Without much disagreement, the number one issue, both considered by a vast amount of Americans, and covered by our various media concerns, is the ongoing  “paddle ball” debate over the debt ceiling, debt crisis, and indeed the very way we will continue or alter our Government’s budgeting and spending habits.
We have seen during this whole fiasco, a full fledged visible representation of everything about Washington that we loath, displayed in near daily accounts, as both major parties and the Administration itself, seem unable, or more evidently ” UNWILLING “,  to put their partisan politics and campaign rhetoric aside, and do what is actually BEST for America, for a change.
One of the most disheartening events in this whole “Theatre of Idiocy and blame game negotiations”, is in how the “Threat” of Social Security Payments for millions of Americans, not being sent out on Aug. 3rd, is being used as a scare tactic, a tool, to attempt to force the other side, due to overwhelming public concern and persuasion,  to give up some part of this pending deal that they ( the Dems. and the Whitehouse ), do not want included.
This move by the President and Democrats, is a carefully gauged response to a stalemate, in which they hope that pressure from the public at large, and the fear of being “blamed” for such an occurrence, will move the Republicans to the type of compromise that “they” desire, in addressing this debt and spending issue, before the supposed deadline date for default of Aug. 2, 2012. ( a seemingly flexible date, that has already been moved back several times before! )
It is also, at the same time, one of the most callous and immoral tactics that any politician could ( and often does ), use against those members of one of the most vulnerable portions of our population, the elderly and those who rely solely on their disability checks to survive. ( Not thrive mind you, but merely Survive! )
A political play that incites much dread, depression, sleepless nights and general sense of anxiousness, that these individuals do not need, nor deserve to have thrust upon them, by those who were sent to Washington to act as their representatives and on their behest. To put it plainly, They, We, deserve better from our Government.
I had a conversation yesterday with my parents, in which I cited the reasons why I think that there will be no such a delay in Social Security/Disability payments, and I would like to share it in summary with you here today.
Point One: If you have watched carefully, there is a sub-plot to all of this,  “Who Get’s the Blame?” Both parties have mentioned this factor repeatedly, and to dismiss it’s importance to “THEM”, is to forget that these are “Creatures of Career and Corruption”, and that “neither” wants to be on the receiving end of the massive discontent, that such a huge voting block as America’s Social Security recipients, would apply against them in the next election. 
It would be a Career Ending Move for most, if not all, who are perceived as the “ones to blame” for such a damaging move to so many Americans, and currently,  the vast majority, would be blaming BOTH parties and the President. So neither side benefits politically, from such a tactic of political power play. THEY BOTH LOSE!  They may threaten this act as a maneuver, but it’s application will certainly seal their fates, and they will NOT cut their own throats, Yours and Mine?..Yes!,  but NOT THEIR OWN!
Point Two: We have already, through the multitude of press coverage on this issue, become very aware of the options ( and mandates ), that are already available, and in place, to ensure that such a thing as delaying Social Security/Disability payments, does not in any way shape or form, “NEED” to happen.
A fact that not only adds to our distaste for the type of overly partisan game of politics they seem to be playing, but also, and perhaps even more shamefully, further accentuates what should be an “eye opening ” fact for all of us, that THEY,  as “Nothing More than A way of Doing Business “,  are actually playing such dangerous and hurtful games with our lives and futures.
Point Three: An additional metric that is often mentioned in this whole debacle of debt talks, is how all of this will affect our stagnate economy during this lengthy and mishandled recession. THEY KNOW that not facilitating the payments on Aug. 3rd, will have dramatic and further damaging effect to our overall recovery, as these “Tens of Billions of Dollars” are, by virtue of their necessity to the recipients, directly and immediately infused into our economy.
Not having this money reach it’s inevitable spending points within our communities, will have a serious and immediate adverse effect on multitudes of businesses small and large, and their employees, further damaging what is already a precarious business atmosphere all across America. It is a “trickle down of despair” that OUR Nation cannot stand at this juncture, and THEY KNOW IT!
So it is for these reasons, that I seriously doubt we will see a delay in Social Security/Disability Payments. PREPARE YOURSELF of course, should I be wrong, BUT, do not lose hours of sleep and further risk to your already painful health issues over this.
If you are to lose sleep, let it be over the fact, that what WILL likely happen, is that they WILL reach a deal in Washington. At the last minute!, and that in their “RUSH” to write and neither read nor openly debate the legislative language ( fraud ), for this bill to be signed, they will find a way ( as always ), to slip in just enough exclusions and waivers to their Special Interests, to ensure that they can all claim some VICTORY, the Debt Ceiling is Raised, and nothing else will really change when it comes to spending abuse, tax reform, and the inevitable CLIFF that we as a Nation will STILL be racing towards.

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