Today (Friday), Americans across the Nation,  sit poised and positioned on our couches, waiting for the first of three press briefings, by the parties involved in the ongoing and often tenuous, Debt Crisis Talks ( or Dance of 1000 veiled threats, if you prefer ). 

 The GOP led by Rep. Boehner, The Senate leader Sen.Harry Reid with his counterpart in the house Rep. Nancy Pelosi,  and The President, all coming to the microphones before today’s scheduled meeting of the mimes. ( basically, 3 groups trapped in an imaginary “Box”, trying to appear as if they are trying to get out, when in reality, all they are actually interested in, is STAYING IN. )
Each of these Interests, ( concerned primarily with their own “Interests” ), have been engaged in a week long series of meetings to discuss the important matter of how we will deal with this debt crisis and it’s root cause, “Government spending run amok”. A week in which we have seen almost every Politcal trick, from fear-mongering the delay of Social Security payments, to an endless game of fingerpointing and musical chairs, more remnant of a kindergarten setting, than such a gathering of “supposed”  National Leaders.
First at bat, the Republicans, citing that they want to “Change the system” and to halt/control the unwise and unaffordable spending, via their “Cut Cap and Balance” bill, coming to the floor next week, A bill they claim is designed to stop spending money “WE” don’t have, and control further spending.
They then went further,  reminding Us all that “THEY” have passed a budget, but that it sits in the Senate “idle”, and that this proposed increase in the  Debt ceiling amounts to an additional $20k in personal debt for each and every American, and that without cuts to match or surpass this increase in the debt ceiling, they can not move forward with the President’s request.
Speaker Boehner himself, said that the Dems and President Obama, have within all of these talks, ” Still yet to put an actual  Plan on the Table”, basically choosing to remain rhetorical and theoretical, as opposed to actual and actionable. But we must ask the question, “Why have You waited THIS LONG to show YOUR plans to the American People? ( I guess in the Politcal Poker game of Debt talks, it’s 7-card “No Peek.” ) 
The Democrat leadership followed shortly after this. Ironically, (and unbearably laughable ), as they approached their podium, the News networks decided it was a good time to cut away and return to their individual coverages of Casey Anthony matters and the Pentagon Hackings. While I am sure this act truly pissed off her highness Nancy Pelosi, ( removing her form the limelight, after she having just finished spackling on her “Friday Press Face” ), it took me some time to actually even locate their comments, since NO ONE seemed to think them either News or Newsworthy.
I will surmise them for you this way, the Democrats will not accept any plan that does not increase revenues ( taxes ) and will find any adjustments to entitlements very hard to swallow, as they see their base turning on them, should any plan contain these efforts to gain control on programs that are eating themselves alive and are all on “short time” in their future solvency and life expectancies, without some sort of retooling.
At 10 a.m. the President came to his briefing room to bat cleanup. He began by detailing the calamity of a pending default, (did you see the movie 2012? ),  and the need to stabilize our finances, and established that he was still “Pushing for a BIG DEAL”, but would accept a “down payment on Deficit.” (Translation, Kick the can further, get the money, and do nothing else! )
He further called for “all to set politics and their individual  interests aside”, ( this from the man who threatened not to pay Social Security on Aug. 3rd ). He then lambasted the so called “Cut Cap and Balance plan”, saying ” We don’t need an Amendment to do our Jobs”, ( I beg to differ! ) and calling it political maneuvering and something he could likely not support. 
Going even further to say that it is in essence,  “taking a big bite out of programs people need”, and that  “without Tax Increases, it is not a serious plan “. ( ALERT:  There is NO “serious plan” that does not directly effect the programs that people need, nor which does not remove Government hindrances to Economic Growth and reform taxes by removing most loopholes! )
The one point that seemed to stand out the most from this news conference was that  “This is all Congress’s fault. Created over a decade ago, at no point exacerbated by his “Investments”, Union Paybacks, and $2 Trillion plus in expenditures,  and that “HE” is somehow the only “Centrist” in the mix, the only who is somehow “Apolitical”, unconcerned with how what he does affects his re-election desires, and perhaps the only one who is working hard to solve our Nation’s financial problems, and can see the “Big Picture”.
I do not know what will transpire over the weekend between the time I write this and you actually read it on Tuesday morning, but one thing is certain. All of this talk between 9a.m. and 10:30 a.m.on this Friday morning, is just that “Talk”. Designed to shield the fact that “REAL” plans are few and far between, and that while they all may “Talk a Good Game”, talk will not get us out of this mess we are in. We are desperately in need of true Leadership, and sadly, that is as uncommon as anyone taking their share of responsibility for this mess.
We will also, likely grow even closer to the August 2nd deadline, before any of these people, give up their partisan games and hypocritical platitudes, and do what we all know they will do, which is to ” Raise the Debt Ceiling and dress it up with as few cuts or restrictions to the way they do business as humanly possible.”
Their underlying concern in all of this is simple. Get “something” passed that they can claim some kind of politically mutual Victory on, and at the same time, cover their collective asses until after the election of 2012.

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