Recent news reports, of a doll soon to be brought into the American market,  has lit up the airwaves, radio call-in lines, and most assuredly, the Internet!  A new doll is currently being marketed for little girls in Spain ,called  “Bebe Gluton ” The latest child’s role play creation,  that comes with a modified halter top, ( there are little flowers where the nipples go. ), and which performs a suckling sound, allowing for non-stop hilarious “simulated”  breastfeeding fun. ( and they thought Barbie was “TOO MUCH!” )

Needless to say, the comments and critiques were immediate, and in many instances rather harsh. People bashing this concept with such abandon, that it seemed like some dolls might find themselves staked out in the yard and set to fire, should they actually find their way into American households. Perhaps even Congressional hearings on the matter would be next.
While I in many ways agree that such a doll pushes the limits of some standard social morays,  as they are currently prescribed by many. I also find it thought provoking that such morays exist at this intensity to begin with. The whole Why? of it all, and, the ” How Have We as a Society Benefited from Such? ”  In other words, “I know it bothers so many, so much!…  Why does it bother Them so?
I knew this was worthy premise to write about. So, I studied the responses to the initial report as they flooded in, looking to find the right angle that I might consider. Amongst the varied reasons for disapproval, there was one particular reason that caught my focus. So many were detailing as the basis for their disgust with such a toy, America’s “OBSESSION” with Breasts!  Now this concept, This!, I could get my teeth into! ( So to speak)
In full disclosure, I must admit that the knee-jerk reflexes of the “Old Comedian” in me, were quick to find humor in this whole premise, and I found myself wondering “How long before a modified pair of boxers is offered in the market, for the boys who might also desire to play with this new toy?” and ” Will this doll’s play be banned in certain areas, restaurants and public arenas? “( “You’re in the Mall Charlette!, Put the doll away and cover those two Daisies!” )
But even within my unavoidable application of humor to this idea, the crux of this discussion is still visible. What is it with this “Obsession” displayed by Americans over Breasts in particular, and sex in general. A semi-unique experience, as many European Nations have much more lax standards when it comes to the exposure of breasts, public nudity and sex overall.
Are we, as it has so often been reported and discussed, simply reacting in an obsessive way to the puritanical repression of all things sexual that is so common in America. This hypocritical panty tightening that occurs whenever the hint of a nipple or side-breast  is shown, but yet which are produced ad nauseam by Hollywood and Television Corporations, as perhaps the greatest marketing tool around.  EVER!   Everyone knows it.. Sex Sells!
We, on one hand admonish such natural infatuations as sick or perverse, yet on the other hand spend hours each day partaking in the gratification of viewing such materials in almost every corner of our culture and society. C’mon now!  Those Victoria Secret commercials are meant for both, Men AND Women!, and to think otherwise is no more than a denial of our base human conditioning.
This obsession, fueled by it’s taboo nature, only grows stronger as we deny the natural human attraction to sex, nudity and  the all powerfull female human breasts!  I’ll try to analogize here to help everyone understand more clearly.
Breasts are like … Chocolate!  Sweet Sweet Chocolate, that everyone loves deeply and craves periodically. Now… If you eat chocolate everyday, all day!.. it soon loses much of it’s initial Siren’s appeal and luster. You never hate it, you just find quickly that you can then go a few days without it, until the desire returns. Basically.. it becomes “NO BIG DEAL!”
But!.. If you are told that you cannot have any “Chocolate”, that Chocolate, although sold at any and every retail outlet, is bad for you and thereby forbidden, your cravings for such “Chocolate” increase. You might even find yourself hoarding it. Hiding it away in little corners of your home, so that you can obtain it “at will”,  for a quick splendid moment of enjoyment.
You might find yourself in moments of near panic, rushing to a closet or some other nook in your home where you have hidden your personal stash of  “Chocolate”, just to make certain it is still there!, and to help yourself rest calmly with the assurance that can have some when you want it. ( be honest…Where is your ” Chocolate’  stashed? )
“Repression can become obsession, and then compulsion”. No,  this is not something I heard from a Doctor or Scientist. It is merely my take on a condition of the human species,  that we cannot totally deny the occurrence of. ( If We are being “Real” with each other, of course. ) And, to ignore this tendency, only perpetrates this ongoing National War and Love Affair with “Chocolate”.
I say let the People have their Chocolate!.. Give em all they can handle.. and soon they’ll be brushing their teeth, eating vegetables, and taking their vitamins once again. Sure they will still nibble at the sweet commodity from time to time, and enjoy it!, but they will not be eating in the dark, or hiding “Kit Kats” under their mattress, or in their towel closets. Perhaps we might even see a decline in the multi-billion dollar Internet “Chocolate” industry.
We must once and for all accept that WE like “Chocolate!” It is Natural to like “Chocolate”, and that the more we deny this base urge, this instinctive leaning, the more we try to deny our innate selves, …the more we will find this Obsession grows.

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