This conversation, debate, game of “Chicken”, or whatever the hell you wanna call this “creampie of crap” that is going on in Washington, over whether to raise the debt ceiling or not?, by how much? and what spending cuts/tax increases will be tied to it?, is quickly reaching it’s latest ( Geithner revised ) “deadline” of Aug. 2nd., and amidst the cries and calls for action to avert such a crisis, Congress once again does what they seem to do best,  going on Vacation, leaving Washington virtually stagnant for two weeks. ( At least that was STILL the plan at Press time. )

First and foremost,  we must remember that this debt limit ceiling, and Our reaching/surpassing it, is not some “magic fiscal mushroom” that just popped up in the backyards of the Whitehouse and Capital overnight after a nice spring rain. These “Politicians” have known about it, seen it coming, facilitated it through previous deficit spending,  and simultaneously ignored it totally, for quite some time. More than enough time to have actually done something about it,  in a “Non-Panic” fashion had they wanted to. ( Or had been forced to!, and that “failing” is upon us. )
The problem is, they don’t want to. They do not want to do any of the intelligent and prudent measures, that would not only reduce their stated need for such a debt limit increase, but furthermore, would actually engage and shrink the existing “$14.4 trillion dollars of existing Debt”. They will instead wait until the very last available moment, and then in the eleventh hour and 59 minutes, pass whatever it is that they believe will pacify the public long enough to see them through another election cycle and the continuance of their terms in office and power, merely rescuing their careers, and not the Nation!
So let’s be real “REAL”here!  Most Americans do not want the Debt limit increased, preferring instead to pay off the interest due first, and then cut budgetary spending, and increase revenues by eliminating a bevy of tax loopholes,  to accommodate the difference within the remaining and future budgets. ( Simple and Basic economics for any Business or Family ) Which is of course, the exact opposite of what will happen.
Predictably, What “WILL” happen, is that they WILL raise the Debt Limit!  And then pompously declare some form of “VICTORY” on both sides, each telling us how the other “blinked”, and how in the final moments of desperation, “They” were there to save our Nation. ( Saving us of course, from any path to fiscal sanity and economic soundness, and dooming us to repeat this exercise in no more than 2 years, and most probably less. )
They will then, in turn, take this 2-4 trillion Dollar increase, and spend ( waste) it as soon as humanly possible on programs and strategies hailed as economic stimulus or “Investment”, but which are in typical fashion, nothing more than electioneering, giving this newly accrued National Debt to their special interest groups and Pet Projects, to solidify their ultimate goal to be reached –  A victory in 2012.
Do you recall how earlier this year, while in the midst of all the cries and fearful forecasts of a “Government Shutdown” during the negotiations for a “Continuing Resolution”, ( You know, that thing they had to pass to keep our Government, running because the “Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid”  refused to pass a budget for 2 years! ), Congress at that time too, chose to go on Vacation, returning with just barely enough time to write and pass such a CR? ( Are you seriously NOT seeing the TREND here? )
It’s all a game of “Create a Crisis, Delay until Critical Mass is reached, and then DO whatever the hell THEY want to, regardless of OUR Input!  And that game has not changed one iota with the results of the elections of 2010. Sure there are a few more voices on the sidelines, trying to influence the game, but they are not wearing the right headsets, and the “First String Veterans” have their Gameplan all set, and will continue to expertly fake the pass, only to cram the ball right down our throats.( Score!  End of Game! )
So with all that in mind, here’s the deal!  It is obvious that between now and the election of 2012, we will get nothing from this Congress and Whitehouse, except MORE OF THE SAME!  These Leopards WILL not and CANNOT apparently change their spots. So It is up to US to make the only change that will effect our futures positively, and that change will be upon the membership of those in Washington Who  are “supposedly” sent there to represent US.
2010 was just a test run, and Now in 2012 we “MUST MAKE OUR WILL KNOWN and OVERWHELMING!”. We must remove from office, not only this President, who is by the way clueless about damn near everything else, except his agenda of Fundamental Transformation, Social Justice,  “Collective Salvation”,  and special interest payback,  but along with him, any and all in Congress who are not currently serving their FIRST TERM in office.
Many of these parasites have been there for so long that they have no connection to the rest of the Nation that resides outside of that all encompassing beltway. that bubble in which they live, ( and live it up! ). The very Bubble that must at long last, be burst open by the pin of the people. It is time that WE push OUR “Reset Button” and refresh our halls of Governance with new individuals, who will follow our directives and institute sound policies that are designed to favor all Americans as a whole and not this group or that group. America is the Land of “Equal Opportunity and Equal Justice”, Not Social Justice! or Economic/Environmental Justice!
IT is up to US, and this time, If we fail in OUR duty as Citizens, If we fall asleep, and allow this kind of blatant corruption and indifference to our Nations future in exchange for Career extensions via special interest coddling and personal wealth enhancements, then WE get exactly what WE deserve.
The timeframe to effect this change is not only now, but it is critical to our Nation’s continued existence, in any form that we will recognize. We have two choices, We MUST Vote any non-First termer out! ( Mr. Obama included, as he must Go as well! ), and re-establish some manner of control over this Government ” Of ,By, and For” the People, OR,  We must take a good hard look at GREECE and SEE OUR FUTURE! A future that is coming fast!
Then one day, ten of fifteen years down the road, when your kids or grandchildren come up and ask you, “what is a Republic?  And weren’t We here in the US one once?”  YOU can look them in the eyes, and tell them that YES!  WE WERE A REPUBLIC, A MIGHTY NATION of FREE PEOPLE!, and then when your little one looks up at you confused and says, “Well, What happened?  You!, can then tell them with all the shame deserved,   “Well Kiddoe, WE LET IT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM US!   now Goodnight.. Sleep tight.. get your rest dear,  We have to get up early and scrounge for mushrooms tomorrow.”

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