The holiday season is over now, and as we make that last run to the storage shed to put away our decorations, re-adjust our bathroom scales to
-5lbs off center, and crop those unwanted relative’s faces from the Christmas pics before posting them on Facebook, we now also turn our  attentions once again to the matters of Washington, Congress and our President. Many of us shocked to find that while the Halls may have been empty during this off season, those busy little “Bees of Blarney” were as active as ever.
In what has become “Standard Operational Procedure”, Mr. Obama and this Administration have once again utilized the absence of Congress and the cover of Holiday distraction, to facilitate more of his agenda of Government growth, Anti-Capitalism and International Appeasement, all the while still making his continued hollow claims of transparency and bipartisanship.
So for those of you who may be just coming down from Christmas fudge fueled sugar rushes, or waking from the long tryptophan induced naps, I will try and catch you up here to some of the activities our President and this Administration have snuck through under the cover of flickering Tree lights and piles of torn Frosty the Snowman wrapping paper.
As with every Congressional break, the President did not waste one second of this period of vacant Congressional Halls, as he once again used his recess appointment powers to put forth individuals into positions that may have needed to be filled, but were surely not to be filled by his chosen candidates as they would never pass Congressional approval.
Two of these recess appointments have really caught the eye and ire of some. First of such, is his choice for Asst. Deputy to Eric holder’s Dept. of Justice. In what can only be described as either a lack in understanding of, or a full frontal disdain for the will and desires of the American electorate, an electorate who just last November made our opinions heard loud and clear, Mr. Obama has placed unchallenged by Congressional hearings a man who not only wrote that 9/11 was a matter for Law enforcement, but who has made it clear that he is a strong advocate for Civilian trials for those key players still being held in Guantanamo. ( Yeah, it’s still open! )
Second and perhaps even more egregious, was the appointment of an Ambassador to Syria. That’s right Syria! The same country who the Bush administration had pulled our Ambassador from over 5 years ago, after it was apparent that Syria was deeply involved, at the highest levels, in the broad daylight assassination of a Lebanese leader by Iranian backed Hezbollah.
The odd timing for this appointment is even more confusing, as an International Court is only days away from certain Indictment of many high ranking Syrian officials in association with the aforementioned assassination. This unending voyage of appeasement by Mr. Obama is continually endangering all American interests at home and internationally, diminishing our standing abroad, and making us appear not only weak, but fearful, to those plotters in the Arab world who seek to harm us, and whom will use any such signs of weakness as recruitment tools to encourage attacks against such a “Timid Tyrant” as they most surely see America.
Other occurrences over recent days have been of a regulatory nature. Mr. Obama, through his Federal agencies, is sidestepping Congress and the will of the American people, by implementing the most questionable and controversial parts of his “agenda” that were either removed from previously passed legislation, or which might have passed in one House Majority vote, only to die on the vine of Voter Disapproval before ever passing in the other side of the hill.
Amongst these regulatory moves are having the Dept. Of Health and Human Services (HHS) initiate the much maligned panels for “End of Life” discussions, commonly referred to as “Death Panels”. A measure that was stripped from ObamaCare to garner a few much needed votes, only to be replaced “afterthefact” in this dismissive regulatory fashion. “Agenda at all Costs”, the Obama Mantra continues!
Through the EPA, the President is facilitating the initiation of his Carbon Emissions controls plan. This job killing and new taxing “Camel’s nose under the tent of Global Warming Lunacy”, that will not only hurt our Nation economically and in the area of direct increases in energy costs, but will also be the launch pin to their much anticipated Carbon Emissions Trading Market. The Globalists and Socialists within this Administration are surely besides themselves with joy, as they see yet another element for the attempted and long awaited downfall of America levied into place.
And finally, the President is unleashing the regulatory arm of the FCC upon the Internet and the First Amendment as “Net Neutrality” is being pushed upon the World Wide Web. Again, another issue of great controversy and debate, as many fear Government control over what has become the single largest realm of pure and unfiltered Freedom of Speech. This attempt to reign in dissent is not only UnAmerican, it is Communist in it’s design. Just ask the many Free Non-State Newspapers in Venezuela, Cuba or China. Sorry, not many of those left are there???
The point I am making here is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED!  And if you think a Republican majority in the House will change a whole lot, you are sadly mistaken and walking the path to subjugation. These people are only interested in 2012 elections, and will try their hardest to shape our opinions to that end. What we must do, is stay engaged, force our will upon them, and then in 2012 implement PART TWO of the ‘cleansing of the swamp’  that they are unable, or unwilling to perform.

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