Americans of all stripes, who offer any attention paid to the many different issues of importance and relevance to our lives in this country, have certainly got their hands full at this time. Whether it be matters of economic turbulence, national security threats ( both Continental and International ), Weather related tragedies  that we’ve seen and will continue to see, or the high unemployment rate, stagnant GDP growth and ever troubling inflation which affects all of us everyday, one thing is certain. The Election of 2012 will have serious and direct impact as to the continued demise or much needed directional change in what has become almost every aspect of traditional life in this, the good old USA.
While you can gather polling information from any network News broadcast, on any one of what seems a thousand different nuances of the same general questioning, one recent poll and it’s results stands out, ( or at least it should ), to Me, and hopefully every other voting Citizen and Elected Official or hopeful candidate.
When asked the simple and direct question, as to whether America was heading in the right direction, some 70% of those polled, stated a resounding NO!  Regardless of fluctuating approval ratings, or whichever current issue they may see as the most damaging, or in need of solving, the sobering fact is that seven out of ten, see the current course that this administration has chosen and implemented in trying to address our National concerns, as WRONG!
A fact that appears almost lost on the President, as he seems transfixed on his one and only real issue. Re-election!  Mr. Obama is on one hand telling us all that “We have important work to do”and that everything else is ” A Sideshow! “, then, almost tripping over his own feet as he races to Air Force One to launch into one after another of his campaign stops and fundraisers. (His goal is to raise One Billion for this election cycle… Looking at how bad he has performed his duties, I say “He’ll need that and more if he hopes to try and convince us that he should be given another four years in office.” )
He needs this much money as he, in an attempt to win back the favor of the Independents needed ( and lost! ),to defeat his soon to be selected challenger, having to blanket the airwaves with cleverly constructed ads casting him once again, ( and falsely ), as some kind of ” moderate”, highlighting his many accomplishments during this his first term. ( You know, I almost got all the way through that thought and sentence, without cynically laughing out loud!  Well….Almost! )
He will have to use every dollar in his campaign bank account, and clever or deceptive tool within their collective strategy chest, to somehow, someway, cause us to forget the numerous ways in which he has failed miserably, as a Leader, Unifier, Non-Partisan, and once promised Most Transparent Agent of Change to the Corrupt Washington Establishment, Who has under his watch and direction, continued to help push us towards this most critical and dangerous point in our Nation’s History.
The GOP conversely, is seeing the first of their “many to come” candidates, either tossing their hats into the ring, or establishing their respective exploratory committees, allowing them to begin to both collect campaign donations and lay the ground works needed for a full run at the 2012 election and Primaries.
While it is still very early, ( as many of us are still tired of the 2-plus years long campaign cycle of 2008 ), for these individuals, time is of the essence and they find themselves already pressed, as Primaries come earlier and earlier it seems with every election. With that in mind, they must already begin to either capitalize on, or establish more thoroughly, the first critical area of any campaign – Name Recognition.
Within this metric, several are already leading the pack of GOP hopefuls. Names like Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Paul and even Bachman, Palin,  and Trump, are already being discussed and reported on, as to their interest levels and ability to actually garner the GOP nomination as the “Official” Republican Challenger to Mr. Obama.  ( Or as the LEFT would have you believe, the ” Obvious Racist, running against Americas’s First Mixed Race President ” ) 
These few, who do benefit from such overt National name recognition, are also already somewhat tainted by their established and well known histories, some of which they will have to affirm, deny or somehow rationalize, before they can garner enough support party wide, to reach their ultimate goal.
Other possible entrants into this fray, are not as well known Nationally, but fair very well in regional favor. Tim Pawlenty and a few other current or past Governors are added to this mix, and will have to find some way to gain the recognition needed, and highlite their successes and proposals to the voting public, all the while facing the battle of such a heavily scrutinized and demoralizing primary run.
There are also a couple of other noteworthy names added to this mix. A much hoped for announcement by New Jersey’s Governor Christie is one, Paul Ryan and John Thune are also having their names bandied about,  but there is another, not as well known as even these, but an individual who’s experience and stature, beckon for more legitimate examination and detailed explanation, as to his overall proposed policy agenda for America.
He is Herman Cain, Businessman, Entrepreneur, CEO and head of the National Restaurant Association. A man that must not only be taken seriously, but whom I find a unique interest in, with each and every instance that I hear him speak.  I am not saying that he is my choice at this point, however, his common sense, businesslike approach to the economic  and systemic troubles of America, warrant further investigation.
Over the next months, we will hear way too much from these people seeking nomination, and at times will feel overwhelmed. The key points to remember for us all, is to ask our questions boldly and precisely, and to listen carefully to the answers, helping us to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to fall once again for any cult of personality or establishment Darling, for we have all witnessed first hand, the pure calamity that “HOPE without Substance and CHANGE Undefined ” can bring upon us all.  

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