All eyes in America were firmly focused on the recent protests against, and subsequent resignation of Hosni Mubarek in Egypt. Eighteen days that captivated the bulk of our media coverage and our attention, as we not only watched the activities happening in Egypt, but also debated the manner in which our Government handled it’s part in all of this turmoil. ( The jury is still out on that point. )

The problem with such an overwhelming event, is that too often other events, (some by design), slide almost invisibly under the radar of our media coverage and are only minimally covered, and therefore vaguely recognized by most who find themselves focused only on the “MAIN STORY” that is being presented. Most Americans depending on their personal interests knew two facts about last week. One that Egypt was in political unrest, and the other was that Lindsay Lohan was sexy as ever and back in court, this time for Grand theft of a necklace. ( Neither of which I will focus on today! )
There was another storyline, that moved almost like a fog through the News cycles, the ongoing battle here in America over the Constitutionality and Challenge of such, to ObamaCare. A total of 26 states have just won their case in Florida’s lower court based on the Unconstitutional nature of the “Mandate” that all Americans MUST buy Healthcare Insurance, where the Judge, citing “NO COMMERCE CLAUSE JUSTIFICATION for such a mandate and considering the critical nature of such a mandate to the ObamaCare legislation, found the whole Law Unconstitutional”. (The Second Court to do so! )
In all fairness of reporting, Two Judges had also previously found in Favor of Obamacare, ( ironically NOT being challenged themselves as Judicial Activists ),  which means that these cases go now to the Appeals Courts and then move up the Channel towards the Supreme Court. A process that according to many experts could happen anytime within the next Eight months to TWO YEARS! ( It is here we must start to apply our political Calendar to this discussion. )
Within the context of this information, we must also consider the various sub-plots that are occurring while this process continues. Congress, led by the house of Representatives, by means of the “PurseStrings”,  are looking for ways to slow down the implementation of Obamacare, and the hundreds of new regulations that are still being determined as more pieces of this Unread Legislation that was shoved down our throats are slowly being uncovered.
Several States that were co-filers of the Florida Court challenge, under the recognition of this Judgement that the law was indeed deemed Unconstitutional and VOID, are attempting to stall Statewide implementation of the costly aspects of this “Law”, costs that they simply cannot afford within the confines of budgets that are already strained at best, and in most cases already in the RED to the sum of Billions of Dollars.
The Governors from over Twenty of these challenging States have written and sent a letter to Mr. Obama, asking him to assist in their request to have the Supreme Court take up this case immediately. (A process that can be done very easily and in full accordance with all Court regulations.) Each hoping that by having the Supreme Court settle this matter once and for all, they can then begin to either work out the implementation of ObamaCare or save their States the unnecessary and wasteful expenses of the initial financing of a law that will not meet Constitutional muster down the road.
Mr. Obama however, as he detailed in his recent Superbowl interview with FOX News’ Bill OReilly, sees this challenge as “Going through the Process” to finally reach the Supreme Court. Translation: He’s hoping it takes the full two years to reach the court and will do little to expedite this process before his attempted Re-election. ( Remember, We are keeping all of this in conjunction with our Political Calendar now! )
Mr. Obama does not in any way want this to reach the Supreme Court before the election of 2012. With the current and seemingly endless recession weighing heavily on the minds of all Americans, along with the high unemployment rates, record home foreclosures, Nation destroying Debt, Increasing threats to our National Security everywhere, and ever increasing costs to all Citizens for the basic necessities of life, the last thing Mr. Obama needs is for his ONE major piece of legislation, His SIGNATURE “Transformation” to America, to be found “Unconstitutional”. ( Especially for a Constitutional Lawyer who should have known better to begin with! )
Mr. Obama will do everything in his power to stall the Supreme Court from ever receiving this case before he has a chance to win re-election in 2012. Of course just on the off-chance he cannot stop such an early adjudication by the Supreme Court, there are certain LEFT leaning parties already laying the groundwork to challenge even the court decision making process itself.
There are some questioning whether Justice Clarence Thomas should excuse himself from deliberating this case, based on the associations of his wife. Fearing that HER influence would be too strong upon the Supreme Court Justice. The same types of LEFT leaning groups which have recently and on video,  called for his repeal, going so far as to say that he should ” GO back to the Fields where he belongs” and that “He and His wife should both be strung up!”. Less we forget, these are the same people who still call Tea Party Members RACISTS! and cry out for Civility.
Ironically, I have yet to hear anyone suggest that Justice Elana Kagen excuse herself from deliberating this case. She actually worked for the Obama Administration, and surely on that point alone would somehow have her independence of thought called into question on this matter. But nothing is said of this! In fact, do not look for that point to be even brought up anywhere else, especially from the Obama Press Corps, as this administration scrambles to stall any expedited Supreme Court acceptance of this critical case.
Mr. Obama knows that along with the previously listed damaging aspects of our Nation’s Economy and National Security staring him in the face,
( I haven’t even mentioned the suit being brought against his Administration by Arizona for failing to secure our borders), that there is a slim to none chance of a second term, if piled on top of all of these detrimental National statistics, the Supreme Court finds ( as they most likely will ), that his ONE CROWN JEWEL was nothing more than an Unconstitutional Charade forced through and upon the citizens by his Presidency and the willing co-conspirators of the Progressive Ideology, that was pervasive in the previous Democrat led Congress.

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