For the last two weeks, I have focused my columns on the Media in America, detailing their bias coverage, and what I ( and many others ) perceive as their collusion with the Political Parties and Individual Politicians they choose to cover. ( I say choose, because any who watch, know that there are certain occasions when such coverage is minuscule, if not ignored altogether in some protectionist role.)

Today, I would like to direct our focus, not so much on the stories that they cover ( or not cover ) , but more perhaps, a look at who is driving all of this media madness and more so, to what end. 
Just look at the news media coverage of the last week, and it is not hard to begin to see certain obvious trends, that are both disheartening and maddening at the same time.
Matter of point. Anthony Weiner, Democratic Congressman from New York is reported to have sent a questionable picture over Twitter to some woman in Washington State. He comes out and says he has been Hacked as a “Joke” and that he is hiring outside forces to ” find out what happened and to ensure it never happens again.”
Depending on which news source you view regularly, you were then either swamped with stories which have detailed the full extent and graphic nature of Mr. Weiner’s “textcapades”, or you may have missed it altogether if you looked away from your television set for a moment or went to the kitchen for a soda, as other news venues barely scratched the surface of this story, or were quick to jump on board the lie and focused “their” coverage on the hazards of  “Computer Hacking”.  WHY?
At the same time this week, We hear of thousands upon thousands of Emails being released by the Governor’s Office in Alaska, from Sarah Palin’s time in office, and the media’s need and request for outside help in sorting through and going over each and every one. A release that is not related to any investigation of  reported malfeasance or criminality, but which appears to be nothing more than a fishing expedition performed in a hope of finding one thing, just one small item, that they can use against the Former Governor.  again…WHY?
Well, we have already established, ( at least in my humble opinion ), that with any story you read or hear from the media these days, the first question you must ask yourself, is NOT if the story is factually accurate, but more so, “Which Side is the Reporter On?  For the answer to that question, must guide your perception as to the reality, validity and ultimately the “Purpose”  of the report being given. (  What do they want you to believe, and WHY? )
Media Corporations are owned by the same Billionaires, Who are members of the same surreptitious organizations, like the previously discussed Trilateral Commission, CFR,  Bildeburgh Group,  and other groups who have the same shared interest and investment within the Progressive’s goal of a  “New World Order”, as the very Politicians and Political Parties that they “supposedly”  report on and investigate as a “National Media”.
A media that is supposed to be Our “Eyes and Ears”,  on the side of the People,  and not merely the propaganda arm of the Monarchy, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, Autocracy, or whatever the hell our Constitutional Republic has been, or is being turned in to. This whole incestuous arrangement, puts a new and fresh realism to the term “Sleeping with the Enemy”.
We are being nudged and manipulated by Political leaders towards their desired outcomes, while at the same time having such manipulations being reinforced by a Media that acts as a subliminal accomplice, trying desperately to steer National Consciousness in the direction that benefits those in Power.
This combination of very wealthy Media Moguls, who donate heavily and benefit greatly from those they are traditionally supposed to scrutinize, and the power players in Washington, who seem to check their morals and conscience at the door when entering these positions, forms quickly into a “Perfect Storm” of  Deceit and Mass Manipulation, who’s design and desires, trump Journalism with the power play card of Agenda.
It is a very uncomfortable situation to see things this way. To trust neither those in Power, nor those who are theoretically there to truthfully report on their actions, inactions and all to common hidden agendas.
This to me, is just another sign of the steady and deliberate deconstruction of everything that a more “traditional” America represents. I feel sometimes like a piece on a chess board, watching as the Kings, Queens, Knights and Castles maneuver around me, closing off my options for escape, and positioning themselves for their final deathblow to my Constitutional Freedoms – Check Mate! 

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