Ever since the election of 2008, from the moment Mr. Obama stepped into the Whitehouse, He, every member of his staff and administration, and the overwhelming majority of his allies in the coddling press, seemed to have a solid knee-jerk response to any and all questions about their plans, initiatives, and their ultimate and undeniable failures of each, to effect any positive change to the nose-dive in trajectory, that our economy, unemployment situation and housing markets have and continue to experience. Their patent answer: It’s Bush’s fault!

Now in his third year in office, and after some 5 trillions dollars spent on “HIS” plans, plans which seemed to have had more productive effects on Unions as opposed to our economy in general, they still pull out their tried and true ” We inherited a Crisis”, from time to time, but there is a new “Boogeyman” in town, a new scapegoat of blame for their failings:  ” The Tea Party Movement!”
The Tea Party, which formed “During the Bush Administration” in response to what many saw as a President and Congress who had basically lost their fiscal minds, spending and borrowing like there was no tomorrow, and causing them to question the very existence of a tomorrow. ( How does Tomorrow Look to you now? )
The Tea Party, who once Obama took office, suddenly, due to their disapproval of his continuance of this spending/borrowing spree, were now  nothing more than RACISTS, Nazis and Un-American, who only came out in protest because a “Black Man” dare to rise to the level of President of the United States. ( Untrue!… but it fit their narrative so they ran with it! )
Throughout the whole ObamaCare debate, the media, and the left in general ( not a dimes worth of difference between the two ), took every opportunity to try and dismiss any and all opposition to this Government takeover of Healthcare in America, and one sixth of our economy, as somehow being based entirely on an inherent racist mentality or a racist nation. ( Conveniently forgetting that Mr. Obama could not have become President without garnering the lion’s share of the white vote in America )
The Tea Party, who came together in the election of 2010 to help elect and send to Washington, enough fiscal conservatives, to have changed the entire debate there, from “What can we tax, and how will we spend it?”, to ” What can we cut from the budget,  and how do we balance it?” ( You’re Welcome! )
Today as you read this, We hit the reported wall, the “Deadline” to raise the debt ceiling. An issue which although known about for some time, had “so typically” been ignored, until  it has reached such a critical point, that it has cast Washington and Congress into this “Battle of the Witless” that we have all seen over the last few weeks, and pushed many Americans to loss of appetites and sleepless nights, as the “SCARE TACTICS” of manipulation have been used against us, by those seeking public favor for their hurriedly formulated eleventh hour plans of “fuzzy math” and “smoke and mirrors”, designed to appear to solve the issue, while realistically changing Nothing. ( and prolonging the inevitable! )
Have you noticed, that as the “TEA PARTY” elected Conservatives have held out in these negotiations, for some sort of “Balanced Budget Amendment” to be tied to the inevitable increase in the Debt Ceiling, it is THEY, the Tea Party Conservatives, who have become the new whipping boys, the new “Boogeyman”  to the President, his Administration, The Media, and all the old die hard “Establishment Types” of both Parties, who feel somehow stabbed in the back, that these FRESHMEN, dare to have the nerve to actually stand true to the Promises they made to the people who elected them. Promises to once and for all, finally “Change the Way Business is Done in Washington!” ( Didn’t they get the Memo? Lie to get here, and then fall in line to stay here? )
It seems that every statement made during this whole debate is now implanted with the phrase, “It’s the Tea Party’s fault!” …It’s the Tea Party’s fault that we have not made a deal yet. A deal that would raise the limit of our debt and not put any constraints on this Government that grows faster than black mold on Chinese drywall. It’s the Tea Party’s fault!
“It’s the Tea Party’s fault”, that Congress has had to cancel vacations, campaign fundraiser’s ( Yes even the President has had to cancel one.  Just one! ), and stay there in Washington to work out some kind of plan that the American people can either stomach, or be bamboozled, into believing would actually solve our problem. 
The Tea Party, who are perhaps the only ones in Washington, via their representatives, who realize the real fact, that no plan being offered or even “outlined” gets us much past the election of 2012, ( Their benchmark for success or failure, based solely on a desire not to have to debate this issue again before such re-election is sought )  The real problem .. and We see it, is that no matter what else they do, without hard and deep cuts to our spending, our “credit rating” that they seem so intent on protecting will be lowered. “And they know it!”
Add to this, the reality that solving this matter temporarily through 2013, and not setting into Constitutional Amendment, the mandate for a “Balanced and lessened Budget” does just that. “SOLVES IT TEMPORARILY!”, and at that time, just 2 years from now, we will once again be right where we are now, racing down a fast road, in a faster car, towards the collapse of our nation’s economy.
So the TEA PARTY is the BoogeyMan!  Why?, Because We do not buy their lies. We do not fall prey to their mathematical Olympics of Deceit and Fraud. Because We see through the smoke and mirrors, and know that regardless of what they say, (and they SAY alot! ), they do not want to change the way Washington Works. They refuse to change, even at the cost of our economy and Nation.
Well my friends..We will stand against them, no matter what they call us, how they mock us or try to diminish our voices. For We, are YOU!  and the time has come, ( due to their own incompetence and excesses ), for All of US to face the fact that as Reagan said, ” Government is Not the Answer to the Problem, Government IS the Problem! “, and it is up to US, all of US,  to force them to do our bidding. To do their jobs! To do what is Right for our Country and our Futures.
So each time you hear the Tea Party being cited as standing in the way, or not willing to compromise, or any of the other tactics that they use to somehow preemptively blame the Tea Party for their failings current and future,… Any time you hear them describe the Tea Party as the BoogeyMan!.. Just smile and say.. BOO!

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