As we near the “First” of the Primary or Caucus votes at the beginning of next year, for this campaign cycle, I am once again sadly reminded of the abject flaws, that this process inherently suffers from.

Once again, as in each four year Presidential Campaign, we “get” to see those running for their party’s nomination, race around a few choice states, meeting, greeting, and for the most part courting, those individuals from each prospective state, to come out and vote in their favor.
Typical political campaigning to be sure, but a part of a system that allows too few, in too little locations, to decide which candidate we, the “Rest of the Nation”,  will all have to choose from, as we consider our available choices, as to whom we believe should challenge the sitting President at any given time.
Consider how many times, You may have had your eye on a particular candidate. Someone who you found an interest in, and a developing favor, only to see this Candidate bail from the whole process, one day after 300 people in Iowa decided who THEY liked instead? 
This whole Primary scheme and setup is a design error, in that a couple of States, ( mostly Northern ), cast their votes in favor of an individual, who may have had the most establishment backing, existing name recognition, time on the ground pandering, or the most deciding of factors, “Money to Spend” on advertising.
Three States out of Fifty!  And “They” get to tell us who “WE” will have to choose from?  How many times has the candidate you might have liked, faired poorly in one or two of these “early” primary States, only to drop off of the radar screen the very next day? ( Would you allow  Jeanerette or Morgan City to decide who “WE as a State” get to vote for when choosing a Governor? )
Why is it set up this way? Why are THEIR initial votes cast for the total candidate pool, more important or valid than all others?  than YOURS?  Did you notice the drama earlier last month, as these States were playing “hop-scotch” with their Primary dates, causing confusion and anger as they all were vying for the ” First in the Nation” status?
In America, where WE are supposed to be “Equal”, Why is it some state’s seem a little “More Equal” when it comes to deciding who the rest of the Country will have to choose from in deciding on a candidate?
Primary Voting should be the same as the Election itself!  All Fifty states should vote their primary votes, choosing which candidate will challenge the incumbent, ( or other Party candidate ), on the “SAME DAY!”
Then, and only Then, would the choice made be valid, and comprehensive. ( and you know how Politicians like that word ” Comprehensive!” ) Only then, would the Will of ALL the People be represented in deciding which individual would represent their Party.( or at least challenge a sitting President, in the case of Independents ).
It is the same as walking into a room with a full buffet. A veritable feast!  You are literally starving!  and the first two people who arrived at the restaurant, will decide which entree’ YOU and EVERYONE else to follow, can eat!   You have no choice!  No Pie!   No side of fried Okra!  You must eat ONLY what THEY have chosen for you, and LIKE IT!  ( My stomach doesn’t work that way! )
Although it is already too late to do anything about it now, and WE will ALL once again be cut out of the decision making process until later. It may be a good time to start planning how WE will make sure that this never happens again!
We MUST change this process! This Primary formula that places the vote of too few, ahead of the extremely overwhelming majority of the rest. This whole    “Eat This and like it!” manner in which something as important as a Presidential Candidate, is decided by folks who have their own little agendas, which may have nothing to do with how YOU and the rest of the Country might feel overall.
Yes it is too late for this campaign cycle. and Yes it will not be easy as the special interest of being ” First in the Nation” is something these people will not give up easily. But, it must be changed, to a “One Day – One Vote” scenario , ( with a possible run-off ,  should two individuals come in with equal vote totals ), or We will continue to see Candidates that May be the Right Choice for America, fall to the wayside, for Not being the Right Choice for some Idiot in Iowa, who might see Corn as “King” in a Sugar Cane World!

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