In the days that have followed since President Obama’s State of the Union Address, we have seen this 70 minutes of oratory being hailed by some  ( mostly by the three “former” Major Networks, as part of their continuing efforts as Obama’s Propaganda Machine ), as “Wonderful” Inspiring” and even somehow “Reagan-esque”. Again keeping with his new Magic Trick to somehow “APPEAR” Moderate to those who have seen the luster fall from his Liberal Shield, and now try to cast himself as an “America First- Agenda Second” kind of guy while entering this new campaign cycle.

At the same time, Others were quick to point out that this speech was in actuality no more than his First Campaign Speech for 2012, and as being such, was loaded front and back with empty rhetoric, promises he can not keep nor pay for, and void of any real sustentative leadership directives that will seriously address the critical situation we find our country in today.
His lofty Progressive ideology shown brightly as he spoke so eloquently on the issues of education and renewable energy. Challenging us all in this “Sputnik” moment to somehow rise to the occasion, ( borrow /spend more we cannot afford ), and “INVEST” in the future of these areas of his concern.  All the while regulating current Energy resources into increasingly expensive near non-existence. Have you tanked up lately?
The whole speech can be summarized in a few common phrases. We will Spend whatever it takes to make us competitive, as competitive as the “Government” can facilitate. We will adjust the Tax structure and regulations against business, as long as it does not remove revenues or increase Fossil fuels production ( true Job Creators! ). We will spend more on education for all citizens AND illegals.( in the face of a system that fails to produce results ) We need to work together in a Bi-Partisan manner to do the people’s business, as long as no one messes with ObamaCare. We will generate new job creation by spending money on high speed rails,and infrastructure, (  the $800 Billion in Stimulus wasn’t enough!  THe Unions NEED more!), and OH YEAH!.. We need to seriously address the budget deficits and National Debt. ( ?????   Don’t worry ,he lost me there too! )
This Campaign Rally for his 2012 Re-election bid was NOT a valid, responsible, nor even factual “State of the Union”, and I found myself over the last few days, seeking out a True and Reflective REAL State of the Union. I had to sort through the talking heads and pundents on television, choke my way through several orgasmic reviews and columns on the Huffington Post, CBS, NBC and CNN, re-watch several portions of this OBAMA 2012  kickoff,( his SOTU ),  and various other measures, blogs and outlets, until I finally found what has to be by far, the most accurate representation of the “True State of the Union” that we have available – The National Debt Clock!
If you have recently viewed the new Anthony Hopkins movie “The Rite” and walked away from this supposed “ScareFest” feeling unaffected and most assuredly UnAfraid, go to your computer and Google “National Debt Clock”, spend a few minutes observing the many areas it covers, and watching those numbers spin like a freshly pushed roulette wheel, and I can almost guarantee that a heightened level of fear and dread will come upon you. You may even find yourself afraid to sleep alone or examine your 2010 tax filings, for it is exactly like the Movie infers, ” Just because you don’t believe in the Devil, Doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist!” 
This Debt Clock is the place where you find that National Debt, that $14.3 Trillion Dollar amount that the administration and many in Congress want to raise by another 1.4 trillion in the next few weeks.The same type of raising the debt limit that has been done repeatedly through the years, and, which most of those pushing so hard for now, were vehemently against previously, ( before taking power ), citing that to increase the debt further would be “irresponsible, A lack of leadership, and Stealing from our children and future Generations”. Why is now so different?
I guess this is not too much of an issue now for these folks, as we also find a $1.4 Trillion Dollar budget deficit for the current year that ends in the fall. Everyone appearing shocked to find this out, but not so surprising when NO BUDGET for 2010 was ever produced. Kinda hard to stick to one that doesn’t exist! Don’t ya think? ( And Nancy Pelosi stays in office hoping for another turn? )
Keep looking at the clock Watch the numbers rise. See the staggering $112 Trillion Dollars of Unfunded Liabilities ( Social Programs we have no money for, Yet they are afraid to Correct! ) $112 Trillion Dollars and Neither party has the balls to step up be REAL LEADERS and say to the American People, ” This is what it will take to save our Country! And then Do it!  ( without taking polls or worrying about their re-elections )  Will some be affected, certainly!, perhaps even most. But to shamefully ignore the fact that we are “broke” will only Doom ALL to suffer a much harsher fate in the not so distant future. 
To put a more personal edge to this figure. Remember, there are only 110 Million taxpaying workers in America. That means each one of us owes a personal portion of these “Unfunded liabilities” that totals more than $1.2 Million each. Did you know  when you woke this morning, drank your cup of coffee and went to get your Donuts at Vincent’s, or planned that lunch meeting with friends that you were starting off this day over $1 Million  Dollars in debt?
Washington, and the Political hacks that reside there, will use every trick in the book to keep Us focused on any and everything else. They will play Democrat against Republican by using FEAR to manipulate the public claiming that Grandma will have her Social Security cut and will be eating cat food by Monday, or that Any who oppose the President’s agenda are nothing more than repressed slave owners who will accept nothing from a Black Man as logical. Do not let yourself be manipulated in this manner! They count on this!
They know they have screwed up! Royally! and they also know the types of deep and meaningful cuts to spending ,Government size and regulation, that are needed to get our Country off of this debt treadmill, but they are Politicians first and Leaders second, and will not risk the chance of losing office, even if that means they maintain such office,  as our streets become like Greece, England, or ( knowing the rising anger present in America  ), possibly more akin to what we see now in Egypt!
So when they try to avoid the hard decisions. When they talk of spending our way out of debt, or use those tired Scare Tactics against us, to allow themselves not only to continue their Party Politics and Quests for Power, but to help them to kick this can of corruption further down a quickly shortening road.
Remember this one thing. ” IF ” they do not do what MUST be done NOW!  and ” IF ” this Nation does truly fall into some kind of unbelievably hard depression, where Services and Protections no longer exist. With Food and Gas in short or nonexistent supply, Where prisons are emptied and the American public is forced into a manic era of fending only for one’s self and their immediate family, a true Social Armageddon! “IF” this is to ever happen, It is these people who have profited for years from our demise, and  who will have the money and resources to escape the product of their greed and failure!   They will escape the Hell they have created.. Not you!  Not I!

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