The President has just completed his “Jobs” Bus Tour ( Taxpayer funded Campaign Events! ), in which he has directed most of his attention, and “Blame” for our current situation, on Congress ( and every natural and man-made occurrence from around the globe ). Surmising that if THEY do not implement his “Yet to be detailed Jobs Plan”, upon their return, that they are in effect a “Do Nothing Congress!,( that’s Obama’s new codename for the overbearing and dominating Republicans, who hold a whopping 2/3’s  of 1/3 of our total Government ),  and further stated that it is against “them” that he will be running in the upcoming election of 2012. ( How creatively convenient! )
The dozen or so Republicans, who are running for their party’s nomination in this primary cycle, are busy trying to distinguish themselves from each other, ( conscious of those yet to officially enter ), and fending off the relentless attacks from the Main Stream Media, who have gone “All IN!”, in their efforts to destroy in advance any real contenders to their chosen Party, Ideology and Candidate – Mr. Obama. ( Ironically, If even 1/10th of this same level of media scrutiny had been applied to Mr. O in 2008, it is highly likely that we would now be discussing President Hillary Clinton’s second run at office! )
Pundits from every corner and political leanings, are pondering on the big question of the day, ” Who will Mr. Obama be running Against? ” They break down every possible scenario, poll each theorized head to head match up, and spend countless amounts of effort dissecting this information to try and formulate an opinion that is at this point in the game, far too early to gauge with any accuracy.
I am here today to make my case, that no matter how much he says it, or how effectively his “Media Minions” try to convince you of it, No matter what they say or do!… it is NOT a “Do Nothing” Congress that Mr. Obama will be running against. It is not A Tea Party backed Candidate, a GOP standard bearer, or even an outsider like Herman Cain, that Mr. Obama will ultimately have to face off against in 2012. I am here to tell you emphatically, that it is something NEW!, something he is not used to running against and fears most, that will be his greatest nemesis this time around – “His Own Record! “
Unlike in the campaign of 2008, where he could, through lofty ideals and stealth platitudes, boldly tell you what he “Would Do If he Were President”, This time around he must face the real and undeniable History of “What He Has Actually Done as President!”, and in that case, HE is his own worst enemy!
From the beginning, Mr. Obama adopted this ” Lead from Behind ” strategy, applying it freely,  as he set his newly elected Democratic Majorities in the House and Senate to work on his first and prime objectives – To Overhaul ( Nationalize/Socialize  through Government takeover ) Our Nation’s Healthcare System, and to construct his Trillion Dollar Keynesian Stimulus Package, ( See: Government Expanding/Union favoring waste of Borrowed,  Unaffordable, and Ineffective  Chinese Debt. )
He did however, keep his promise to the far left ( Code Pink/ACLU/Ultra Left)  factions of his party, and signed immediately after inauguration, a Presidential Executive Order, closing GITMO in “One Year!” It is now 2 1/2 years later, GITMO is still open, and the administration has began to renew the Military Tribunals, that they once railed against, in their efforts to bring the Orchestrator’s of 9/11 and the many other terrorists held there, to confinement and TRIAL here on the U.S. mainland.
We were told that Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!  Were HIS job one!  Only to watch everyday since, as he seemed to focus on everything else but Jobs. We saw his apology tour across the Globe, ( and the overwhelming results we have gained, now that the Muslim Street LOVES us so much more now!
He has pivoted to “Jobs” repeatedly since taking office, always offering some Great Oratory, as to how they will “NOT REST” until America is creating Jobs again, only to re-pivot his way back to his Progressive/Socialist Ideals and Programs, as soon as the cameras are turned off.  He tells us he will work on Jobs, and then has Harry Reid, try and force the “Dream Act” down our throats. It failed ultimately as Americans are not ready to give amnesty to illegals, while the border door is still wide open!  ( He did however, just sign another executive order prior to going on vacation, that will free the hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens that have already been captured and are being held for deportation.  Remember, He needs that Hispanic Vote folks, so SCREW the Congress and SCREW Our Laws! )
It is Obama Against His Record!  A record of Policy Driven Redistribution of Wealth, Massive and Credit Damaging National Debt Increases, Regulatory Constraints on the very businesses that he hails as needed to increase Jobs in America, Claiming to be Transparent, while taking back room dealing to an all time high, and of using his Dept. Of Justice as an Ideological Arm, picking and choosing which laws they will enforce or not, depending upon which part of his Voting Base it would effect. ( A DOJ that Ignores Criminals, yet sues States who do try to protect their citizens when the Fed. refuses to.)
A Record in which We have not seen one budget passed in almost three years. Not One!  All the while increasing annual Departmental budgets by between 20-60%.  (Ever Wonder why we are currently running annual deficits of $1.4 Trillion? Do the math! ) 
A record of Union influence that borders on conspiracy against capitalism. Allowing his NLRB to assault Job Creators like Boeing, for having the NERVE to start a new division in a NON-UNION (right to work) State. Putting at risk thousands of new jobs in areas hard hit by his failed economic strategy of “Government Will Create Jobs if We can Just Spend Enough Money!”
Mr. Obama is in full campaign mode, trying desperately to effect his plummeting Job Performance numbers, and,  is choosing the tactic of Blaming everyone and everything else for “HIS” failed leadership. Systematically Demonizing through his “Surrogates” ( co-liars! ), any who were correct in having challenged his failed Progressive Agenda.
For the First time, Mr. Obama cannot espouse his lofty ideas and ideals as policy. For the first time he will actually be judged on what he has done, NOT what he claims he will do, and For the First time, Americans everywhere will have his record to judge him by. A record he can try to disguise, but unlike the first time around, this record cannot be shielded by the media,  and is already in the public view, and though they will try every trick in the book to make you forget it, WE all know what he has done, how it has failed, and additionally, what he would continue to do if given another term. 
In 2012, it is Obama versus Obama!   A battle between two different individuals with the same last name.  A candidate named Obama, who clings to the Progressive Ideology that brought him here, The Class-Warfare, anti-Business,  failed “Keynesian redistributive policies”,  that have cast us even deeper into the economic hole we were in, AND  the other, A President named Obama, who has not lived up to his Promises and Position!  A man, visibly in so far over his head, who has run out of ideas, and would chose to “cast blame like dice”, and run faster towards the abyss, rather than admit a mistake and change course.
The Candidate Obama may baffle the people with bullcrap, or blind them with platitudes and lofty oratory, but, the President Obama, is the one who will win this battle of self, and in so winning, will vividly remind Americans, of the countless examples of his failure, brash Constitutional indifference, and typical Establishment Corruption, which will bring Candidate Obama to his knees, and in doing so, help make way for the next Individual who will sit in that Oval Office and be the “Leader of this Great Nation! “

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