Americans at every level of existence were shocked and horrified last weekend by a senseless act of violence, perpetrated by an even more senseless madman, as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and over a dozen of her constituents fell prey in one form or another, to a heinous and unbridled shooting spree during a “Congress on your Corner” meet and greet event.
The Nation as a whole was immediately shocked beyond all sense of reason by this occurrence, and then equally as shocked, as within only a few hours, during a time when all information being reported was both fluid and incorrect at many points, We were also exposed to a tsunami of finger pointing and blame gaming as partisans and ideologues began citing with almost certainty that this was most assuredly the result of someone being pushed beyond limit by the “Heated and Vitriolic Rhetoric” of our current political discourse. Someone on the “Right”.
People were blaming Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, FOX News and Tea Party Organizations for fueling this kind of unconceivable act of hate upon Rep. Giffords and the good people of Tucson. Some, as the local Tucson Sheriff, with almost righteous certainty, were eagerly and readily castigating this as the acting out of an individual to whom the fiery political rhetoric and hateful speech had become too much to handle.
OF course, as we all now “KNOW”, that this was nothing more than the violent outburst of a MADMAN. Someone who’s seemingly obvious derangement had been overlooked by Officials,( though those exposed to him in his daily life saw it! ), who was not adequately handled by his Parents ( who allowed a bizarre shrine to be placed in their backyard ), and who’s paranoia was allowed to fester unchallenged, until culminating in what has truly been a waste of innocent lives.
Everyone reacted to this tragedy in various ways. Some cried, some sat there eyes wide-opened in disbelief, while most simply clung just a little tighter to those they love, thankful that they were spared such unbelievable sadness.
Our Government of course, as Our Government is prone to do, reacted in almost predictable fashion. At first, just like those in the Ideological rank and file, began blaming the rhetoric of a heated Political discourse, pointing the fingers of blame squarely at the Right or “Conservative” side of these National arguments. With an almost, “See I told you So!” attitude they, with almost certainty, were casting this occurrence as some form of Right Wing Political Retribution.
“Facts do speak loudly and clearly”, and Washington quickly ended this blame gaming, and turned like a train station turnstile to what they do best, “Legislating to Solve Perceived Problems”. Within 24 hours we were hearing of vast new proposals for legislation to further tighten Gun Ownership restrictions, Heighten and fund Congressional Security Nationwide, and even to ease Airport Security Measures, allowing them to pass more freely  (and Quickly! ) amongst the masses. 
Additionally, there were a few who hoped to somehow restrict the Free Expression of Speech by restricting Talk Radio somehow, and even banning words or symbols that “Might” be perceived as threatening. This labeling of what “Might Be” is a scary form of subjective perception.  Real threats (and there are many ) should be investigated and dealt with quickly and effectively, but both beauty and threat are in the eyes of the beholder, and must not be allowed broad and random targeting for censorship in such a kneejerk fashion borne of tragedy.
Everyone from the President down is now, even while still citing it’s indifference to the events in Tucson, calling for a new “Era of Civility”. A toning down of our political debate and National argument. Even going so far as to suggest that Congress intermingle their seating arrangements in the upcoming State of the Union Address, as opposed to the traditional “left side – right side” configuration of cheers and jeers. A “Kumbaya Moment” for all to see!
It is within the context of all that has happened and continues to happen since the Saturday Massacre in Tucson, that I “SEE” something that I have not heard cited, nor even considered, on the many News network analysis panels, Newspaper articles and vast Radio and Internet based Outlets of Opinion that have dealt with this event. I SEE FEAR!
From the President all the way down and through the halls of Government, I sense the kind of “FEAR” that comes from the realization that although this particular event was not caused in any way by our so called “heated political rhetoric”, it very well could have been. And they now know it!
The true Biblical “You Reap What You Sow” kind of FEAR, that can result from their having pitted us against each other in so many ways, for so many years. Black against White, Rich against Poor, Gay against Straight and Old against Young, whatever helped to further divide this nation and cement their Positions of power, ease passage of their ideological legislation, and secure for decades at times, their place at the feeding trough of the “Taxpayer Buffet”. 
I believe they sense now, that they perhaps have pushed us not only too far, but too far apart, and are deeply and gravely concerned that they have at long last, finally tossed just a little too much wood on the fire of the “Politics of Divide and Conquer”. Having added so much angst and ire to a population already stressed to intolerable limits by difficult economic times and the truly bleak future forecasted for our Nation as a whole, they have been forced to acknowledge, ( even if only when huddled behind closed doors ), that they have perhaps gone too far this time, and had better reverse this trend of heightened animosity, or soon find themselves subject to what really could be acts of Violence with a purely Political Genesis. 
We are always looking for some good to come of tragedy. Some lesson learned, some change of hearts. If that is the case in this occasion, then let the lesson be to those who are sent to Govern. A lesson that reminds them of their “True Purpose” and that leveraging vitriolic division for their own reward can have tragic consequences. Let them learn now that they serve all Americans and America, and that anything that does not Unite Us – Divides Us, and should remain happenstance and never part of any Contrived Plan!

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