For two years now, President Obama and his Administration have held office, and anyone who takes a serious and comprehensive look at our Country and the World,  will have one of two possible reactions.

They will either (like some), find themselves still resolved to Mr. Obama’s “Hope and Change” now turned “Winning the Future” agenda, resolute in some strange way to wait as Government grows ever larger and encompasses their every waking need, through entitlements or regulatory social engineering. Each blindly content to bide their time until this Progressive plan for Global Government comes to fruition and they can enjoy fully and completely, the sweet grapes of Socialism.
This of course, is all predicated in their having to ignore the ongoing daily systematic collapse of independence, personal freedoms and indibidual responsibilities, and, the weakening of our National Security, to the point where we are sitting ducks to any and all who wish us harm. Which is of no real significance to these folks, as long as in their minds, the RICH are punished and all of their wealth is shared equally through the application of some Social Justice Mantra, the philosophy of people too lazy to get up off their asses and make their own way in life.
They will, like any drone, support this administration’s hapless race to fiscal insolvency, as long as they believe their little piece of the “Free Pie” will increase in the end. Blind to what such an economic collapse would really mean, even to themselves. Remember, a financially broken Government cannot pay entitlements, nor can it defend our borders. (Not an issue if you are content to pay all your future debts with Euros, Chinese Yuan,  or some new worldwide currency perhaps called the “Globo” )
Those who find themselves in sound opposition to these individuals, ( people whom I still believe to be the vast and under reported majority ), will have a different take on the events of this present and recently past Obama Administration’s “First”, and hopefully “ONLY” term in office. ( I don’t think America could withstand two! ) 
These people will not look to some Utopian future vision of a bastardized “American Dream”, a purposely blurred fantasy, with it’s Guaranteed and Government supplied jobs, healthcare, Food rations, and entitled endowments for all, and needed by all.  A crisp and clean “New World Order”, complete with initiative crushing Collective Social Justice, and possible Shariah Law for all. ( Weakened Independent Nations fall to Caliphates! )
They are concerned Americans, who see clearly the Amateurish manner in which this Inexperienced “Community Organizer turned Chief Executive” has tried to manage the affairs of this nation in a way that favors primarily Political Alliances and some personal Ideological Agenda, more than a standard-bearing compliance to Traditional American values and a realistic and responsible handling of our Economy and matters of National Security.
Those, perhaps like you, who are all for a ” Chicken in every pot “, they just don’t want the Government coming into “their” yards and taking “their” chickens to fill the pots of those who were not willing to get up at 5 a.m. to feed said chickens, or harvest the eggs laid, much less to actually do the work to build the coup that houses them.
The overriding difference between these two groups, is in how they see America. One group sees our Nation as a Historical ” Empire “, built upon every manner of crime against humanity, which must pay for such past indiscretions through one form of restitution or another. They are ” DUE! “,and will rest on their happy laurels, unwilling to assist personally in the betterment of their own lives, debtors waiting to get ” PAID “.
While the other group still sees America for what is has always been, a Nation where, while no guarantee of success existed, the real promise lay in the opportunity to try. A nation of innovators, inventors and industrialists, who through the promised freedoms derived from our Constitution, found the ability to challenge themselves and their creativity, to work diligently and to help bring us to our prominent status amongst all world nations.
The Obama dichotomy, is to put it plainly, the difference between one group seeing his term thus far as a “Management of Crisis”, while the other sees it more as a “Crisis in Management!”  The divide that these two groups share is vast, and comes down to something as basic as the value placed on Individual Freedoms and Responsibility.
America is NOT a Guarantee of success!..  America is a Guarantee of an opportunity to try!   A promise of “Equal” Opportunity for all, NOT favored or reparative Social Justice.  As long as so many people fail to understand this basic tenant of our liberty, and continue to see Government as the end all answer to any and every ill that one may face in a life, our future as a Free Nation is not only uncertain, it is at serious risk!

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