Attorney General Eric Holder was once again on Capital hill last week, answering, ( or full out avoiding ), many questions on our Nations National Defense as it applies to the Department of Justice, and the how, when and specifically where,  we will continue to bring to justice those captured combatants and orchestrators of both the attacks of 9/11, as well as the many battlefield enemies captured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He even attempted to clarify earlier statements that New York was still on the table as for as possible locations for such 9/11 Conspirator Trials…. New York?   Really???   I watched as he tiptoed around a previous statement about “Never Capturing Bin Laden alive”… The question that echoed loudly across the country was why?

Why would he say that we would never capture UBL alive. Was it because our military is inept and that capturing our “Target Number One” is an outright impossibility?  Is it honest to say that there is flat out no way we would ever see him caught alive?  It is true that capturing UBL has proven to be very difficult,  but I also believe that by stating that there is ” No Way we would ever capture him alive”,  Mr. Holder is only attempting  to deflect that “possibility”, and therefby also deflect from having to answer the more important question of whether he plans on Mirandizing him or not?  ( Mr. Bin Laden you have the right to remain….. silent?)

While I had my suspicions during his confirmation period, ( based on his performance and miscues during his time with the Clinton Whitehouse), AG Holder has since confirmation, only solidified in my mind, his standing as a Political Hack and Ideologue, willing to use his position to further this “Progressive Agenda”,  hellbent on the all out weakening of our nation at every juncture. ( Remember, They must Destroy our system to Replace it with the kind of World Government they desire.)

America must be weakened!  So it is no real surprise to me, that as this all played out, President Obama almost simultaneously gave a speech at his Nuclear Proliferation Summit.. (The 4 day Summit on controlling the danger associated with Worldwide Nuclear Development that made no mention of Iran or North Korea.)  How do you have a summit on the dangers of Nukes and not mention the two Lunatic Lead, Rogue Nations,  who either have or are in total defiance trying to obtain such weaponry? Weapons they have openly advocated using!

A speech in which he says that, (and I love this part! ), “Whether you like it or not! “…. ( yeah.. He really said it like that! )….“America is still a Military Superpower, and that we are always being pulled in here and pulled in there“… as If we are typically reluctant to get involved, and are not primarily driven historically, as the most prolific defenders of the weak and downtrodden around the globe.

We who have seen many conflicts fought over ending or preventing genocide. America, who has shed it’s own blood countless times , the world over, to help the cause of freedom and justice.   Is America a perfect nation?  No.. but we are designed by our founding documents to strive for the perfection that comes from a free population and republic form of Government.

So why is it I wonder how After bowing yet again to another world leader, this time to no less than the representative  from China ..(Yes… Communist China! )..our President,. Our “Commander in Chief”, has seen fit yet again, to apologize and feel shame for the accomplishments in and for Liberty, that our nation has made, and the lessons we have learned from past mistakes that keep this country moving in the right direction towards freedom, equality and justice for all.

Why does he feel such shame to be our leader? Why does he feel such a penance must be paid repeatedly on the world stage, if not to somehow placate the envious and maniacal. What good can possibly come when we as Americans, now must deal with the world from a standing of weakness?  Are we on the brink of a geopolitical kumbaya moment?  Or did we truly learn Nothing from the actions of France at the onset of World War II?

Paying off your attacker with money , land, or homage, will only suffice their thirst for a very short time, and then their thirst will again need the “quenching of compliance” to remain peaceful. ( as if living under any such situation could be classified as Peace! )  “Peace through strength”, is what has kept with few exceptions, America as safe as we have been since our beginnings, and in a world gone literally insane we must never lose that banner of Strongest.

It is only true and overwhelming strength that remains a constant deterrent to those recent and future aggressors who would attack us or our allies, not for actions of aggression taken by our Nation, but simply because the structure of Freedom and Equal Rights that we espouse, offends somehow the sensitive and repressive natures of their particular National belief systems.

How motivating it must be for these enemies, to sit within their caves,  huts, or perhaps at the side of some Radical Mullah, and to see the worldwide news reports reframing America, not as the once “Sleeping Giant”, that no nation should ever attack without fear of immediate and overwhelming retaliation, ( Peace through Strength! ), but seen now as something altogether different.

Instead they see us as an apologetic and acquiescent Country who is systematically weakening their defenses, spending their way towards economic collapse and who has within it’s Top Government Leadership, a floundering approach to National Defense rife with indecision, political correctness, self loathing and an inner battle raging over the abandonment of the Capitalistic Free Market economy we have been, as compared to the Socialistic types of reform being implemented almost daily.

As with any methods or maneuvers that come from Washington, we must ask ourselves with brutal honesty just one thing. What is the “End Game” to these destructive actions?  I offer to you,  that the belief by these ideologues, that any nation too weak to stand alone, must stand together with all, is what is really guiding this apparent reversal of might.  We are being brought down purposely to the level of needing all others to be strong. This, combined with their efforts at unifying world economies and others tactics, are part of the overall and long sought after Progressive Plan.  One World!  One Government!  One Military!…  “One Sorry Situation!”  (If you ask me.)

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