As this year comes to a close, I ( like many of you ), find myself both looking forward traditionally to the promise of the year to come, while also remembering and rehashing the many events that 2010 had brought to our collective consciousness. The Good, The Bad and the all too Ugly.

2010 for many, was the first time they saw themselves pulled both willingly and sometimes unwillingly into the processes and politics of our Governance. And with that, a reality that it is only through our direct intervention in such activities that we will ever see our Government become responsive to our desires and renew their sworn allegiance and adherence to the Constitution.
One might even forget much of what has passed in the earlier months of the year as this “Lame Duck” session proved to be wrought with controversy and effort to continue their unpopular agenda. Sen Reid in the Senate and Speaker Pelosi in the House, were not shy to try and force- feed several eleventh hour pieces of their Progressive model down our throats, while still holding Majority for at least the last two weeks.
They did accomplish a few of these goals. The “Don’t ask Don’t Tell” repeal passed and was signed, resending 13 years of a policy that many have both agreed with and disagreed with for various reasons. Personally, I have no issue with Gays in the military, as long as they are “Soldiers first” and homosexuals secondly. My concern has been with their more radical elements, (and there are many) who will surely seize upon this change to try and seek varied conciliations and special considerations based solely on their sexual preference. Problems I do believe, should be minimal as long as they continue as Soldiers to wear their Chevrons on their sleeves, and not their sexuality.
The START Treaty with Russia has passed, and though some accommodation has been made to the concern for our Missile defense capabilities, there is still inside me a core belief and mistrust of the Russians, who speak to us with one mouth and wheel and deal with the most dangerous rouge nations on Earth,  with the other. Additionally, it is this subtext of total disarmament that keeps rearing it’s ugly head that scares me when coming from this Globalist leaning Administration. An America that is unprotected, is an America that has lessened the duration of it’s existence.
There were two pieces of legislation that I do agree with that were hatched by this Lame Duck. The bills supporting the medical needs of our 9/11 first responders, and the much delayed extension of the Bush Era Tax cuts, were not only prudent, but Morally and Ethically sound investments for all. We must take care of those Heroes from 9/11, and the extension, though only 2 years, will surely help somewhat in stabilizing the fear factor that business has been living with and seeing as a primary roadblock to any further growth and the job creation that is much needed for our ailing economy.
The 111th Congress also passed a Food Safety Bill, which anyone who has stayed updated on the constant attacks against McDonalds, should see as further intrusion of the Nanny State into our lives. Telling us what to eat, what to drive, what to keep as Healthcare, and the list goes on and on. This growth of such personalized Government regulation is perhaps Obama’s greatest “accomplishment” yet to date and unfortunately for many of us, yet another example of a Government that has forgotten it Constitutional boundaries.
Last week in his “Victory Lap” press conference prior to heading to Hawaii for his “Winter” vacation, ( perhaps he can locate his long form birth certificate while there! ), Mr. Obama declared among other interests for the coming year, a “PIVOT” to focus on Jobs! The same focus he “promised” in 2009, and at the beginning of 2010 before focusing on damn near everything else. I do not trust this man or his words.
Luckily for many of us, this Lame Duck Bum rush” did fail in a couple of areas, and we Americans were spared at least a few of their idiotic attempts to capitalize on the remaining days of their recently ousted Hyper-Liberal Majority, as several very questionable and typically partisan legislative maneuvers failed, and failed miserably due to pressures from within and most empathically from without. ( That would be us! )
A last minute, gargantuan, un-debated and unread 1.4 Trillion dollar Omnibus bill failed to pass the open eyes of the American Public and Republican Minority. Their attempt to squeeze in under cover of Holiday interest, the budget that they avoided like the plague for the whole year, ( our first year without a budget in decades I might add ), this pork laden example of their past manner of doing business, was shot down effectively as Citizens flooded and overwhelmed whole phone systems in protest to what we saw and knew as nothing more than ” One More Screwing as they exited”.
Even the Republicans who have lived and died by “pork” were forced to recant and vote against this piece of manure as they too realized at long last, that WE would no longer accept calls for “our sacrifice” while these people carried on their business as if nothing had changed from their past glory days of graft and greed.
Harry Reid’s DREAM ACT also fell to the wayside last week. This overt attempt at incremental amnesty, disguised as some sort of  “for the children” legislation, that was nothing more than their way of continuing to diminish our borders and placate the Hispanic vote by casting “ILLEGALS” as “IMMIGRANTS”, and any who oppose this open border bull as “RACISTS”. Mr. Obama has true to form included this within his agenda for 2011 and even some Republicans are on board, so this battle will continue in earnest in the months to come.
One other issue that will surely face us all in the early days of 2011 is the matter of “Net Neutrality”. This is nothing more than the Government once again sticking it’s regulatory nose into the private sector and our freedoms ( First Amendment primarily ), under the guise of “equality”. They will use this legislation to shut down dissent, and whether it is a Republican, Democratic or even a hopeful future Third Party Administration, all Americans must fear any Government control of an entity that allows and enhances thought and the expression of opinion.This tactic is right out of the Communist Handbook and ALL Americans must fight it tooth and nail. Be prepared my friends!
So as I wish all of you a Happy and Joyous new Year!   I offer also this salvo that our work is just beginning, and ask that you keep a few fireworks handy for the battles we will face in 2011.  Additionally, Tomorrow ( Wednesday 29th ), I will be Guest Hosting once again on the “Lou Rom Live” radio show, and ask that you all join me from 4-6pm on 1330KVOL AM, as we attempt to push the envelope to the point of bursting!

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