Last Friday, President Obama, during a press briefing, discussed amongst other things, our Nation’s energy woes. Citing that ” Oil Production was at it’s highest level in the past 7 years”, he then repeated, ” In the last 7 years!” As if his policies had anything remotely to do with that figure! When in fact his policies have been to lock up lands that are fertile with natural resources, cut loose his EPA regulators on the coal energy industry, ( causing their costs of such operations to escalate ), and his now infamous and ongoing moratoriums of the Gulf and Eastern Coastal Oil deposits.
The increase in current production levels hailed by Mr. Obama, are a direct impact from policies that were implemented  “SEVEN YEARS AGO”, and, since any intelligent individual knows that “lease to production” can takes several years, it is the height of hypocrisy for Mr. Obama to try and somehow take credit for the benefits gained from such previous energy plans. Sadly, his energy plans, in his own words, “Will Necessarily Cause Energy Costs to SKYROCKET!”  ( At least in this one case, he is a man of his word. )
The rising costs of gas to all Americans, is merely the first tax of several, that Mr. Obama’s abject failure in handling this energy situation is forcing upon us. Higher fuel costs hit the American public at the pumps, in the electric bill, and many other places, with elevated food costs at the grocery store being one of the highest, and having the most impact to our daily lives and standards of living.
We have less to spend at the grocer, for items that now cost more! Is this an effective energy policy? Or Economic Policy? Or is this all part and parcel of a broader agenda to slowly cripple the system so severely, that We would all come running blindly to “GOVERNMENT” to help us through this?  At any Cost or Sacrifice of Individual Freedoms?  Is this is the groundwork being layed for their much hoped for Progressive Socialism? Socialism that WE eventually beg for?
If it was merely his energy policies, or lack thereof, that concerned me, I might be able to chock it all up to inexperience or some shortcomings in leadership. But, at every juncture, this Man seems to find a way to purposely place the foundations of our nation, and it’s many different internal systems in some form of crisis. I fear this is not by mere chance, and is in fact by design. I am not alone in this thinking!
He has seemingly followed long existing plans, almost to the letter, IF your plan is to see our Nation “Progress towards Socialism”. That “Fundamental Change” he spoke of and promised us all, comes right out of Progressive’s guidelines that date back to the early 1900’s. They have waiting a long time for just such a man in the White House.
Since taking office, few words have been repeated so much by this Administration, his Democratic Congress allies, and their propagandizing minions of the National Media, as the terms ” Crisis ” and ” Invest “. We are being reprogrammed to see any and all situations that need to be addressed as ” Crisis “, thereby justifying not only Government action as the answer, but Government TAKEOVER, takeover via “Investment”. ( Investment in their minds, now means increased entitlements at every juncture. )
A massive reconditioning of our thought processes, that they are all too willing to capitalize upon for their advantage and AGENDA. Teach the puppy a new trick, and then give him some little biscuit as reward. Soon he will obey you absolutely and heel to your every call. Americans are not and have never been puppies,  my friends!  We are the Tigers of Individuality, Not the Kittens of Collectivism!
Additionally, We are also privy to watching the ongoing battle between those Americans who realize the errors of the past, and are now trying to change course from certain collapse, back to some measure of sound economic policy, AND,  those who have through the corruption and abuse of politics,  levied their situation to such unsustainable levels and protection from reproach, that no system can withstand such a fiscal drain upon it’s tax base. 
These UNIONS, which have for decades not only reached a level playing field with their Citizen employers, but in many ways surpassed them in benefit, are currently using the tactics of anarchy, in protest to being forced back to a certain amount of equality with the average taxpayer that they work for. As we are all told that sacrifice is needed to right this ship, they demand more!
Our President, who himself has rallied with and been supported by such Unions, is quick to cite any attempt to rectify the lies of the past made to average Union workers by their leaders and corrupt Government Officials, as “Union Busting!”, has shown his true colors and stepped out of his crafted shadow of that of a ” Bipartisan or Moderate “. We have all now seen what ” lies ” behind the Mask!
Between this, and all that we see and have seen, there can be no doubt, ( if there ever was any before ), that this man is nothing more than a Political Hack! A wannabe Leader, who hides his true agenda and beliefs behind cleverly constructed and well tested words that scroll across his teleprompter. A Progressive Sycophant, placed into position, to facilitate the long awaited overhaul and demise of our Republic Nation as we have always known it to be.
Now as those others who would hope to challenge this man for the Presidency in 2012 begin to toss their hats officially into the ring, I unfortunately see more Politicians than LEADERS. To defeat this very well funded, media darling and special interest promoted President, and rebuke the policies and direction he has put our Nation on, will take a very specific type of individual. One who cares more for his Country than re-election or any given daily polls. 
I have not seen this person yet. At least not amongst those hats already laying on the floor of desire. I sincerely hope that between now and the coming elections of 2012, such an individual comes forth to SERVE and SUCCEED. America will not survive another four year term of ” nudged self destruction “.  At least, not at it’s current levels of Freedom or Peace.

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