Late last week, President Obama “proudly”, and in full campaign bluster, stood to tell all Americans, that as “Promised”, “All of our troops will be coming home from Iraq by the end of this year! “.  Sounds Nice doesn’t it?  And for the far left zealots, of which he must count on even more in this campaign cycle,  it is pure “red meat”.

But that one statement is wrought with politicized “SPIN”, intricacies, and geo-political nuances that should and is, scaring the living hell out of many Americans, who, while not wanting to see our soldiers, sailors and airmen in “harms way”, also, do not want to see that the lives lost, and high injury rates suffered by our brave military, have all been for nothing, as Iraq becomes little more than yet another piece in this Middle Eastern Puzzle of Uncertainty, Danger and Eminent Threat to the U.S., and our “true” allies who unfortunately live in that region.
What the President is not saying, and what “Most” of the Media is NOT reporting to you, is that we are pulling all of our troops out, NOT in Victory!, but as a result of failed negotiations with the Iraqi Government, ( a Govt. who is only there because We Freed them to be that! ), and who are finding themselves, nudging closer and closer to a tight relationship with IRAN, that further threatens our interests and allies.
Several months ago, Radio and then Television Host,-Glenn Beck, “beckoned” all to heed the ever-growing threat posed in that region. Seeing what the Administration and Media joyously called an “Arab Spring”, as nothing more than one brick after another being put into place, by those hoping to formulate their true desire, an Islamic Caliphate. An ever-expanding collection of nations, all serving one goal and one goal only- The Conversion to, and Supremacy of Islam and Shariah Law at all corners of the globe.
Mr. Beck, ( and surely I too after this column runs ), was mocked relentlessly by an overwhelming majority of media outlets, as an alarmist at best!,, and an Islamiphobic Nutcase by most accounts. 
There were some though, who have the ability to “think outside of the Box” so stringently guarded by the Administration, their Media Lapdogs, and all of the other Ideological Leftists, who still blame America for every ill worldwide. Those, who could at least consider the possibility of what Mr. Beck was speaking of, “Objectively!”, without the bias of their individual cause and political concerns, and to those, the occurrences we have seen and continue to see, are adding new light to the theory of the maligned host.A light that shoud not, and cannot be ignored any longer.
Really! Let’s just go down the list!  Egypt – Mubarek’s out!, and now Christians are being murdered ( for simply being Christian), and the Muslim Brotherhood ( who openly call for war against Israel and the West ) are poised to take power. 
Irag and Iran are as I mentioned earlier, forging New Friendships and have already through Al Sahdr and others, channeled weapons into Iraq that have and will continue to kill and maim Americans at every chance.
Libya!  Well, Quadaffi is gone! Dead and Gone! In itself a good thing, but now today we are hearing from the leader of the transitional government, that they “LIBYA” will go to Shariah Law, with it’s hardline Islamic Governance.
And what of Syria?  Iran’s other major ally in that region. Well, America just withdrew our Ambassador to that Nation, because of actionable intelligence of eminent threat to his life. While at the Same time Syria withdraws their Ambassador to the U.S.  This is the same Syria who is also slaughtering their people in the streets for wanting change there as well, and which many suspect is the secret repository for much of the WMD’s that once belonged to Sadaam Hussein.
Pakistan! Yes! Our Good buddies over there, who take our money, hide our enemies, offer our technologies up to China, and attack our friends. You know, Pakistan, who as a Nuclear Nation on the verge of going Taliban, poses yet another danger to India. A nation of which we have traditionally had great ties with, but who, just as Israel, have been cast aside by this Muslim-Centric Administration of apology and “leading from Behind!”
Did I forget to mention Afghanistan?  Where American Soldiers are dying daily in an attempt to help this nation turn from rubble and rebellion, towards freedom and democracy, as a guard against a resurgence there of the Taliban and our old nemesis Al-Queda. Afghanistan, who just said today, that should War ever come between the U.S. and Pakistan, that THEY would side with Pakistan? ( Are you shocked by this? If so, You have been blindly following the dribble that you have been spoon fed by this Administration and their complicit Media Machine. ) Wake Up!
And what of our Good Friends the Saudis. The Saudis, who fund Madrassa’s worldwide, (many right here in the U.S. ) which teach Wahabism, a hardline Islamic approach, with the necessity to destroy Israel and the West. ( that’s Us Folks! )  Saudi Arabia, who We protect, all the while being hostaged by energy costs that are keeping our nation buried deep inside this inflation, and who birthed the majority of the 9/11 Terrorists.  ( So why Does Obama still not unleash OUR OWN ENERGY to compensate for this and spark the “Growth” he claims to desire? )
I do not even have room here today to get into the other Nations in that region that should cause a severe “PAUSE” within us all, not to mention the current status between Our nation and the Nations of China, Russia ,North Korea, and the daily economic tragedy that IS the European Union.
The point being made here today, is that the Whole World is in a tailspin. Our own Nation is suffering economic woes unseen in generations. Our debt is epic, our people protesting, Our Government apparently clueless and certainly corrupt, and last week I turn on my television and see countless reports focusing meticulously on the trial of Michael Jackson’s Doctor. (???)   If We are not LOST!, We are as close as I have ever seen to it, and apparently, too wrapped up in our own little dramas, to recognize the WALL’S CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND US.

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