After the tragic shooting in Tucson, and following a week of witnessing “vitriol turned regret” by facts,  Congress, following the President’s lead, and under the auspice of this supposed “New Era Of Civility” returned to Washington to “work”. First on their agenda, the much reported upon, temporarily postponed, and Voter Mandated Repeal of ObamaCare. 

The 112th Congress, which won it’s new Republican House majority in large measure to this promise of Repeal, were vastly castigated by Congressional Democrats and the “Brain Dead Mainstream Media” as wasting their time and energy, as there was no way in hell this would even be brought up in the Senate by Taskmaster Harry “Hu’s a Dictator-No He’s Not!” Reid.
As I prepared myself for this 7 hour debate and Vote, I gathered all the tools I would need to get through it. I corralled a fresh pot of coffee, cigarettes, Tylenol, a small paper bag for the inevitable bouts of hyperventilation, and most importantly, a handkerchief to place against my mouth in an attempt to shield my four year old’s innocent ears from the foul language that I was sure to be hollering at these idiots.
Any of you who watched as I did, did not have to wait long before we were thrust into this “Rabbit Hole” and “Hall of Mirrors” of distortion and excess, as the Congressional members of the House of Mis-Representation, in predictable and sadly Typical fashion, wasted no time in trotting out the same old tried and true Fear tactics, telling stories of individuals who would most assuredly “die”  if this heaven sent ObamaCare is repealed. In true Political style, once again using FEAR as an emotional Cattle prod, trying to sway voter support away from Repeal. (Apply paper bag! )
We saw the usual, shameful, loud and irresponsible ranting on the floor of “OUR CONGRESS” by some, ( Rep. Cohen (D) TN ), comparing those who desire to repeal and replace this massive and deficit busting Govt. takeover of our heathcare system as Nazis, by invoking Gerbil and the Holocaust as somehow being similar actions to such Repeal. Are the majority of Americans who support repeal Nazis as well Mr. Cohen? ( insert cigarette! )
Not to be left out of this menagerie of mental fornication, Rep. Sheilah Jackson Lee (D) TX., stood boldly and proudly in front of a picture of an elderly woman, a supposed constituent, laying in a hospital bed, oxygen mask upon her face and being tended by a nurse, all the while declaring that without ObamaCare this woman might have died. Failing of course to cite that this particular woman was in the hospital under Medicare, and who’s access to care was in no way affected by the new healthcare law, one way or the other. But it is like they say, “A picture is worth 1000 lies!”
( take 4 Tylenol and wash down with Coffee! )
The Constitution was also distorted, being stretched like Saran Wrap around a big bowl of mis-application, and thrown under this bus of failed comprehension, as the Commerce clause, along with the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, were used as broad justification somehow, for this current Law that is itself now working it’s way through the court system up to the Supreme Court, by the now 26 states filing suit on an Un-Constitutionalilty basis against ObamaCare. ( Press handkerchef firmly and let er’ rip! )
REMEMBER…They just read the Constitution!, and sadly they still don’t truly get it!  They still refuse to realize that “IT”S” powers are purposely placed there as “Restriction” against “their” powers, ( or perceived powers). The one guaranteeing document that our Government is “Limited” in it’s reach into our daily lives, and remains the premier directive in Government’s authority to only handle aspects of National Security and only certain areas in relation to Public and Social Performance.
Tonight, this fantasy of False Bi-partisanship, Self-serving distortions of Fact, and Olympic levels of “Talking out of both sides of your face” continues, as we prepare for Mr. Obama’s second State of the Union Address. Subtitled = “Pygmalion meets Houdini”. A unabashed exercise in trying to convince us all, (as they believe ),that their policies which have hurt our Country and Economy, somehow have not.
All this, along with in some way, trying to make us forget that due to his over-regulation and moratoriums, we see gas prices rising, that food prices are forcing Americans to make shameful “keep it or put it back on the shelf calculations”, and that our National Debt inches ever closer to default levels. Mr. Obama will also try and convince us that spending (borrowing)  Four Trillion dollars to maintain a 9.4% unemployment rate was “Value for the Buck” and somehow deserves additional “INVESTMENT”, all the while magically pulling mystical numbers out his butt to try and rationalize more of the same. ( Re-Apply Handkerchief )
He might even try to put our manufacturing mindset at ease by touting the “Great Success” of last weeks State Visit of China’s leader Hu Jintao.
He’ll likely proclaim the $50-plus Billion in new trade agreements he garnered for American business. Using this week’s catch words like “To Support American Jobs”. Support is not Create!, and what he may not tell you is that China received an additional $200 Billion-plus in future purchases from America. ( So much for Trade imbalance! )
The point I am trying to make here is simple. Nothing has changed. There is no movement to the center from this President that is not politically motivated and for the most part fraudulent. There is no “New Era of Civility”. The only thing that has changed is “Us”, and that this administration does not have the free rein of total power any longer, and faces at least some resistance to their agenda. They will merely trade off a little here, and a little there with the Republicans, each gaining minor successes along the way.
All we see now, and for the foreseeable future, is theatre. Political posturing designed to enhance either one party or the other in the coming elections of 2012.  It is in KNOWING this, that WE can impose OUR will upon these whores of the re-election process, and force them through fear of “ballot box retribution” to do what is not only good for their individual careers and parties, but what is best for America as a whole. We MUST stay on their asses night and day! ( Remove Handkerchief )


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