A fresh cup of coffee in my hand, it’s now 6:30 a.m., Monday morning, and though there is much discussion going on, about many things, few are garnering the kind of disgust and frustration. that the American People are displaying towards the ineffective and highly partisan antics of the so called “Super Committee”.

By the time you read this, their deadline to come up with a plan to cut $1.2 trillion in spending, over the next ten years, will have come and gone. A deadline that if not reached, will by it’s own mandate, kick in a “trigger effect” that would make the cuts from Defense and Entitlements automatically.
$1.2 Trillion Dollars!  Over Ten Years!  Folks, you do not have to be a math genius to realize .that that is only $120 Billion a year!  $120 Billion, from a bloated Federal Government that spends way more than they ever take in, and which even at these unbelievable standard levels of some $3 Trillion a year, ( that is of course when they actually write a budget ),  is now running additional annual deficits of over $1.3 Trillion above that!
We must stop here, A. because there is more to this whole “Super Committee” concept than meets the eye!, and B. Because We cannot dissect this “Creature” this 12 member “panel of pathetic”, without also considering it’s effect upon the overall political landscape of Washington in general, and this Campaign Cycle in particular. ( Remember! These guys, from the President down, see everything, every minute of every day,  through the prism of “re-election! ” )
As for this “Super Committee” itself. We must remember, that it is the outcome of the Debt Ceiling debate ( debacle ) from just a few short months ago. The last great crisis!, In which, No real spending cuts were agreed to, nor mechanisms to actually effect our unbelievable and unsustainable National Debt were reached. A debt that is now over $15 trillion dollars. 
 But hey!, they gave us this “Super Committee!” and “THEY” were gonna find the way to somehow cut that National Debt back and restore confidence in America’s Finances. ( please excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing hysterically here for a moment! )
The Super Committee! Which is in itself an affront to our Representative Republic, allowing a mere 12 member panel to bypass the legal and elected representatives from the remainder of the 50 U.S. states! This is not the way our form of Democracy is supposed to work! Where is Your Voice? Mine? Where is any voice outside that of those locked behind that bolted door?
The Super Committee!  Which by it’s nature and construct, was doomed to Partisan failure from the git-go! Did you really think any of these hacks would somehow change their stripes and actually do what was best for the Nation for once? Did you really believe, they would not see the opposing SIX as anything other than ideological enemies to be blamed and hurt politically whenever possible?
This Super Committee!  Born of Crisis, Set up to fail, and which finds itself in the all too familiar position of waiting to the very last second before they actually do anything. ( With the “Something” they do, usually having no effect on the problems, and basically “Punting” the issues just a little farther down the road until after the Next Election! )
This Super Committee! Which President Obama has for the most part stayed a mile away from, and actually campaigning against, in his current role of “Campaigner in Chief” Running Against a ” DO NOTHING CONGRESS”. He has not lead, staying in Washington, meeting with members, offering suggestions, somehow as President, helping these 12 members to find the solutions desperately needed and  promised when this Committee was conceived.
 HE COULDN’T!    He was never supposed to!   They were NOT SET UP TO SUCCEED!   They were set up as a Campaign Tool from the beginning, and His hopes for Re-election rest on their failure. ( and OUR being distracted from and somehow forgetting his abysmal record thus far! )
Do not forget, that there are already discussions going on, as to how they ( CONGRESS ), can change these rules, and somehow change the mandated “Trigger”.  ( So why even have one? ) Not to mention, that these, ( just like every other thing that seems to come down the pike ) do not take effect until after the next election!  ( SURPRISED???? ) 
Each and every occasion where we as a Nation are in need, sometimes even desperately, for Leadership, We seem to always end up with either watered-down and ineffective solutions, or see decisions postponed until after these spineless swamp slugs, have somehow secured additional time in office, and another turn at the teat of the Federal Taxpayer.
When will we learn?  Will We ever learn?  Or is this the kind of Nation we want to be? The kind of Government we will accept and live with?  To Pass on to our Children and their Children?
It may be the small town boy in me, or perhaps the Father who worries everyday for my family’s future. BUT, $3 Trillion a year, to pay for a bunch of Criminals, Crooks, and Liars, to mismanage my Nation, It’s Future, and who consistently try to encroach upon my Rights and Freedoms, well!,  I’m sorry, but to me that just seems a bit “STEEP!” ( and STUPID! )

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