Americans are all, now poised, prepped and positioned, for the day when Congress returns from their August vacations, ( including a taxpayer funded trip to Hawaii by Senate Democrats to discuss “Indian Affairs” ), and once again return to Washington, to begin the implementation of the Debt Ceiling Deal ( ripoff! ), that was forged in the last hours, of the last day, of the Politically manufactured crisis of last month. 

 An agreement that authorizes the President over $2 trillion in new debt allowance, raising our ceiling ( to $17 Trillion), and further damaging our overall economy, to the point that America,  for the first time in history, has seen it’s credit rating downgraded. A move that they quickly blamed on the Tea Party. The only ones involved in this whole debate ( debacle ), who understood that “Cutting Spending and Job Growth” not “Increased Borrowing and Government Growth via Taxation”, is the path to true and lasting economic recovery.
We watched, very unsurprisingly, as countless Officials from the Administration and the Democratic portion of Congress, pranced their big bloated butts, out onto our television sets, and boldly blamed ( without the slightest bit of challenge from their lap-dog media hosts,  I might add! ), these few but growing, American voices calling for fiscal sanity and Government reform, for the situation that their years and years of ignorance, greed, and corruption had caused.
And now we wait. We wait for them to return, and then see this “Super Committee” ( those 12 handpicked members ) begin it’s work, trying to forge a “deal” ( that would be code for Bull-Crap! ),  that will make the additional cuts to the budget, by Thanksgiving, or face the effects of the built in “Trigger” mechanism,  which would in effect make those deep cuts for them, by hacking away at our Military Budget, and also Increasing Taxes on the “RICH!” ( That would be you!,  If you are a small business owner, who files individually with over $200 in gross earnings, even though you may only personally net under $60k, after all of your many business expenses.  You know!  The people who actually create jobs! )
Some might say that this Trigger mechanism, is the catalyst, a literal “Sword of Damocles” hanging over their heads to help them ( FORCE THEM ) to work together on real and substantial cuts. Cuts that not only make sense, but will actually do what they are designed to do, Shrink our cost of Government and put us on a path to renewed solvency.
Some will say THAT!  And Yes!  Most in the Media, will promote it as such. Offering hour upon hour of coverage, dedicated to the hard work these ” bipartisan members” ( The Democrats of course! ) are doing towards that end. They will of course also use such coverage, to help push the cuts that the administration and Democrats favor, for those to which they owe favors, while simultaneously casting any trial balloons floated by Republican members or any efforts to prevent Tax increases, as more “Tea Party Terrorism’ or their old stand by ” Bush II “.
Others, like Me!, might see it a bit differently. We might see this whole “Super Committee and Trigger Mechanism” as a pre-canned and pre-determined exercise, to do exactly what it is that they really want to do. What they have been wanting to do for a long time, and, what amounts to just the next step in the final and total destruction of the American Republic as it stands.
This Super Committee is nothing more than cover! The crown jewel in an agreement that should not have been made, over a  debt increase that should never have happened, and just one more piece of the Progressive game plan. They will Fail to reach an agreement by Thanksgiving!  They are supposed to!  They have been chosen specifically to!
There are two things that our Republic boasts, ( or at least have boasted about since our inception ) A quality of life supported by a Vigorous and Open Capitalistic Marketplace, and our status as the Lone Superpower in the world, sporting the biggest and best Military ever known to human history. Both of these “American” standards, are in direct conflict, and are the greatest deterrent, to their plans of Globalism and Worldwide Socialism.
They ( the Progressives ), cannot lead a wealthy Nation with a Superior Military, down that primrose path to their Socialist Utopia. It just won’t happen…But!  A Nation, who has been overtaxed, into economy crushing wealth-redistribution in the name of Social Justice, and has seen their Military starved into mediocrity, Well, this is a Nation more prone to the prodding of such “Globalist Rescue and Salvation”.
This Super-Committee is merely a device. On one hand, giving political cover and ammunition to each side, as they will each utilize these “negotiations’ to paint the other as either Tax and Spenders, or Corporate Shills and Military Imperialists. Pure fodder for the on-going campaign cycle of 2012. An election that will see the very future of this Republic weigh in the balance. Too much is at stake for either party to waste such patent political promise, as these “Super Committee ” negotiations.
But it is due to this all too natural politicization of such proceedings, that We are at most risk. For it is this trigger effect. That is the “Golden Ring” desired by these Progressives, and they will see it come to fruition at all costs. This is their chance, ( perhaps their last BEST chance), to cause the automatic dissemination of our Military and Capitalistic Economy in one fell swoop. There will be no compromise by Thanksgivings day. There never was supposed to be!
So prepare yourself, for the coming months of Media manipulation, Congressional capitulation, and Administration falsifications, all carefully contrived and executed, as We are being primed and prepped for the eventual collapse, that will usher in their actions of “salvation”, and push this Nation into the willing and waiting arms of Global Assimilation. 


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