The bulk of the battle over Healthcare Reform is over now, with the exception of the new and soon to be filed Constitutional Challenges, Amendments to the Reconciliation Bill, and of course the  “Repeal and Replace” theme that will fill the coming election in November. With this faulty feather in his hat, the President and Congress will now focus on the next part of their agenda, and we as American citizens are seriously wondering what they will choose to focus on.

Several pieces of unfinished Progressive business are being considered, including Immigration Reform, Current efforts at Financial reform, Cap and Tax, Education Overhauls and more. Before the next facet of “Transforming America ” is chosen, I offer a small piece of advice to our  President, Congress and this Administration, simply remember what you have all said before, “It’s the Economy Stupid! “

We are all very aware of the litany of detrimental occurrences which are effecting our nation. What Washington does not, or will not understand is that the majority of these issues are directly related to our increasing job losses, increased taxes and a general uneasiness within those businesses that could grow, if they were a bit more confident that the cost of such growth would not break them under the weight of new taxes and pending legislation.

We hear how 2 million a month new unemployment registrants enter the ” I have No Workforce”. We are told repeatedly how so many people are losing their healthcare insurance, Foreclosures are still increasing daily, or that  New and Existing Home sales are at record lows, or that retail sales are down across the board, and even, how State and Federal tax revenues are falling drastically, adding to budget shortfalls.

Mr. President, I offer to you a one word solution to much of the ills that ail our economy and Country, ” JOBS! “  Stop for just a while, and focus your energies and the already appropriated Stimulus monies, on what they were actually sold to us as, “JOB STIMULUS”.

Even within the nearly 3000 pages of the recently signed Healthcare Reform legislation, the only growth in Jobs, is that of new Government Jobs, including over 150 new Government agencies, which unfortunately require additional and permanent tax dollars to supply the payroll for any such Federal or State employment expansion.

It does not take a genius, ( fortunately for me), to realize that the Housing market is still suffering because people without Jobs can not avoid foreclosure or buy homes, either new or existing. Do we need to resolve issues within the lending side of home purchases? Yes!  But these fixes will be useless unless Americans have money to pay mortgages. Money that comes from having a job!  Got It?

People with jobs typically HAVE healthcare insurance, so simple math dictates, that more people with jobs, equates to more people with healthcare insurance coverage. ( No 3000 paged Bills needed to figure this one out!  Just an Abbeville High education.)

Jobs equal Jobs, so it is redundant that our current unacceptable and unsustainable Unemployment numbers, would decrease back to previous levels. Not to mention Jobs also equal Tax revenues, so these two items square each other off and help pay for the ever-increasing Government payrolls brought on by much if not all of the efforts continually coming from Washington.

Retail Sales?  Well, people without jobs have no money, and people with no money do not buy retail items, and I mean both,  mandatory and discretionary ones.  People without enough money make hard choices each and every time they must engage in retail purchases. ( As a sidebar, People with jobs also pay their credit card bills, which would impact that hurting industry as well. )

Do I need to continue?  Our economic woes rise and fall with the ebb of our National Employment Rates and until we address this issue, all other efforts are futile. You cannot regulate or mandate your way out of this situation. Instead it is an  “opening up” that will facilitate the necessary foundations for growth and economic stability again. With that in mind, I offer these few examples of “Opening Up” for your consideration.

You want “Green Jobs? ” Fine!  Decriminalize the Hemp Industry in America and watch the many new manufacturing, Agricultural, Research and Development, as well as the new retail jobs, that would start up quickly Nationwide. ( Environmentally sound and Economically Beneficial )

You want to get America off of the ever expensive Oil Spigot from the very Nations that pray for our destruction? Unleash American Oil Companies to utilize a little more of the abundant natural resources available here in America. We’re talking many new jobs in every aspect of this industry, including the construction of at least 10 new refineries throughout the nation. ( Not to mention the whole other economically stimulating industry of Nuclear Energy, that you have said you are in agreeance to, yet have placed on a back burner already.)

You want American businesses to  grow and expand? Re-establish the Tax Cuts for business that are soon to expire. Stop over-regulating every aspect of industry, as you in Government attempt to squeeze every single penny of “tax, fee and fine” from those who actually create jobs. ( and by Jobs, I mean Free Enterprise Jobs that do not require ever increasing tax dollars just to meet payroll.)

I know you guys there in Washington see this time as “Your Time”, time to achieve all the little Liberal and Progressive ideals you have dreamed of for decades. Here’s a little News Flash!!  These “ideals” cost money!, and if you want more money you had better see to it that the American worker is still that..  A Worker!

So Focus Mr. President!  Not upon the dreams of your movement, but instead upon the will, industrious nature and determination of your Citizens, Americans who crave self-sufficiency and self-actualization for ourselves and our children. Because to us, that is a ” Big F’n Deal!”   Focus Mr. President, release the American “Can Do Attitude” for just a while,  and then consider, how great would your “Legacy” be then?

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