As of last Friday, it is official! Obama is indeed a ” Historical ” President. For the first time in United States History the credit rating of the USA has been downgraded from ” AAA to AA+ “. An action that will certainly see interests rate for borrowing rise, which will have ironically the “Keynesian” effect that these Progressives seem to love so much, by sharing the increased cost of borrowing, and it’s rippling effects to every citizen, especially those hardest hit by the already declining economy and it’s inflationary burdens, as everything is already costing more at a time when we have less.

This action by S&P, denied by ( soon to be former ) Treasury Secretary Geithner in April as, ” Absolutely NEVER HAPPENING “, was based on their assessment that ” Politically our Government ” is not willing or capable to effect the changes needed to solve our economic issues, and therefore, they ( like myself and many others ) believe our situation will only get worse.
This credit status lowering was also accompanied Friday, by yet another speech by Mr. Obama, in which he seemed to blame everything from Tsunamis, Arab Springs ( weren’t they enamored by that? ), Euro economic issues and Oil price increases, and a litany of other factors, to Political causes ( code for the Tea Party and Republicans )  for our countries economic troubles. 
He blamed in classic diversionary form, everyone and everything, except Himself and his policies, for our situation. The man’s selective memory has allowed him to not recall the 4.4 Trillion dollars of ” NEW DEBT” that his administration has added to our total debt in just 2 1/2 years. The exact same amount that Moody’s and S&P suggested we cut in order to protect our AAA rating. ( And only a fraction of projected future debt! )
He forgets that in December of 2010, when his Democrats had total and overwhelming majorities in the House, Senate and White House, majorities that they exploited to force Obamacare and his stimulus down our throats, Senator Harry Reid REFUSED to raise the debt ceiling, because he wanted the Republicans to ” Own their share of this New Debt”. Thereby, forcing the Political Battle which ended up convincing Moody’s there was no ” Political Will ”  to truly work our Debt down.
Remember though, Moody’s made this statement in close cooperation with the Treasury Dept., and layed most blame on the Republican side of the aisle. An act that some see as opening the campaign door for Mr. Obama, to use this downgrading to cast further Political Blame upon them ( the Republicans ), in his attempt to seek re-election. ( SO IN OTHER WORDS – THIS WHOLE THING IS JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL TOOL, BY A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AGENCY, IN ORDER TO ASSIST THE DEMOCRATS/PROGRESSIVES,  AND MR. OBAMA IN PARTICULAR, IN THEIR HOPES TO REGAIN TOTAL POWER AT A TIME WHEN ECONOMICS MIGHT SEEMINGLY JUSTIFY SOME ADDITIONAL STEPS TOWARDS GLOBALIZATION!!! )
Mr. Obama, is also seemingly in total disconnect to his own Administration and even his Press Apparatus, as John Carney – His White House Press Secretary, came out and said flatly that ” Washington, Congress and the President, CANNOT CREATE JOBS! ” Wasn’t that why they borrowed their first TRILLION in new and now very costly DEBT?  To “Create 3 million NEW JOBS via the STIMU-LESS? ( of course that became the new metric of “Saved or Created” as they realized what WE already knew – Government Cannot Create Anything!  Except more Government! )
All of this at the same time Mr. Obama is calling for additional debt and SPENDING (Investment), to Create Jobs!  One must really begin to wonder – ” if any of these people have the slightest idea what the hell they are doing? ”  I offer, that they not only know exactly what they are doing, but that they are doing it intentionally, and are right on course to their ultimate goal.
America, having enjoyed over 200 years of Freedom, Economic Security born from a Capitalistic System and Free Market, and our status as the Lone remaining Superpower in the world, will not give up such things easily. That is a fact!  But, if they can manipulate and program the masses toward total Government dependency. ( check current statistics on this one! ) If they can convince the uber-wealthy of a guaranteed place awaiting them, ( what do you think the CFR and Bilderburg Groups are all about ) , and deplete our military strength and Global dominance at the same time,( Can you say new debt deal Trigger? ) they are only one step away from their ultimate goal. The New World Order, Globalization!
That last and critical step needed, is the impending “economic collapse” that will cause all of these other factors to fall into place. The Masses will run to Government to “SAVE THEM” from the harsh times and violent social unrest of such a collapse, and “THEY”, will woefully lament that the only way to solve this “National Emergency” is through martial law ( seen any new gun regulations lately? ), and the Unification with all of the other Nations around the world in order to calm the situation. A final ” Progressive ” strength in numbers argument.
The Richest of us will have their places in this New World Order established, The World banks will become the Ultimate institutions for this new International Union of Nations, and the average Citizens will surely submit to such a realignment, if it means peace in the streets again, food on their tables,  and some assemblance of “Normalcy”.
This is not some Premise or Plot of a new Novel or Movie I am working on People!  These plans have been “Formulated and Nurtured” since the early 1900’s, it is what these very methodic and patient Progressives have dreamed of and slowly but surely worked towards ever since. Now aligned with the Socialists and Marxists and Communists that have also infiltrated our Government and Policies since then, they are very close to achieving their goals.
Why do you think so much effort is being applied to malign and disavow the citizens who are in alignment with the Tea Party Movement? They cannot have so many citizens working to minimize Government, at a time when they seek to Maximize and Globalize  it. They must paint these citizens as evil, and somehow Anti-‘American” or worst.  Their plans would never work with an insurgency of 60% of the Population fighting them in the streets.
Now I know this might all seem crazy. I do!  but before you dismiss my thoughts on this so easily, think for a moment. How far and how fast have we fallen economically? How much regulation and effort in “Gun Control” has been attempted and even succeeded in many ways? How many Americans are now dependent on Government support for their existence?  How aggressively attacked by the media is anyone who is in opposition to this Government as it stands? and How much effort is being applied to weaken our Space Program, Military Dominance and at the same time Increase our Dependency on Foreign Oil Sources?
Honestly, I pray I am crazy. I pray that all of these processes that seem to be setting us up for a total collapse are just figments of my imagination. I hope with everything in me, that my inherent and quintessential “American” mistrust of Government, has made me see things, that are not as they actually are.  I pray for this..  I pray to be wrong!  But everything in my core, in my heart, and in my soul, the soul of a “FREE AMERICAN “, born that way, and determined to ” stay that way “, tells me I AM RIGHT!

One Response to “The Repossession of the American Republic!”

  • Well you are right on, when you started out it sounded like a Republican bashing the Democrats, but you jumped right onto my bandwagon really fast. I hate to say it but you know my thoughts and you are dead on with this one. We the American people refused to join the established Europeans back when they wanted us on the Metric System. We were strong enough to stand on our own and refuse it, but they were smart enough to do the end around and what do we have today, every do it yourselfer has a set of “S.A.E.” and a set of metric tools. Our transportation industry has gone global, and they have to tear America down to the level of Mexico so we will not squabble about joining them as one nation, and one national money system “The Amero”…great article right on..