With each passing day, those of us who do try and pay attention to the many various intricacies of our Nation, our Governance, and most especially our current and ongoing economic strife, may find it harder and harder to keep up.  

Each new twist and turn, forces you to backup, rethink what you thought yesterday, re-access the information that was reported, and invariably, how it was spun by either side trying to advance their individual cause or agenda.
It’s actually amazing to me, that as I sit here each day, I am not bombarded with news reports of everyday Americans who’s heads are just seemingly exploding for no apparent reasons, all across this nation.
It is obvious to anyone who pays “honest” attention to our NEWS media, that whether it be pro-left or pro-right, they are definitely “pro or anti” something, and every report spewed forth to us for final digestion, is tainted with that individual “coating of preference of deference” and therefore colluded by an association via representation.
Historically, (although there have been certain instances like during War times when the National Media, even Hollywood, was one with our Government’s agenda), the press has been for the most part, the Watchdog for America.
Watching, Scrutinizing, and in turn reporting on every aspect of our government, as it effects and finds it’s application upon everyday Americans. A non-stop, unyielding group of people who understood their purpose and place within the fabric of America, and who PROUDLY guarded the independence and professional integrity that came with it.
The earliest Americans, having come from many places where their Governing entities were very harsh, intrusive and ultimately over-repressive, knew that having a FREE , and dare I say “Unassociated Press” was vital, if We were indeed going to place true, transparent and restrictive effort against this new Governing Republic that our Founding Fathers were assembling for posterity.
They knew that one of the most reliable keys to keeping this “American Experiment in Republic Governance” honest and able to withstand the tests of time, was in the ability for the average citizen to know precisely what his/her Government was doing at any given time, or for any individual purpose.
For it is only with such valid, honest,  and invaluable information, that our Constitutional guarantee of “redress”, and even the simplest act of forming one’s choice for Representation within this Government can be made intelligently.
Americans are at a bit of a disadvantage in this whole equation, as we now find ourselves having to parse very carefully the “information” we are receiving from whatever media outlet we are choosing from day to day or even minute to minute.
Just talk to someone about a “News Story” you’ve heard, and see how fast you are reminded that, that particular source, is either left leaning or right leaning, and therefore unreliable and unbelievable, due to their bias. ( Whole volumes of books have now been written upon just such Bias and the number keeps growing )
Even if you do as I do, and often flip back and forth between the various News Channel offerings, making comparative leaps, you will often see the exact same item of “NEWS” being covered in completely different ways, and many times with more emotion of ideology being placed upon it, than the actual and simple dissertation of facts one might expect from a “NEWS Report”.
All of this, begs the question, “If the Media that We are supposed to trust for our NEWS is so tainted by their own bias and ideology, who then can we TRUST?”  Who can we depend upon to understand the real and currently all too critical considerations and decisions being made by those that WE have chosen to Represent Us in Washington? 
The short answer is “NO ONE!”  The long answer is, WE must utilize our own capabilities and find from within all of this hype and overt manipulation, the one TRUTH to any story that is being reported on any given day. We must do the work, and not simply take as Gospel every representation or all too common misrepresentation of the facts being blasted at us.
We are now , due to the infestation of such media sympathy to those they cover, forced to listen to all sides, take the common, most base piece of information, subtract the ideological bias of the source, cross reference it to the opposing representation by other opposition media, multiply that by any available video footage of the actual occurrence for a sense of reality, and then divide all this by our own perceptions of what We expect from those we send to Washington in our collective stead.
It is a convoluted formula I know. But it is perhaps the only way you will ever extract any real truth in Newscasts during these highly partisan times.
The choice is yours.  Make the effort as described, be diligent and suspect of all you see and hear, formulating your own opinions based on ALL available resources, or, do as they wish you would do, and simply close your mind, squint your eyes, and bolt like Secretariat towards and down the Primrose Path to “Subjugation by Default”.

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