While the title of this column alone, conjures up for many, the image of a long scrolling list, similar in length to perhaps, Santa’s “Naughty & Nice Ledger”, ( a fairly accurate representation ), there is perhaps a more cohesive way to compartmentalize this litany of reasons, by recognizing that the primary failure of the Obama Re-election effort (and first term for that matter ), is in it’s DISCONNECT from the desires, concerns and historical expectations of average citizens.
Too often in these election cycles, those running for office, and their massive campaign machines, inevitably misunderstand and internally misrepresent, just what it is that drives the American voter to the polls on election day.  They seem to bet the bank on the “racehorse of purely emotional catalysts”, as represented by the tendency of politicians to spoon-feed emotional agenda items to particular population demographics or special interest groups, elevating their “apparent” importance, in order to ignite those citizens to run out and cast that all to important “Single Issue” Vote.
They see the voter as no more than a “One Dimensional” entity, who votes primarily with their “HEARTS”, and can be easily manipulated towards “their” favor, if enough emphasis is placed, (even fraudulently sometimes), on whatever one single issue, that this sector of voters seems to hold so near and dear to their hearts. An effective tool sometimes, when applied to ethnic or religious based subject matter, or in the case of a tight race, where the majority of the other metrics that usually differentiate individual candidates, find too much common agreement on any proposed approach to handling such, and then of course, that “wedge” issue is direly needed to form some distinction between the Candidates.
To further explain, consider how many times we have heard the adage, ” Americans Vote With Their Wallets!” ( Alot Huh? ) And while in some areas of our consciousness, this is True. I am however, slightly offended by this simplistic opinion of WE the VOTERS, and offer instead, that a much broader cross-section of the voting public, typically vote not only with their ” HEARTS and WALLETS”,but with their ” HEADS and GUTS! ” as well, and it is due to this belief, that I say Mr. Obama will lose in 2012 and be a One Term President.
By using Our “HEADS”, Americans will realize that Mr. Obama’s chosen path in dealing with the many critical aspects of Life in America, and indeed the very Future of America itself, are based in a general lack of understanding of the workings of a Capitalistic Marketplace. He sees things in this arena from a theoretical or academia formulated posture, rather than one based in having any real life experience within such a marketplace. He see Capitalism as an EVIL! 
His ideology, born of a lifetime of surrounding himself with Marxists, Radicals and Socialistic Progressives, has created a disdain for the very system that has helped foster the Greatness of America, and it is within this disdain that he feels more comfort attacking, and indeed destroying for his cause, this Capitalistic system, rather than utilizing it’s innate ability to create individual wealth for Americans, and with that the quality of life we have come to appreciate.
Our HEADS will tell us, that as with any Family or Business model of Budgetting and Finance,( Profit and Loss, if you will ), “You Cannot Spend More Than You Take In, And Hope To Survive”, much less “EXCELL!” You cannot continue to Borrow far above your means to repay such loans and somehow expect that their will be no severely adverse consequences. Mr. Obama’s inability or REFUSAL to see this, is what has driven Us as a Nation, to not only accelerate borrowing  way beyond our means, it has now caused us to borrow way beyond even our grandchildren’s means to ever pay back. ( AND NOW HE WANTS EVEN MORE! )
Even more than our HEADS, I believe it is our GUTS that will be his undoing. For it is within our GUTS, that we carry the Hopes and Desires for our Families, Ourselves and Our Nation, that have been passed down from generation to generation, ever since the concept of “We The People” was first written upon a parchment of Hemp paper.
It is within our GUTS that we find that nagging feeling, that tightening inside, that tells us something is JUST NOT RIGHT! Regardless of what our MINDS might tell us, or our HEARTS may feel, Our GUTS will always rise up when needed most causing such an overwhelming reaction, that we may feel sick to our stomachs at the mere thought of something, that though appealing on some levels, may end up causing irreparable harm in the long run. How many times have you ignored such a GUT feeling, only to end up regretting it for a long time, if not FOREVER?
So what does our GUTS tell us now? Well, Let me tell you what MY GUT is telling me. My GUT tells me that MR. Obama, has since his childhood , well into adulthood, and even today!, been surrounded by individuals who have seen AMERICA as the problem, the enemy, the Oppressors, the Imperialists, and the primary reason for many of the ills of the World. Looking far past all the Great Goods We have done, and instead focusing on the errors that any growing Nation may make as they formulate and genesis into becoming what they were designed to be and eventually become.
This lifelong indoctrination, is in my opinion, what drives Mr. Obama in pursuit of his continuous Apologist efforts, ( a new one even scheduled later this month ), where he attempts to “REACH OUT” to our enemies, people who’s hate for America, is seemingly more related to by Mr. Obama, than let’s say, the feeling of “American Exceptionalism” that is proudly felt and shared by rank and file Americans everywhere. Enemies who prefer to stay in Societal Structures that are more in line with those of the 15th Century, than the enormous leaps in  Individual Freedoms that the Great Societies of the World have seen over the last few hundred years. ( You would need a TIME MACHINE to make that kind of “OUT-REACH” Mr. Obama! )
My GUT also tells me, that for all his pious espousing of “HOPE and CHANGE”, that this man is nothing more than a typical Chicago Political Thug, willing to sell out the Majority of this Nation, to benefit his benefactors, remain in power, and ram through the Progressive Socialist Agenda that he has wrapped his whole being around since birth. He will use every trick in the book to accomplish this, and has surrounded himself with enough sycophants of this ideology to accomplish his goal, “IF”, he can obtain one more term in office, with either a majority in Congress or at least enough Bi-partisan bribery, to finish setting into place the mechanisms that once started, cannot be turned off. ( Remember, You cannot UN-RING a BELL! )
You would think after all this GUT wrenching, I would be shoving whole bottles of TUMS into my mouth daily, to try and ease the cramps, but my GUT also tells me another thing. IT tells me that I am not ALONE!  That there are many Americans who also see, hear and most importantly feel this, and that WE will not be fooled by deception, bought off by entitlements, played against each other in some feaux battles of  Class and Race,  or fall prey to Media Driven Character Assassinations placed against his challengers.
Each and every fibre of my being, working in close unison with MY GUT, tells me that Americans have seen what this Man offers, Reject It in Mass, and will place our Nation’s Well Being, Our Children’s Futures, and our Personal love of this Country, above all else, and will come together, willing to make the sacrifices that are needed and logical, and that we as a PEOPLE, will VOTE this detriment to all we hold dear OUT OF OFFICE, sending him back to the Progressive sewer of politics and leftist ideologies that spawned him.

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