Peter, Paul and Mary once sang that ” The Answer is Blowin’ In the Wind”. But, If you were to walk outside and feel that wind upon your face today, you might also detect a slight, yet discernable stench blowing in as well. That stench, would be coming from Wall Street, where hundreds of members of the “Occupy Wall Street Protests” have apparently taken up residence, as part of their bathless barrage against Capitalism Overall, and the Wealthy more particularly.

An unkempt hodgepodge of Unions, Students, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists,  and other Far Left Zealots, who have descended upon the symbol of American Capitalism with a fury and misplaced vengeance.
Protestors, who disobey the legal parameters of their permits, instigate violent encounters with the police, trash the very park from which they are based, and behave in all manner of unacceptable example, all the while being compared by many in the main stream media and the Democratic Party itself, as somehow resembling, and in effect, equal to the Tea Party Movement.
The Tea Party Movement?  Really?  I may have missed it one day, but I don’t remember seeing the film footage or photos of the Tea Party Protestors clashing with police in the streets. I didn’t see the pictures of them defecating on police cars or doing heroin openly in public.
I might have not been paying attention, but I didn’t see the Tea Party Protestors turning the grounds they held and protested from into mini garbage heaps, drawing rats and a smell so bad that many would not even go near them.
I do remember Flags!  Yes, the Tea Party waved flags. American Flags! and even some Gadsden Flags, brandishing the words ” Don’t Tread on ME!”. But, I didn’t see flags and poster signs bearing  the “Red Fist” of Communism proudly waving at Tea Party Protests.
I don’t recall at the Tea Party Protests that I attended, being asked by those in the crowd if I wanted to buy heroin. There were no naked protestors strolling about, or having sex under their smelly blankets for all to see.
With all the comparisons to the Tea Party Movement, and attempted Justification for the many destructive acts of these “Occupiers”, being made by so many in the media, and Democrats from the President, all the way down through their ranks, it is important to speak honestly and openly about the main component here.  “The Differences between the Two!”
The “Occupiers” call for the end of the disparity between “the haves and the have nots”, to be brought about through redistribution of wealth. The        “Tea Partiers”  on the other hand, called for the Government to get out of the way of the Free Market that offers the chance for ALL to work hard and find their way to their own wealth.
The “Occupiers” see Wall Street excess as the problem.  The rich getting richer off of the backs of the poor or middle class. Whereas the “Tea Partiers” realized it is more prudent to focus on and try to stop the Government Corruption and Greed for Power, that feeds off of, and aids through special legislative favor, those who rise to the top of the financial heap. ( How Much Money has Mr. Obama raised so far for his re-election campaign? and from whom?)
Perhaps, the greatest of differences between these two legions of protestors, is that the Tea Partiers based their whole movement on repairing the system, by reigning in Government excesses, and holding them not only accountable to the citizens, but more importantly to the confines and mandates of the Constitution.
The ” Occupiers” seem to be more intent on destroying the system that has held this Country together for over 200 years, preferring to instead,  follow patterns of Governance, less akin to the Constitution, and more in line with those detailed in the “Communist Manifesto”
Regardless of the ultimate outcome of all of this, one thing is certain. Mr. Obama is benefiting greatly from the sweet sweet distractions of this “Occupation”, as more media attention is being focused on it, and less on his “lack of leadership”, endless campaigning at such a critical time in our nation, and the ever growing list of scandals and cover ups  within his Administration and Justice Department, that seem to sprout up near daily.

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  • Paul Clark says:

    What an amazing read!!! Thank you very much for sharing this with us.