This week, as  America recalls the Ten Year Memoriam of the attacks of 9/11, we will see many reports, documentaries and replays of  the events of, and many of those that have happened since, that tragic day in recent American History. We may even get to see the footage of the attacks once again, a unique occurrence, as such viewing by Americans, has been closely shielded and limited by many in the media and within our Government,  ” For Our Own Good” of course!. ( insert cynicism here! )

Long before that first plane ever hit the tower, America had already been being conditioned by our friends in the all too Liberal and Progressive Media, and by Our Very Government at times, to “Celebrate our Diversity!”
Since the attacks of Sept. 11th, this Mantra has seen an explosion of perpetuation, as story upon story that we have heard reported on through the years since that day, seem to always have that solemn message as it’s subtext. Each and every tragedy, or account of reporting that mentions a story that might cause one to say, “what the hell are those people doing”, is quickly followed by the acclamation, that we should not look upon this as a matter of concern,  as much as we should be focused on using it as yet another opportunity to be “Celebrating Our Diversity”.
Religious expression halted yet again in the Public Square, Don’t question the intolerance of the opposition – “Celebrate Our Diversity!”  A Muslim Soldier ( or Two ) Attacks fellow Soldiers, killing them in the name of their Religious Extremism?  Don’t ask How such a thing could happen, or why no one ever paid attention to a business card that claimed this individual was a Soldier Of Allah!  No!  – Celebrate Our Diversity!
You find yourself standing in a quarter mile long line, waiting to be scanned or frisked thoroughly before entering an airport terminal? Don’t ask why all Americans must go though this delay, indignity and personal affront, in the name of some Politically Correct form of “Insecurity”, Don’t ask how many children or 80 year old wheelchair bound Cancer Patients flew those two planes into the World Trade Center? No! – “Celebrate Our Diversity!”
You learn that the HealthCare Law that was forced upon the American People by a “Socialist Washington Mindset” actually does have portions buried within it that will afford taxpayer funded medical coverage to Illegal Immigrants, even after the President and the Supporters of this Law in Congress have repeatedly sworn that it did not? Or hear of a President who by Fiat is dictatorially freeing hundreds of thousands of “already captured illegal immigrants” set for deportation?  Don’t ask ” Why do We even have Immigration laws, if our own Government will not follow them!  No! –  Celebrate Our Diversity!
America is systematically seeing itself broken up into little pockets of heralded Diversity, and with this, seeing our National Identity stripped away. We are becoming Europe, which has seen itself separated and segregated by individual, cultural and religious “Diversities”, to the point that certain quarters within these Nations are barely under their National rule and rule of law.
It is a concerted effort I believe, to break us even further apart from one another, by a system of Progressive Governance, who sees a unified population as a threat to it’s own growth and power. Yet another chance to pin one group against the other, focusing our energies on minor quarrels and cultural ignorance, rather than keeping our eyes on those in our Government who have their own plans, and want nothing to stand in their way.
America’s Diversity is well documented. It is historically the basis of our initial and continued population, and one of the main reasons that we have grown so quickly into the Nation we have become. But it is not our “DIVERSITY” that makes us Great! That makes us AMERICA!
It is not our Diversity that has kept us Free! That has kept us Strong! and which has kept us as the one place on this Earth, that so many around the world, would give their right arm to come to. If We are going to Celebrate anything about this great land called America, let us “CELEBRATE OUR UNITY!”
Our Common laws, which apply to all equally and ensure the Protection of our Freedoms from our Government. Our Government itself, a Representative form of Self-Governance, of , by, and for the People. Our Language, not only our most unifying quality, but a language who’s importance is so strong that many Countries around the world learn and utilize it, in their efforts for Global Involvement in Governance and Business.
“Celebrate Our Unity! ”  Where we stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, or sing the National Anthem at most if not all occasions of importance. IT is NOT our Diversity that causes so many to fill the streets and chant “USA” at moments of National Victory, Challenge,  or Pride – It is our UNITY!
Our national motto “E Pluribus Unum” means “From Many One!” It does not means ” A Collection of Cultural and Ethnic Groups, self-segregated , self-hyphenated, all living together in tenuous peace formed by a necessity of commercial exchanges and  shared usage of educational institutions.” It means We are All Americans! A unified populace, that shares individual freedoms, and the personal responsibility to make from their lives what they will!
Each time we “Celebrate Our Diversity”, We weaken another link in the chain that keeps us free!  Keeps us Peaceful! and Keeps us Secure!  So the next time you hear ( and it won’t be long I promise! ) someone on TV or in the Paper, or in your Classroom, beckon the call to “Celebrate our Diversity!”, stand up, stand tall and remind them, that the Song is called America the Beautiful!  NOT  America the Diverse!

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