Since last Thursday, the airwaves, print media, blogosphere, coffee houses and dinner tables across America, have been “abuzz”,  with the dissection and assessment of Mr. Obama’s “Job’s Speech” to the Joint Session of Congress.

A speech that was heavily viewed across America, as it occured just moments before the first game of the NFL season,  a time and night when untold millions were definitely tuned in, and thereby affording the President a much larger share of overall TV viewership, than he might have normally received for such a speech.
This Speech, as a “Speech” was near flawless. Mr. Obama should indeed thank those who constructed it. It had just the right amount of everything, that one would expect,  from a speech designed to rally and coalesce his base, stir the hearts of sensitives, and set a tone for the coming election, a “Trumanesque” tone, of   ” It’s Me and My Plans – against A Do Nothing Congress!”
This Speech, that employed a simplistic yet effective “tag line”, more than 15 times within it’s approx. 45 minute span. “PASS THIS BILL!”  Three short words, that have been replayed over and over, as News coverage continues.
The Democrats, their Operatives, and the Main Stream Media, have all been elated in their joyous celebration of this “SPEECH!”…  and as Speeches go… this one was a doosy!  Written Well, Performed to near perfection, and received well by most if not all. 
The Problem is..  though it may have been an awesome SPEECH, as for as speeches go.  As a “Plan” it is Pure Unadulterated HorseCrap!”  As a “PLAN”, it is nothing more than the continuance, of the same Socialistic, Keynesian,  Big Government,  Pro Union,  Class Warfare,  Tax and Spend ” Progressive NIGHTMARE”, that has gotten this country to the point, where we as Americans, have dropped to Fifth Place in World Economy Rankings!!  (  5th PLACE!!!    Did You know that? )
As a “PLAN”,  all They have done is repackaged the Original FAILED Stimulus, with different phraseology, new tested words to pull at American heartstrings,  and added the new catchy phrase “Pass This Bill!”  It is nothing more, than a half as expensive continuance, of the exact same agenda that had promised much…  delivered little…( except to Unions! )  and added his “First” Trillion in New Debt, to our collective balance sheet. ( Or in this case.. Unbalanced Sheets! )
Did you hear anything mentioned about unleashing our ENERGY or AGRICULTURE Industries? NO! Anything about repealing or at least delaying the growth intimidating OBAMACARE legislation. No!   What We heard, were line after line, proposal after lameass proposal, designed to SPEND MORE MONEY on “SAVING or CREATING UNION JOBS!”  These Infrastructure jobs, high speed rails, and increased Education funding, that he praised and called for, are there for one reason only.. To Benefit, Enlarge, and PAYOFF the “Union Base”, which He will count on immensely, if he is to have even a shot at Re-election in 2012. ( So We are being asked now, to Fund those, Who Fund him! )
He even talked about the “Job Creating ” Trade Agreements, You know, the ones that have been sitting on his desk gathering spider webs since he took office. The Trade Agreements which he has not sent to Congress yet for passage, because “THEY” cannot get the special attachments that protect UNIONS in them yet!   ( How many Jobs would have been created since 2009 if these three agreements had been passed already? )
He also cited, with such proud assurance, that all of this $447 Billion Dollars of new “Stimulus Spending” , would be PAID FOR!  Another bold faced LIE!   He plans on paying for all of this new “Keynesian Capitalism Killing Crap”, by dictating that the new “Super Commitee” ( Lord Help Us! ), must  find an additional $447 Billion dollars in savings, on top of the $1.4 Trillion that they will already NOT Be Able to Find! ( and thereby triggering the Military/Medicare cuts and tax increases associated with the committees mandate.)
Now, He did include a few items, that He and the Democrats believe, will make the Republicans “politically” very hardpressed to refuse. A tax credit here, a regulatory reform there, but!,  in true “Obama fashion”, These are merely a few sprinkles of candy, on top of a huge bowl of Bat Guano Ice Cream, that he expects to force feed down America’s Collective Throat! 
As a “Speech” these were 45 minutes of Perfection.  But as a PLAN, what we watched was nothing more than an exercise in misdirection, mis-information, and out and out deceit, designed to drive us emotionally, into yet another trip down the road of wasted taxpayer funded bailouts, and payoffs to the “Campaigner in Chief’s” favored and much needed voting base, as he uses our economy as the fulcrum to raise an additional Half a Trillion Dollars in Re-election Campaign Funding.
As a “PLAN” it is nothing “NEW”, nothing “BOLD”, and definitely nothing that will work, to create the jobs and generate the REAL economic growth, that is needed to help drive America back from this abyss, that they have speared us towards. IF anything, it merely removes just a few more of the bricks from the foundation, that they have strategically been chipping away at since coming into power. A “PLAN” …that is Part of “Their Plan!” …but NOT part of any real or possible recovery!

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