Since before the beginning of 2006,  Barack Obama began his pursuit of the White house and the Presidency. A two year plus campaign, that culminated with his victory in 2008, placing him firmly at the mantle of our Nation’s Governance, in the January of 2009 that followed.
A campaign of lofty platitudes and well spoken promises, paving the path for what was supposed to be ” A New Era” in Washington.  Obama was to be the ” Great Uniter “, a man who was going to change the way Washington worked, and in the process, prove to be ” The Most Transparent Presidency of our times.” ( Am I the only one, or has everyone else already forgotten the many promises of Obama? )
This of course all fell to the wayside almost immediately, as we all witnessed “Chicago come to Washington”. The newly elected President Obama, and his overwhelming and “Filibuster proof ” Majority in Congress, then began, what turned out to be the most concerted effort towards the Progressive Socialization of America, that even our eldest grandparents could remember ever having seen.
Together, with their obedient sycophantic media minions, this “New Washington”, this ” Washicago”, began to use it’s unstoppable majority, to systematically lay the groundwork for the ” Assault against Capitalism and Redistribution of Wealth” that is at their core beliefs, while also investing borrowed money that we could not as a Nation afford, to fund their ideological dreams of an alternative energy Utopia, wrought with the Political Cronyism  and Corruption, that such a massive undertaking fosters, and which most have come to expect.
Mr. Obama, became very well versed, very quickly, at dictating what was to pass, ( yeah.. as in Dictator! ),  and then waiting in the wings, unscathed, for Pelosi, Reid, or any one of a number of Union or Soros founded organizations, to write them. Using very effectively his moment of national supremacy to jam through his Stimulus Bill, ObamaCare, and hundreds of job killing regulatory additions. All of which were undesired by vast majorities of the American Public as a whole, but passed regardless, ” For Our Own Good! ”  ( They know better than We! )
All of which additionally, only further added to the problems in our Nation. Stymieing growth, increasing our National debt to record and almost unimaginable levels, prolonging and increasing the unemployment levels, causing our credit rating to be dropped, and when tainted by their incessant application of race baiting, now polarizing our Country to margins not seen since the 60’s. ( Nice Work Barry! )
This, all done within only two years of an administration who places agenda above Nation, and Power above Leadership. Two years of what recent and ongoing investigations, will surely prove, to be some of the most corrupt and dishonest time in office by any president since  Nixon, and with blatant incompetence and failure, at levels not seen since Jimmy Carter.
Now, barely just two years into this debacle of a first term, Mr. Obama has in essence abdicated his position as President and Leader of our Nation, trading it in instead, for the familiar and comfortable role as Campaigner. A man who may attempt to talk a good game as President of all Americans, but who is in fact, “A Politician Seeking Re-election”, Nothing less, and most certainly Nothing More!
Every word that spews forth from his mouth now, is so focus group tested and articulated, ( or even sometimes sermonized, depending on the racial makeup of his audience),not to be what we need, but what they think we need to hear. Fashioned not to solve our National issues, but merely to generate energy in his voting base, demonize his opposition, and fool just enough people one more time, to see himself return to the Oval Office for a second term.
There will be no plan to effectively create jobs, reduce our debt, pass a freaking budget, or realistically address any of the other crises that are plaguing our country. There can’t be!  Not if he hopes to paint his adversaries and the GOP in general, as the bad guys. Not if he hopes to Win! ( See the Pattern?  We lose,, He wins! )
So We Americans are stuck in neutral. Burning the last drops of fuel we possess in this economic engine, while our so called Leader, Our President, is spending every waking moment striving for a second chance to screw us even more! All the while, calling anyone else doing the same thing but in opposition, Unpatriotic or Partisan. ( It would all be hilarious, Were it not the cause of our nation’s demise. )
From now until the election of 2012, We are in essence ” On Our Own! “. Unless of course you are a Union Boss, or Alternative Energy Company, Illegal Alien,  or an employee in any of the regulatory agencies that this administration seems to favor above all others. In which case you, yes YOU still have a President.
The rest of us, well we have a Candidate!   A man who is unafraid to lie through all seven faces that rest upon his face at the same time, sell his soul, your soul, and our Nation, down the pike, just to get another shot at sitting in the big chair. A Politician who not only expects you to believe the lies, but who also expects you to celebrate the style in which he delivers them. And don’t forget to say thank you!

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