Regardless of the poll you quote, the news coverage, ( or lack thereof ), that you recall, or even your own valuable time spent watching the goings on in “WashiCago”, there is an ever increasing reality coming to the forefront of our combined public consciousness. And that realization is that this Administration, which claimed, and “promised” to be the antithesis of the typical Government, that we had come to know and revile, is indeed not only More of the Same!, it is in reality, a prime example of One of the Worse, Incompetent, Divisive and Corrupt Regimes to date.
Though they may try so hard to withhold documentation, and other requested or subpoenaed communications, and blatantly lie straight faced to Congress and the American people, regardless as to what question is asked concerning the bevy of ongoing investigations and future investigations, one thing is certain. The People and the Congressional investigative panels are just not buying it any longer.
Mr. Obama’s lies began very early, as one of the first acts he performed as President, was to go against his ‘Promise” to remove the power and influence of LOBBYISTS in the White House, and to authorize countless waivers, which enabled the very same breed of corruptive peddlers to once again reside along side Him at Pennsylvania Ave. ( Keep the Money Close! )
He then continued to renig on his promises, by going against his “Promise” to unify the Nation, and to end political gridlock, as He and his Democratic Super Majority in Congress, systematically blocked out Minority based legislation or amendments, and jammed down our throats, their ill-advised,, unwanted,  and abject failure – The Stimulus Plan. ( The first one! )
That, along with his one piece of “Signature Legislation”, the soon to be found Unconstitutional OBAMACARE, were their prime objectives during that time of Majority. More important than Jobs. More important than anything else, including Passing their Legally mandated and  required Federal Budgets. ( Something they have still yet to accomplish, for what is now going on 5 years. )
Mr. Obama also during this time, engaged in CZAR envy, as he appointed ( without Congressional approval ) many Ideologically simpatico zealots, to high positions, duplicating and side-stepping his own Cabinet appointees, and unleashing a storm of regulatory shackles upon the Free Market Economy that he was supposed to be “Stimulating”, and our own very freedoms of choice.  ( and now he wants to do it again? )
His attempts to soften the World’s opinion of the USA, via his “apology tour” have been fruitless as well, as America is now apparently hated more, respected less, and seen as a Weak Nation. ( Or as HE himself called us.. ” SOFT! ” )  Soft?  Someohow he fails to connect the dots, that this supposed softness he speaks of, is the direct result of the very same entitlement culture that he and his like, promote and increase at any possible chance.
Through his, ( Not ours! ), AG Eric Holder, and his Department of “Just Us “, He has attacked any and all who disagree with his policies. Brought suit against States who have passed legislation trying to support and strengthen Federal Law, while ignoring Sanctuary Cities and Policies in others, that are in direct conflict and blatant non-enforcement of existing Federal Immigration Laws. ( Yeah.. We actually DO have some! Though you wouldn’t know it. )
The same Eric Holder, who’s department has looked the other way as Black Panthers inhibited and threatened Voters in Philadelphia, refused to investigate with legitimacy the Election scandal of 2010, where Democrats were offered positions ” NOT” to challenge Arlen Spector. Who tried to go against all that is Common Sensical and desired by the American Public, in his efforts to bring KLM and the other 9/11 conspirators, from Gitmo, to hold Trials here in the U.S., where they, as so many others, could game the system and escape justice.
Eric Holder, who has not let his “Marc Rich” episode of incompetence, ( or corruption? ) rest, as he now is using every trick in the ” what the definition of IS is ” playbook, to delay and deflect in any way possible, the investigation into the “Fast and Furious” debacle, and the Obama Corruption Scandal that is Soloyndra. ( and the rest of his Green Jobs Agenda of Cronyism )
In short, Mr. Obama and his administration of deceit and ineptitude, are now in full campaign mode again. Traveling the country, lying at will, and hoping that We will fall for it all again. While their allies in the main stream media perform their task of block and cover. The only tools in their chest – Not a pattern of successful and lauded policies, but instead, the usual campaign tactics of deflect, defer, cast blame, and divide our Nation even further, along the lines of Race, Class, and unfortunately, Intelligence.
They are counting on you believing the lies. Believing the propaganda machine that blindly and maliciously supports him, and that you will fall into the trap of envy. Seeing “HIM” as the great financial equalizer, instead of seeing our Nation itself , it’s systems and Constitution, as the “Great Enabler! “

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