It appears recently that any discussion being held on the various News outlets, seems to have some mention of the Tea Party Movement. Whether it be negative or positive statements, or just some pundit elaborating on the effect the movement might have on any given subject matter, the Tea Party Movement has found it’s way deep into the National Discussion and Debate.

This Thursday, they will surely dominate the news coverage as Tea Party Groups from all over the country will be gathering for the second “Tax Day Rally”, locally being sponsored by the Acadiana Tea Party Patriots and held at Putnam Park right across from the Federal Court House in Lafayette from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.  I was at the last one and believe the number of attendees will grow in comparison, as it has for each event since the very beginning.

Recent polls have come out dispelling most of the misconceptions about the Tea Party Movement’s makeup.. After over a year of being called “Astro-turf, Un-American, Radicals and most recently Racists or Klan-like, the general consensus from all recent polling, shows that an accurate depiction of the Tea Party Patriots, aligns their beliefs and composition as an almost identical reflection of the American People as a whole, with most people saying their concerns are more in line with that of the Movement as opposed to the President and his agenda.

A year long attack on the Tea Partiers has seen almost every tactic from Saul Alinsky’s “handbook for Radicals” being used against the movement to somehow break their will and return the people to their silent slumber of ignorance and acceptance to all that comes from Washington. They have been Dismissed, Degraded, Dishonored and have seen multiple attempts to divide and destroy aimed their way. Yet they grow stronger and larger each and every day.

The Administration even has several advisors to the President, focusing their efforts and monies on numerous attempts to somehow silence those who decent. It is a scary situation when the Government in this manner wages such a tactical war against it’s Citizens, for merely having the audacity to disagree with the current directions our Country is being railroaded to.

Attacking the Tea Party Movement is even becoming “campaign efforts” used by some to solidify their base electorate, as displayed by Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN), who recently said that the only thing missing from the Tea Party Protests were Robes and Hoods,insinuating ties to Klan sentiments and comparing them to followers of George Wallace’s Segregationist platform, trying to further their false narrative that the Tea Parties are only racially motivated against anything a “Black President” would offer. ( Democrats throwing the Race Card around like Mardis Gras’ Beads???  Who’d a thunk it?) )

Other commentary out there is that the Tea Party Movement will help the Democrats by splitting conservative votes. The problem with this thought process, is the fact that the Movement is composed of a majority of Independent and Democratic membership which would similarly hurt Democratic candidates as well. Reality shows that the Tea Party voter will vote for the “individual” who more closely reflects their views, regardless of the “D or R” or even “I” that might follow their name on a ballot.

The aggression against the Tea Party Movement grows daily as one after another attempt to disparage them is thrown around and then repeated relentlessly by the willing and complicate national media. Their belief is that anything , no matter how inaccurate, if said enough, would somehow become percieved reality. That may have worked in the past, but the “awakening” has also come,  and as the President once said.. “Words are Just Words! “, the American public are no longer sheep following some shepherds horn.

The Tea Parties are attacked because they are feared.. and they are feared, because they are America!,  The People!…  and Our constitution  is set up to defer power to the people. The vastness of this mounting movement is America standing up and screaming NO MORE!… and those in Power know that if they cannot defeat it in this it’s infancy..  This American voice will grow louder and stronger and ultimately close the book on their political careers and Washington’s corrupted Standard Operational Procedures!….  This they fear above all else.

It is through just such movements as the Tea Parties, that we actively pierce the veil of secrecy and corruption used by our Congress, by being a consideration to any and all “behind closed doors” meetings held.  We are seated at the table now, and our reaction to whatever comes from such backroom dealings is a major concern and source of distress to them.

We have become our own Lobbyists. Our interests are now one of the “Special Interests” to be dealt with. Washington is increasingly being forced to hear us at last, and is reminded daily that we are fully aware of the power “we” wield.  Even  Rep. Bart Stupak can read the Tea leaves and is joining the ranks of those retiring from office, rather than face the people in November. ( Don’t worry about ole’ Bart though, I am sure he will obtain some high position within this administration for services rendered.)

It is at this time in our history that we must remember something said once by Abraham Lincoln, “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” They knew long ago that we would from time to time be called upon to protect our Country from those within who would use “Position” for Power and Profit, and brilliantly constructed our Constitution to enable us to achieve that end.

So come out Thursday Acadiana!  Get off your butts, off your couches, and detach yourselves momentarily from your Video games long enough to take part in this new revolution. We are taking our country back from those who would see her distorted and destroyed, and I will feel much better knowing that one day when my grandchildren ask, ” What did you do during all this Grandpa?”, I will be able to tell them with pride, “I stood up and fought for you!”

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