I was watching television last week, and a report came on, that while no big surprise to me, somehow shook me to the core. Not in it’s shocking disclosure of some unheard of new information, but perhaps more because I see it as just another brick being piled upon this huge stack of reasons, that We find our nation in such unbelievable and barely conceivable trouble.

It was basically one of those “man on the Street” interviews. We’ve all seen them before, and I wager many of you have seen this particular one as well. Someone had gone out and was asking average citizens, some of the very questions that appear on the Citizenship Test given to Immigrants as they take that final step from legal residency to full blown Naturalization.
I have personal experience with this test, and have found it to be no more than an eight grade review of common and simple American Civics. So you can understand my shameful realization that so many Americans are absolutely clueless as to the basics of our Government and Nation’s History, in such general terms.
I was amazed that some 30% of those questioned, did not even know who our Vice President was. ( The other 70%, obviously still trying to forget! )  while questions of Supreme Court Membership numbers, and Who was in charge of the Executive Branch?, were met with blank stares and incoherent guesses. ( Followed of course, by the all too common “Ain’t I cool” or “It’s not important to Me! ‘ uncomfortable laughter )
Viewers of these interviews might find their first reaction to this to be that of laughter, but our real response should be one of abject shame. Shame that we have let our education system become such a failure, that we are blindly walking around with no idea as to how this Nation works, came to be, or even how our Constitution protects us, for that matter. ( Is it any wonder that Our Government is being ran by such Incompetents! )
We have become the “Useful Idiots” that Karl Marx proclaimed as necessary for a takeover of subjugation. Concerned with only pop culture, reality TV, and whatever new diet trend or Zumba video makes us feel better. We are being driven blindly by those in power, ( those that we through this ignorance, place in power! ), into whatever direction they decide to nudge us into. Pulling us this way, prodding us that way, all to achieve their ultimate goals, insatiable greed and power grabs of National and Global significance.
Our Nation is steadily rolling down a path towards collapse, ( A designed Collapse! ), and we are more interested in who is on “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars” this week. All of this, while our children are being systematically indoctrinated and molded into individuals more concerned with multiculturalism, political correctness and an overall “National Sensitivity Training”, rather than instructing them into being the        ” Masters ” of the basics of Math, the Sciences, English, and History that they should be. That they Must Be! 
Tests are being dumbed down to accommodate this lack of learning, rather than engaging in a focused cohesive heightening of the learning process itself. It is a Nationwide conditioning for failure of both, Individuals and our Society as a whole. Where and when did We allow ourselves to become such slugs of learning? And Why would we ever permit this to happen?
For those who so laughingly offered up such examples of abject ignorance on my television that day, and the many others who are themselves already victims of their own acceptance of this ignorance, it may be too late. They can learn!,  If they chose to. They may just be too interested in what Charlie Sheen is up to right now, and might not get around to it until later. The ones we MUST concern ourselves with now are “Our Children”, and they are counting on us to do OUR jobs as parents, teachers and adults.
Parents must take the time, and exert the effort, to ensure that our children are not only learning what they need to pass any given grade, We must take the additional responsibility, that is “OURS” alone, to teach them what they will need to know to excel in life. To find their way in this world, and to maintain with vigilance the Freedoms that We are all bestowed with. ALERT HERE: This cannot be done from a Gameboy, Playstation2, or via TEXT!  ( We’re actually gonna have to talk to them! )
Beyond that, We must test their progress ourselves. I am of course NOT talking about giving written exams at family gatherings, ( though that is not altogether a bad idea ), but perhaps discussions at the dinner table, designed to probe their ongoing knowledge and grasp of certain basics. ” Pass the bread Junior and by the way, who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?”  ( hint: It is not Judge Judy! )
This personal and hands on interest that We take in preparing our children for their own lives, is one of, if not the most important mandate of parenthood, and while no one is perfect, We cannot allow educating our children to be one of the areas of our shortfalls. The continuing break down of the “family nucleus” is rearing it’s ugly head, once again in this matter. Just ask yourself, Do you really want these “Man on the Street” participants running our Nation when you are in your golden years? Running the World?
As many more Americans are at long last re-engaged in the process of our own Government, and are finding a new sense of relentlessness in our attempts to return that Government to some place of Constitutional restraint and Fiscal sanity, it would be the height of shortsightedness on our parts, to go through all of this, only to find that the generation that followed us was already pre-programmed for failure and domination, and that We let it happen on our watch!

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