“Unemployment and Jobs Will Not Be A Factor in the Election of 2012!” and “These people are not interested in GDP!”  Even as my ears were taking in this intellectually insulting message of lunacy and condecension from Obama’s Sr. Political Advisor David Plouffe last Thursday, the bullcrap-ometer in my head was sounding off like air raid sirens during the blitzkreig. ( This just one day before we  reached 9.2% unemployment AGAIN! )

He continued and offered in further contrast, that “People will instead, be voting on How Mr. Obama’s Policies are effecting them directly, On their own Situations.”  As if there is some huge divide between the two? ( HE assumes, as most of these Elitists do, that we are too stupid to understand all of this, beyond it’s direct effect upon our daily lives, and will not see the abysmal report of only 15,000 jobs created in June as a “BAD THING!)
The Unemployment figures are but one of the metrics that make up our overall economic standings and stability, and though Mr. Plouffe and Mr. Obama may be able to somehow “Miraculously” separate these metrics for their own Political well-being, Americans will not be trading in our Cow for these magic beans any time soon. Well,  I should say, at least “Some” of US Americans.
I am however, amazed!  Amazed not only that the Obama administration is using this tactic of trying to convince the American voter that the Unemployment rate is not an important factor when casting their votes in 2012, ( when historically no President since WWII,has won re-election when it was over 7.2%, and it is,  as I stated, now 9.2% and likely heading up rather than down ), I find myself even further amazed, at just how many people this technique of “fact by suggestion” will actually work on.
The same people, who seem to fall in line like sheep, with each and every instance of such manipulation and deception that comes their way, as long as it comes from their Party of allegiance, and moreso, from it’s Progressive, Marxist, Cult of Personality called Barrack Obama. The same man who tells you he is the most transparent President ever, all the while behaving just as clandestinely if not moreso, as every other Corrupt Career Politician we have ever seen before.
These are the same people, who see nothing wrong with AG Eric Holder and the DOJ,  ( the nation’s lawyer, OUR lawyer ), refusing to disclose information repeatedly to Investigative Congressional Hearing Committees, or just simply redacting what they do turn over, to the point that they just as well send over a black piece of construction paper. This from a Department of “Justice.”
The same people, who are not concerned that the Senate, led by Harry Reid, have STILL not passed a budget for fiscal year 2012. ( Pushing for their third straight year without one. ) Of course, Senator Reid’s Senate says now that they have one, but, will not tell us what’s in it. I guess just like ObamaCare, We’ll have to pass it to find out!
The same people, who seem to care less, that at this critical time in our Nation, a time when our very future is at risk, Mr. Obama, with only a few exceptions, is more content, ( and comfortable ), to spend his time running around the country doing campaign fundraisers to ensure he acquires the Billion dollars his campaign will need to spend in hopes of buying ( lying ) his way back into the Oval Office.
The very same people, Who see no problem with an administration who through it’s agencies, Czars, and regulatory actions, are circumventing the Congress, Constitution, and Will of the People, to force their Progressive, Green, Job Killing, Anti-Capitalism agenda, that will not and has not passed public muster, upon the Nation.
People who seem to value style over substance, in a way that would have elevated Svengali himself, to World Prominence and Control. Willing participants in this Guilt Driven Redistributive program, who feel somehow better about themselves, simply by taking wealth from others and spreading it around in what to them is some justified Social Justice Salvation.
They take whatever dribble of deceit and deception that comes from Washington, as if it were written upon stone tablets, and seem to willingly blind and deafen themselves to any who try to point out such deceptions. The same kind of people who lined up for Jim Jone’s koolaid, or who obediently launch themselves en’ mass from cliff tops, at the beckoning of James Earl Jones’s “Snake King” character from the “Conan the Destroyer” movies.
Lenin called these people “Useful Idiots”, and they have never been more “Useful” than  they are today, and to this Administration. Liberal Lemmings, who’s dreams of a Utopian future, deny the reality of our economic present. Willing weapons to be used against dissent, armed with their standard issue, denials, disinformation campaigns and the all important and ever useful Race Card, to silence those who would disagree.
These people will not change.They have bought the car, tanked it up, pressed the pedal to the floor, and are fully content to drive it off of this Progressive Cliff, in the name of Social Justice and Mutual Salvation. So it falls on each of us, the “Others” , who have crossed Party lines and Independent streaks, to come together in a single voice of National Salvation, Economic Stability and Government Restriction, to do our part.
We must stay focused on the big picture, and use our power of the ballot, to ensure that We put and keep into place leadership in Washington who recognizes that their place in the power structure is beneath ours. Or We will wake up on that cool crisp November morning in 2012, only to find when we look to our Government for the following four years, and sadly realize that We are stuck with  ” The SAME PEOPLE! “

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