It is the Beginning of June, People!. June 2011!, and already we can kind of get an idea as to just what kind of campaign this election cycle of 2012 is going to be. Both Parties are doing their best to appear to be doing their jobs. ( and in a choice few instances succeeding! ), while in actuality, running around with only one word pulsating through every bone in their corrupt, misrepresenting, over-reaching bodies- “Re Election!”

Not really so surprising, when you take into consideration, this is how things have been going on for decades. Get Elected!, and then from the first foot on the ground, focus every word spoken or action taken, not on it’s relevance to your previous campaign promises, but on their direct effect on your re-electability.
Many of you I am sure, can still remember the exhaustion we felt after the 2008 campaign season, one which seemed to start in 2002, and just droned on endlessly and aggressively. A campaign that also seemed to showcase the “new kids on the block” of  what most consider hyper-political, Government lobbyists – The National Media!
I have seen the bias of the media, We all have, many times in past administrations. Usually, in the way they covered either favorably or unfavorably whichever Party’s Chieftain sat at the big desk in that oval office. We saw them undress Clinton, ( figuratively speaking of course! ), and Dog after President Bush so badly that they had that poor man walking into doors that weren’t doors at times. ( I gotta admit, I still love that video! )
But it was the 2008 election, and the subsequent first two years of the Obama administration, in which the Media went from just some ideologically driven snipes, yelping at the heels of any leader who happened to enter the West Wing, to a full frontal Campaign Arm of the Democratic Party!  Driving positive coverage and shoddy vetting to benefit Mr. Obama, while offering nearly 3-1 negative coverage to Mr. McCain and the lovely Alaskan lady.
Any reasonable person who watched the 2008 election buffoonery, and still today, continues to watch the ongoing Obama administration coverage by the Main Media outlets, that many have counted on for decades, only to see them so readily relinquishing their duty to be the eyes and ears for the people, must surely be asking themselves daily the all important question, Who can we trust now?
I mean let’s be real here. We ALL know that news, even in those lamented past decades, is a business. A ratings business, which has in it’s quest for individual dominance of any particular market time or age group share, brought us such notable mission statements like “If I Bleeds IT leads!”. Knowing that it is human nature to watch the train wreck, and whoever had the biggest train wreck or best pics of it, would lead the ratings war!
That in itself is almost stomachable, as long as they were still “apparently” also covering issues of National Importance. When they were out there, still asking the bold questions, pressing interviews as for as they could go in search of the “real story”. They were “Journalists!”
Unfortunately, what we have now, are more akin to political operatives, posing as newsmen and women, in order to facilitate and expectorate, the propaganda that it deems needed to attempt to ensure that Mr. Obama and the Progressive Liberal Democrats remain in power. It is all now, nothing more than a simple case of a business model of, “look this way, or look away”. Depending on the party of the subject matter and whether it will affect negatively or positively their chosen allies.
The Press is quickly becoming part of the Government apparatus, as opposed to the objective news source they are meant to be, if the concept of a “Free Press” was actually more than just a novelty tossed in with the rest of the First Amendments Guarantees. A truly “Free Press” is “Free” from Government entanglement. What we have now are symbiotic entities who both feed and feed off of each other.
Just take a quick visit to a few of the available options at any given time right now, and there is no doubt, that you will already be seeing how they are working in unison, with their chosen political bedfellows,  ( of course it’s a 75% in one political direction, 25% in the other way split! ), and establishing the first seedlings of the type of tactics, that lead one to be already able to tell, that the campaign of 2012 will no doubt be one for the record books.
Long standing records for vile and vitriolic ads and selective coverage will fall to the wayside as talking points will replace breaking stories and techniques inspired by Saul Alinsky’s Handbook for radicals, will fill the airwaves with one billion dollars worth of negative ads and fawning coverage by the majority of all media.
George Soros and his machine are already in full campaign mode as well, seeking any disruptive stories whether real or mere conjecture, to somehow diminish the republican primary hopefuls, even some who have stated fervently that they have not the slightest inkling of a run. After all, there is No need to wait until they actually declare a candidacy before soiling their image. They are in the end,  mere Conservatives!
So with each party lying to us about their plans, their past accomplishments, and the real nature of our economic woes, choosing instead to focus on tried and true scare tactics and race baiting, and the partisan media that surrounds them, picking and choosing what they will cover, how they will cover it, and to what degree will they allow their passive aggression and subliminal techniques to shape our opinions. It will be a modern miracle, if We the voting public are able to sift through the muck and actually decipher any true pearls of real and honest fact.
So keep sharp my friends. Do not fall for all of this bumper sticker news coverage and talking points driven headlines. We must find a way to wade through this marsh of deception, and find some way to locate the correct information, that we will need to allow us to make informed and intelligent decisions come November 2012.

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