growth or job creation, but will also likely cast us into a “double -dip” recession, the Democratic Majority led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, continue the same agenda that Americans in “Mass” rebuked just one short month ago.
On one hand we hear how this type of final session, combined with inherent holiday “off-time” is typically shortened and therefore not conducive to getting too much done effectively, while on the other hand we see them trying to toss in as much that remains of their Progressive Ideology as humanly possible, to pay back their base supporters and capitalize on their fleeting majority status. 
Harry Reid’s Dream Act passed the House last week ,and barring any wrenches in the works will have reached the Senate yesterday. While not a given of approval, I can only hope that some in the Senate will see this “Amnesty” for what it is and will have fought it back.
The controversial “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal was also thrown into this hopper of “what else can we force down their throats before we leave”, but failed in the House as many are not ready to alter our Military so much without a good deal of more thought on the matter.
A ban on earmarks failed to pass as members on both sides of the aisle refused to give up the cash cow that aids so dramatically in their ability to buy district votes with Taxpayer funds. A move which sees it’s relevance clearly as just such earmarks are being hung now on the “Christmas Tree” of Tax Cut Extension legislation currently teetering in Washington.
Believe or not, They cannot seem to pass this tax cut extension without tagging on “vote acquiring” earmarks for Wooden Arrows, Puerto Rican Rum interests, entertainment parks, various subsidies, and other issues that do nothing but add even further to what has now become “Stimulus 3 ” and is reaching the Trillion Dollar mark very quickly. 
We have seen Politicians on both sides, blasting their rhetoric of approval or disapproval to this Tax extension plan. The same technique we saw during the Healthcare Debate as some held out the longest for special interest perks and considerations before casting the very same vote that they knew they would cast all along.
They said the American People were being held hostage during this process.. I say, “Responsive and Ethical Governance” is what is being held hostage by this whole process. The type of Governance we called for in November, and will fight for until they eventually fall into line.
President Obama even brought in Ex-President Clinton to help him this week. Hoping the well experienced predecessor could somehow bring the Democrats who feel betrayed by Mr. Obama, for having the audacity to even consider what Republicans want, back into the fold for this occasion. ( Turn on your TV, I think Clinton is STILL talking! )
Admittedly, It was odd to see Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton side by side at the podium, touting the success and value of the “Bush” tax cuts, ( without using the name “Bush” of course ), especially after having blamed everything from the recessed economy to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping on Mr. Bush near daily for the last two years.
Some see this move by Mr. Obama as “Great Leadership” and “Political Savy”, as he brings in those who can help him accomplish this current betrayal to his ideology, receiving guidance on a shift to the center and bi-partisanship from a man who himself had to do the exact same thing before any re-election was even possible.
I see a man in way over his head, who sees it all falling apart right before his eyes, and is willing to sell his soul to anyone, to find a way to maintain power, keep his secrets “secret”, and salvage any resemblance of a much hoped for legacy.
We can only hope that this lame duck session ends quickly and with minimal further damage to our economic prospects of growth, as we look eagerly ahead to the many battles we will have in keeping the next Congress’ feet planted firmly within the fire of ” Reduced Spending and Regulatory Restraint.”

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