Last week,  President Obama made a speech from a hangar, while standing in front of two pieces of military hardware that will be, and are already in one case, being flown using a 50% Fuel / Bio-Fuel Mix.   Good news”    Yes indeed!  The more we develop alternative fuels and lessen our need for fossil fuels, we also lessen the amount that we must barter with agents of our ”hoped for” demise.

He used this backdrop of technological and evironmental fusion, to announce and discuss his new move to lift the prohibition on Oil exploration and drilling in limited areas off of the coasts of Louisiana,  Alaska and even several East Coast States. Again, Good news!

This combination of conservation and utilization of the vast resources available to us as a Country, is an “apparent” enlightening of our President, to the reality that we MUST become increasingly more self-sufficient,  as political and Geopolitical tensions are at ever increasing levels of volatility.

This “apparent” offering of legislation will also appeal to many Moderate Democrats and even Republicans, as energy independence is often touted as a core desire from that party as well. Energy Legislation that could actually attain a level of,  dare I say it, ” Genuine Bi-Partisanship?”    Good News Again!

This is all good news!  Or so it would seem. The problem is, that this will not be proposed and debated as ” Stand Alone Legislation.”  These great ideas , will instead be thrown in to yet another massive reform package of “Energy and (you guessed it! ) Climate Reform.” ( Note also, that as areas were opened for such Oil activities, much more area was closed off.)

Another “Comprehensive Package”, of Government growth, Tax increases, Over-Regulation, and of course, increased Citizen Control.  Brought to you by the same people who have given us the UnConstitutional Health Care Reform, an Abysmal Stimulus Package, and oh yes!, a 2011 Budget that forcasts over $10 Trillion  of new deficit, in the next Ten years alone.

I used an analogy the other day when discussing Healthcare with a family member and focusing on the few good ideas that are included  in this new Healthcare Law, saying that ” You can drop six or seven M&M’s in a big pile of crap…  But!..  it’s still a big pile of crap!”

I chose the term “Apparent ” earlier as i described what I had been seeing, and it is an appropriate word to use here. Because any efforts made towards energy independence are but a bargaining tool for the President, a mere device  to  ”appear”  motivated about our energy needs and the need to access our available resources intelligently and safely.

He “appears”, to be Concerned with the National Security facets of this whole energy debate, and even with the beneficial job creation that just  such a lifting of moretreums will create for the States in question. He “appears” to have come to his senses and seen the light that only listening to the Citizens can turn on.  But remember my friends,  “Appearances are Decieiving”.

The President and this Administration, along with his “League of Liars” in Congress, are only showing this  “apparent” move towards increased drilling as the bait within their little “bait and switch” towards the further “Fundamental Change” to America.

The actual reason for all of this, is to set up for full court press and delivery, their Climate and Energy Reform plans commony refered to as ” Cap and Tax!”  The same Progressive Bill that has already been voted upon and Passed in the House of Representatives. ( Did you know that? )

You see..  While most were watching the  breaking news last winter of Michael Jacksons death, on that same day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and their followers, were quietly passing their job/business killing,  Government growing,  Tax the hell out of the rest of us, “Cap and Trade Bill”  ( Ta Daaa!!!! )

This bill would now head to the Senate for debate, vote  and then reconciliation. ( Hence the M&M’s of drilling to sweeten the deal and woo a much needed vote or two. The President has already said he wants it done this year, (before the majority changing elections to come this November).  Just remember to keep your eyes focused on Immigration Reform/Amnesty too, as all this attention focused on Energy Reform will cloak their efforts there as well.)

The cradle of “Super Majority” is quickly closing for the Progressives, and they will use any means necessary to effect as much as possible the “Tranformations” to Our Republic that they desire.  Stay alert America!  Stay Informed!  Stay Engaged!, and we might just save this Nation.

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