E Pluribus Unum!…That sentence, that short Latin phrase, that we Americans have used and respected as not only our National Motto, but more so, an additional guideline as to how this Nation was intended to exist, is itself not only forgotten by many, it is also being manipulated and misrepresented in numerous ways by those We send to Washington and the White house as OUR representatives..

What was once, ( and fortunately is still to many ) the aspect of our Country that has separated and distinguished us from all others, and was and remains critical to the ingenuity and self-driven entrepreneurship that is at the core of our exceptionalism as a Nation, has been bastardized and assaulted by Politicians who think, ( and shamefully so ), that they can divide Us according to various metrics, plying one group against the other, in order to manipulate the electorate towards their favor, and retain power, office, and the financial benefits of such corruption that floods the swamp called Washington.
They knowingly and fervently use emotional wedges to keep Us at each others throats, as they perform the “theatre of politics” for our viewing, all the while maintaining the two party system that only eludes to actual representation, as it exists as nothing more than a special interest mill of favor and campaign funding.
Each “Party” has their traditional voting blocks, and know full well how to gin em’ up whenever they are needed. Whether by misrepresenting facts of proposed legislation and how it might or might not affect these blocks, or by the out and out Demonization of their opposition’s base constituencies.
They do this purposely to separate us, keeping us fighting each other and thereby keeping our FOCUS off of them and their activities and INACTIVITIES!  Their purposes are much better served if our attentions are on minutia, rather than if we were paying equal attention as to how derelict they are, and have been in their sworn duty to defend and PRESERVE this Nation. ( the only thing they are interested in Preserving are their political careers.
The original distinction of term limits for our President, and the cycles set forth for the elections and reelections of Congress, were specifically put in place to further limit and restrict the unquenchable thirst for power and greed for corrupting wealth that they ( our Founding Fathers ) knew was one of the prime failings of man in any attempt to self-rule. ( as they say – Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! )
The Mechanism to effect change once “We” recognize such abuse or corruption, arrives every two or four years, via the ballot box. Which means, that from the moment they swear oath to take their office, these people are focused on primarily one agenda.. Re-election at all costs!
It is towards this end that they then begin to attempt to divide us, to place us against each other, whether through social issues, security issues, racial issues or even gender and age based issues, they poll and poll endlessly to see which way the wind of agitation is blowing, and will direct that flow to whatever issue they feel will lock up just enough voter support to garner their ultimate prize, One more term of not having to live with the Citizens and according to the Laws they pass upon us all.
I spend a good bit of time in debate, whether personally, in groups of family and friends, or usually upon the various social networks we all seem to apply our effort and contact with each other upon these days. I can say with all  “Certitude” that it does not take very long, before the barrage of insults and challenges to my intelligence, sanity, and Independent Political Non-partisan status, begin to fly, anytime I try to look objectively at the subject matter of the day. ( And these are my “Friends!”, I can’t begin to describe what Non-Friends say sometimes. )
You cannot mention any question or critique of the current administration, without a litany of comments flooding in, citing what previous administrations ( yeah you know who! ) have done, and having myself relegated to the “this side, that side” depiction of where I am actually coming from Politically speaking.
Any of my readers, and I would have thought my friends, would and should know by now from all that I have written, that I DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM!…  I advocate a total cleansing of that SWAMP in Washington.  But the point of THIS column becomes only that much more relevant as people, many of whom cannot seem to separate themselves from their own political stances, only allow themselves to fall deeper into the game plan of those Politicians who salivate each time they see vitriolic stories and articles in National News Magazines, or Television reports of violence and a general lack of civility towards each other at protests, and other citizen participated events. 
They want us at each others throats, for that keeps us off their necks!  If We are focused so intently on hating each other, for something as benign as our particular stances on the various matters of the ongoing public discourse, then we will never fully notice that they are, by their inaction, and political posturing in lieu of legislating, slowly and steadily leading our Country from economic recession, towards full blown National Bankruptcy.
There is an old saying that is just as true today as in any other time in American History.  “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.  I know to some it is nothing more than a cliche’, spoken by the same types who gather in city parks and tell our Government “No More!”  But it is also, a statement of fact, that our Founders knew would ultimately decide our Nation’s fate. The only real question “We” all need to ask ourselves is, Are you a player? …or just being played?

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