Late Friday evening, and all Saturday morning, the News rang out. “They have a Deal! There will be NO Government Shutdown! Hoorah Hoorah!  The band played loudly and the pigeons were set loose to fly around the Capital. A semi-Grand Celebration of People who were at “long last” and very begrudgingly finally doing their job, and not much more.
While holding a certain level of import, this action was nothing more than the completion of “Old” business left undone by the previous Democratic Majority, the first Congress since the 70’s, who refused to pass their own budget, choosing instead to avoid those difficult votes in an election year, and just kick the can down the road, until it all came to a head this week.
This budget, for the remaining calendar year, is being hailed as the Largest Spending Cuts in American History. With both sides finding some way to claim victory in this “Historic” moment. The Republicans got more than the President wanted to offer in spending cuts, ( they wanted $100 Billion, Obama wanted $0 ), and the Democrats, at least at this hour, seem to have been able to save future funding for America’s prime abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. ( Yes yes!  A Truly Historic piece of legislation to be heralded by all! ) 
The pomp and circumstance of this whole issue, played out in typical political theatre, with Democrats forgetting all that they were “supposed” to have learned during the Arizona Shooting Spree and the call for Civility that followed it. They launched quickly into the same type of vitriol and fear mongering that they have always used, when trying to push our emotional buttons in favor of their plans for action, or lack thereof.
Tea Party sentiments were once again held up as the “Satans” standing before the Pearly Gates allowing no one to enter. Called radical and extreme, for merely having the gall to hold fast to the mandate from the voters who sent them, (and the new Republican Majority ). to Washington in the first place. I mean really, How dare they actually honor promises made in a campaign? What kind of traitors to the Washington process are these people?
America was once again in a tizzy. Another glowing and standard episode of Washington exuberance and excrement, that does nothing more than fund the remaining portion of our current budget year, and save in spending cuts, a little more than we borrow in “new debt” in a single one week period. Yeah that’s right!  One Week! ( A good place to start,  mind you..but just a start! )
Act II in this little Washington play, will come very soon as Congress will have to address our gargantuan National Debt. This 14 Trillion dollar plus addiction, that many say must be increased, so we can borrow more in debt, to pay our debt. (??????)  Yes! Only in the bubble of Washington does this represent sound fiscal management.
You will hear once again the rhetoric entailing how not doing this will cause us to fall into default on one hand, and how raising this limit will only feed into the spending frenzy in Washington on the other. Our emotional buttons will be hard pressed again and again as they try to sway our support to their individual directions, saying much, but “not” saying even more.
The fact is, We do not have to go into default. We need only pay our interest on debt first!, and then fund the Government activities afterwards. This of course would necessarily call for additional spending cuts to compensate for these interest payments, payments that exceed $200 billion, ( and we’ve already seen the hell they went through just to cut 38.5 Billion in this recent budget battle. )
This next engagement over the Debt limit will be caustic and full of the same tired posturing that we always see from Washington, especially when they are in Campaign mode. Chuck Schumer will be calling everyone who disagrees with him “Extremists! or Radicals! or perhaps even Fleas? Harry Reid will surely find some cowboy poetry contest or granddaughter’s future health issues to throw at this debate, and the rest of the rank and file Democrats will have grandma crawling to the sidewalk for meals that will not come, and women suddenly dying in the streets if we cut any programs that are Democratic mainstays.
The Republicans will try and corral this discussion to focus on the devastating future that this kind of unmanageable debt increases are forging for us all. Unfortunately, they too as proposals for cuts are initiated, will most likely continue a social agenda, rather than an economic rescue. I fear the politics of ideology that flows from both sides. Sacred cows can kill economies. Especially when such sacred cows eat up a full 3/4th’s of all available tax revenues, and a fair portion of the final 1/4th of discretionary spending as well.
It is ACT III in this show of shows, that has the most chance of changing our future of economic insolvency, as it currently appears to be heading. Congressman Paul Ryan has constructed a budget for 2012, that forecasts some near 6 Trillion dollars in cuts/savings over the next Ten years. A huge step in the right direction, and one which is already being tripped up by the feet of the status quo.
This is the battle that will define this year. This budget plan by Mr. Ryan is by no means perfect, and will go through serious modification as it works it’s way through Congress. But it is the most extensive plan of spending cuts and Government reduction to date. My only hope is that it is increased in it’s savings through amendment, and not decreased or lobotomized.
The battle for the budget of 2012, is in essence, everything we fought over and voted on in last November’s election, come to life!  It is here that We must stake our ground to cut the size, scope, and cost of our Government. Here we must hold their feet to the fires of re-election, and here we must not allow ourselves to be played and manipulated by these masters of deception, corruption, and misdirection.

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