Because of the expressed will of the American people, as shown in the recent elections of last November,  this new Republican led Congress, The Harry Reid led Senate, and the White House, are forced to once again focus their attentions on both the much maligned HealthCare Reform Law and critically needed Deficit reduction, both having been strongly mandated in the election booth results. 

Just days into this new 112th Congress, and we can already see the positioning taking place for the partisan fight that is in our immediate future over both of these issues, and what can only be described as Washington’s continued dismissal of the possibility that any intelligence resides outside of the borders and bubble of D.C., as they have, true to their colors, began using the same old tired tactics of attempting to overwhelm us with misinformation, partisan bickering and blame, and their habit of talking down to the American citizens as if we were children, unable to disseminate real facts and come to intelligent conclusions.
Before we can go any further within this thesis, we must remember one thing. The Campaign for 2012 has already began! No matter what they may say, or how they may say and do it, these people have but one goal in mind, to retain or take back control of the White House and Congress in two years. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is of any importance to them that does not have that goal as an end product.
While this can be disheartening in many ways, we must also remember that it is from this “weakness born of desire” by those in Washington, that WE find our strength and power over them. They have very recently witnessed for themselves what can happen when We the People have had enough, and express our disapproval at the polls, and they fear another such uprising at the ballots more than any attack from Foreign entities or possible Financial collapse of World Markets.
This “All for 2012” mentality of theirs, is the tool that we will have to use against them in order to literally force them to abandon their ideological excesses and adhere to OUR wills, especially when it comes to what many of us see as the Number One task at hand to both reduce our deficit and simultaneously regain some control over this Government that has forgotten it’s place and restrictions in relation to our lives and this Republic.
Everyone seems to be discussing several points when addressing the Repeal of ObamaCare, ( a directive shared by the vast majority of Americans ), chief amongst these being that even if the new Republican led House of Representatives can pass repeal, that it would surely not likely pass the Democratic Majority Senate, and most definitely not leave the President’s desk without a huge VETO stamped across it.
Under normal and historic conditions, this might be true. BUT!  These are not ” normal and historic” conditions any longer, and they will only forget this fact, if WE forget this fact. (Something I would bet they are counting on! ) There is a way for Us, We Americans, to force our representatives to be representative and repeal this unwanted, tax-increasing, fraudulently scored and passed, and job killing over-reach of Government control called ObamaCare.
Assuming the passage of the Healthcare Repeal Legislation in the Boehner led House of Representatives later this week, the Senate will then be handed this Repeal. The Senate, which although still in Democratic Majority, is in a much Slimmer Majority, as the mathematical breakdown now finds what was an overwhelming Majority now scaled back to approximately 4 votes, 2 of which are Independents.
Keeping in mind that the vast majority of these Senators ARE up for Re-election in 2012 and thinking of very little else, WE must bring our Will and Forces to bear upon them, and through ominous threat of being removed from office for not repealing this atrocious Law, ( Are you listening Senator Landrieu? Are you paying attention? ), we must through our emails, phone calls and letters,  compel them to ignore their party concerns and Vote as we direct, and Repeal ObamaCare, sending a Senate passed Repeal Legislation to the President for Signature. This can be done! But only if we apply our wills directly and overwhelmingly upon them.
The President, once receiving the passed Repeal Legislation will have only two choices. Sign it into law and show the American people that he is not only listening, but is aware that he serves at our behest, or, he can ignore the will of the people, continue to place his Progressive agenda and ideology above all else, Veto it,  and send it back to Congress. An act that for a man who dreams of nothing more than a second term, could be the re-election “Deathblow” as Independents and even many Democrats are running from his Administration  and it’s failed policies in droves.
The White House and indeed the President are not shielded from our input, and just as in the Senate, a massive and I truly mean “MASSIVE” insistence through the emails, mails and phone lines, in conjunction with the cries and insistence from the many Senators and Congressman who themselves are under the gun, could force his hand and demand that he and this administration admit their error and sign the Repeal into law.
The President however, is a True Believer, and ideologue of liberal Marxism, and may hold firm, even in the face of certain non-reelection, and actually Veto the Reform bill sending it back to Congress. A move that his Progressive and far left supporters will hail as courage, but an act that would certainly seal his fate of returning to the Private Sector four years ahead of schedule.
Such a Veto does not kill Repeal! It would only force us to action once again, to bring our collective wills to bear, and in turn, FORCE Congress to override this Veto. Remember, Congress by vast majority is up for re-election once again in 2012 as well. Do not ever forget this, they will not!, and this one fact alone is our greatest strength. It is the one “Multi-Use Super Tool” that resides in the toolbox of the American Citizen, and if we use it wisely and emphatically, Our Will – Will be done. This is how to REPEAL OBAMACARE!
Senator Harry Reid has himself just come out with a statement that “as the Economy gets better the Tea Party will disappear!” He is wrong here in many ways. First to insinuate that the economy is getting better, when it appears to most, that we are a solid decade away from seeing real improvement ( no matter how much they try to skew the figures in their favor ), and additionally, He is equally as incorrect in his summation that it was somehow only the Tea Party that changed the structure in Washington.
Americans by overwhelming Majority have finally come to see the light that Washington has failed us, and We have accepted once again OUR position within our own Governance, and, the directive under the Constitution to hold them accountable. This is not a Tea Party agenda. This is an “American Uprising”,  and though he may wish with every breath, that the American people will somehow go back to sleep, allowing Washington to return to their old ways of malfeasance and self gratification, He and any who follow this train of thought are sorely mistaken, and in for a rude awakening – An American Awakening!

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