This coming Thursday night, is a very important night for America. A night of major importance, as to how the mood in America will change for the rest of this year and into the beginning of next. This Thursday night is the official beginning of the 2011 Football Season, a night in which we will see our beloved New Orleans Saints, take on last season’s Super Bowl Champs -The Green Bay Slackers! ( No typo here folks.. I meant what I said! )

In a season that almost wasn’t, We here in Louisiana, gather up our testosterone, bravado,  and po-boy sandwiches, and begin the sixteen week long journey into what many are hoping will be a repeat performance of the skills and victories we achieved over the last few years, once again culminating with another Super Bowl Championship in the Bayou Land.
Oh yeah,  there is also a joint session of Congress that night. A special gathering that was originally scheduled for the Wednesday prior to the football kickoff, but which had to be moved once all persons involved, realized that having it on Wednesday, at the exact same time as the  previously scheduled Republican Presidential Primary Debate, was so overtly childish and politically motivated, that there really wasn’t too much backlash, once Speaker of the House John Boehner, kindly told the President, thanks! but no thanks! Try again, another day!
A Joint Session of Congress!  An event usually reserved for State of the Union Addresses, or Upon the Declarations of Wars, now to be used by Mr. Obama as a campaign platform, to deliver his NEWEST JOBS SPEECH!  ( Yeah, another one! ) ( Well actually, for the most part.. The SAME one!  Just with a potentially larger audience share, since his last few speeches have come in a weak second to “M.A.S.H. reruns. )
In typical fashion, several small “leaks” ( trial balloons! )  of this “Great Plan” have come out, allowing the President to kind of test the mood and acceptance levels of some of the contents of his speech beforehand, and those leaked proposals are nothing new, nothing bold and for the most part, nothing more than the same old agenda of tax and spend economics. ( Like I said..  The Same Speech he has given all the other times he vowed to effect our ailing Jobs market, only to end up as impotent as one would come to expect, from a President who is truly void of new ideas, and who seems most comfortable “Leading fom the Rear! “
So, since Mr. Obama has chosen such an auspicious day, time and manner for such a supposed Major Jobs Speech, the beginning of the Football Season!, allow me to use a little football analogy to offer some advice to our President, our Commander in Chief, ” Our Coach!”, as to how he should perhaps address both the Nation, and the Issues.
First off Mr. President, You will never  and I mean “NEVER” see a “Winning Coach”,  directing his team from the stands! You must be right there, Up Front!, watching every move, every play, every call, ready to challenge a Referee, or Coach-Up and possibly bench, any player who is not performing to the needed level, for ultimate success.
IF your “Economic Team or Plan”, or in this case your “Quarterback”,  has tried everything he can think of, but yet has still failed to successfully garner any points ( JOBS ), regardless of his unbelievable Salary ( Stimulus Plan ), and who is suddenly sacked and suffering a concussion, ( double-dip recession ),  You do not bring in a Rookie!  Someone who has studied the game, or even perhaps taught the “Theory of Quarterbacking” at some elitist College. You bring in a seasoned Pro, with real “Game Day”experience in creating Touchdowns ( Job Growth ) in the real world.
If you Offensive Line, the engine that drives your team forward ( Small Businesses in America ), are struggling, trying desperately to get their footing on a muddy field, You do not burden them with new restrictions, (regulatory excesses ), telling them that they must drive the offense down the field, but not letting them use their left legs, or perhaps hobbling them by tying their shoes together by the laces. ( See:EPA ) Set them free! Take the holding penalty every now and then, but let them Play!
Additionally, When your team ( Job Creators in America ), are in the trenches, fighting and scraping for every inch they can garner, this is not the time to call them all to the sidelines, to tell them that you are cutting their salaries in order to repave the Stadium Parking lot and add new solar panels to the Club House Restaurant. Better perhaps, to tell them that if they get into the endzone, a small bonus ( Stability in future taxation and regulation ) awaits them.
You must pound the ball up the middle ( Job creating Energy, Agriculture and Manufacturing Industries ), and utilize a passing game that spreads the ball around, not relying solely on one receiver, ( Unions! ). Remembering, that though it is a cool play when used once in a while, the double reverse ( Socialist Ideology ), may be a little effective at times, but it does not replace a serious gameplan of ball sharing amongst carriers, multiple receivers and a strong defense. ( Free Market Capitalism ).
The President will be detailing his new plans for Job Growth, and current reports elude to fewer specifics than originally intended, leaving We Americans with yet another of his ” Guidelines or Outlines”.  It is the same as if Coach Sean Payton took his team into the locker room before the Conference Championship and told them, ” Well, We’ll kinda do this, and maybe do that!, and Oh Yeah..Someone said try this!,  and with any luck, and if there are no more Tsunamis or earthquakes in Japan, I think we have a chance to get out of here without a big goose-egg on our side of the scoreboard! ” ( This is not the kind of Speech that Motivates People to Victory Mr. Obama! )
Very Few Coaches, can come to a team at 8-8, take them to 3-13 for 3 years straight, and expect to be retained. No coach can blame the Coaching staff that preceded them endlessly, ( none do ), or the players and fans, or even the crappy popcorn in the concession stands, and expect to be held over with an extended Contract ( Second Term ). You cannot “blame” your way back into office Mr. President, and you definitely cannot “PUNT” your way into the SuperBowl.  Wise Up!  Nut Up!  or Give us back our ball, and Go home!

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