While watching a recent “Pundit Panel” of supposed experts and Journalists discussing the ongoing battle between Boeing and the NLRB ( National Labor Review Board), a truly tyrannical event in which this Government Agency is trying to prevent Boeing from Creating ‘Non-Union” Jobs in South Carolina, something the Liberal leaning and heavily Union Sympathetic and Staffed Agency cannot abide, I was struck by a statement made by Mr. Weisman of the Wall Street Journal.

He surmised that Middle America, “the people who will actually decide the coming Presidential election”, were not interested or informed enough about this travesty, and that this was for the most part between the NLRB and Boeing, and would work itself out in the courts.
I took a Personal, Regional, and National offense to this statement, seeing it as just another instance of these elitists in Government and the Media, looking down their noses upon us poor uneducated and ill-informed saps across America. Those of us without the Harvard Degrees and the obligatory New York or Washington mailing addresses needed to somehow validate any perceptive or cognative abilities.
You know, People who are too busy with the mundane events of day to day life to be able to grasp and fully comprehend the complexities of something as intricate as the applications of an Agency of the Government, or Government in general for that matter, and who must surely sit back in “awe” as we try to understand as much as we can about what is being reported to us by such Geniuses as himself, before inevitably giving up and retiring to the serenity and complacency of “Everybody loves Raymond” marathons, and the soothing numbness that comes from finishing off a twelve pack of  Milwaukee’s finest, before we sit back and enjoy our TV Dinners and watch any of the apparent twelve varieties of CSI programs.
Well, I’ve got a piece of News for the “NewsMan”,  Mr. Weisman!  We, the poor illiterates who barely escaped the public school system with our Third Grade level educations before entering the workforce as sewer cleaners, and beginning huge families of thirteen kids,conceived  with our first cousin spouses, are not quite as far out of the loop as he and his Grenache drinking, Yachting, Polo Playing counterparts might think. WE SEE IT ALL!
WE SEE this whole NLRB/Boeing Fiasco for what it truly is. Just another occurrence of this administration using it’s Agency Regulatory Powers to circumvent the legislative process, ( and OUR WILLS ), to drive their liberal agenda, and continue to utilize their time in power to benefit most, those who they will need to remain in power. Talking out of both sides of their faces, as they detail National needs for Job creation as an economic stimulus, while putting forth efforts that only assist those who support their re-election campaign efforts. 
WE SEE the President, deferring leadership in this critical time, and spending his days ( on our dollar ), running around courting every special interest group needed to help in his re-election efforts. Re-election that would be almost certain if he would instead just do his DAMN JOB!, focus on and implement ideas to create jobs “FOR ALL” not just his Union supporters, and to cut the excessive spending of a Government run amuck with the thirst for growth and further socialization of what is supposed to be a Democratic Republic. ( Who do you think is against His signing the Job Creating Trade agreements that are still pending after two years?  The Unions! )
Does he really think that we see this last recent trip to Puerto Rico as anything but another taxpayer funded campaign stop, to further solidify the Latino vote for his Campaign and Party in 2012?  We know that the all important State of Florida, with it’s 700,000 Puerto Rican residents is in play, and very critical to his Re-election bid. Or did you really think that trip to El Paso earlier this year was for some National or Border Security Purpose? 
WE SEE Sen. Harry Reid and the Democratic led Senate, doing their damndest to do absolutely nothing until the Nation’s Debt Ceiling is raised another 2 Trillion or so, allowing for the further waste and abuse of the taxpayer’s labors, as they simultaneously press for further Tax increases and regulatory suppression, upon those who actually DO create jobs in America. ( Not only did they not pass their own budget for two years, the budget sent over by the House for 2012 sits idle and assaulted via their “Medi-Scare” Tactics, without a vote, or even having a Senate composed alternative offered in hopes of some typical “Budget Reconciliation”.)
WE SEE the GOP led House, Who began their tenure keeping their Promise to pass “Repeal Legislation for ObamaCare” and Passing a timely and some say “Bold” 2012 budget, now sitting back idly, in some game of political chicken with the Democrats, watching each other do nothing, and hoping that WE the Voters will only recognize ONE of the TWO as having done nothing. They seem to think, that the “other” will self destruct before OUR eyes, and that “Their” party would somehow ride that wave of inaction back into Full Congressional Majority again. ( They must still think this is 2006 and that WE are still asleep, unaware and ambivalent to their detrimental activities… They are Wrong! )
WE SEE Speaker Boehner and his fellow Congressman, repeatedly espousing the mantra of “Where are the Jobs?” to the President, while only passing the 2 or 3 bills that dealt with Oil/Energy Industry concerns. Initiatives that are beneficial on many levels, and yes!, Do help us directly here in Louisiana, should they pass the Senate (eventually). But which will not create enough jobs to put even a slight dent in the ever-increasing Jobless Rate for America as a whole.  ( Americans across the spectrum need JOBS! )
They should be flooding, literally FLOODING the Senate with Jobs Bill after Jobs Bill, to the point that Harry Reid and his fellow stagnators, would feel the pressure from the population to do something about it, and actually bring something, anything up for a vote! There are those who currently speculate that the House is purposely letting this economy ride this slow pony, in hopes that the American Voters will return them to Majority in retribution against the Democrats.
 I say, they would find Majority much easier to acquire, if they were instead Proactive, and by virtue of an overabundance of actions, shame the Democrats into some action of their own, additionally promising more such Jobs legislation should they be given the chance at Majority again  in 2012. ( But they both seem to have the tired old gameplan of “deflection of blame”, and are sticking with it! )
WE SEE!  We see the dangerous calculations they are playing with our economy, our security, our children’s futures and yes, our very existence and quality of life as a Free Nation, all in this roulette wheel of political gamesmanship.  Their insatiable desires to be at the helm of the ship called America, combined with their systemic inaction, and near genetic inability to think of anything except through the prism of political consequence, will almost surely predict that whomever and whichever Party is at the Helm, will be so, of a ship that is only five feet from the iceberg, with 30 feet needed to perform the maneuvers to avoid it.

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