The chess game that has become our “Healthcare Reform Bill” reached critical mass this past weekend as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her “Band of 216 Thieves” set their sites on a Vote that was not a Vote ( see: Deem as Passed ). We will for a moment temporarily forget a few things, concerns that our “leaders” have found so easy to push aside from consideration.

We will forget for now, that some 70% of Americans of all political affiliations, who do agree on a need for some reform, are totally opposed to this massive takeover of Healthcare in America, seeing it as either Too Expensive, Too Far-reaching or most assuredly, Too Tainted by the corruptive processes used to formulate and wrangle ( BUY ), the votes needed to pass, and I mean “Barely” pass, or deem as passed,  this Partisan and Progressive lurch towards Socialism.

We shall also momentarily ignore,  as Washington has, the fact that our nation’s economic health is on life support, as the President’s and Congress’ renewed focus on “Jobs”,  falls to the wayside again and we are still seeing an average of 2 million first time unemployment registrants each and every month. ( Those 15% approval ratings for Congress apparently are of no real consequence or concern to our employees.)

Another issue of concern we must suspend for now, is the promise President Obama made over and over and over again while campaigning, of  a “New – Transparent – Bipartisan” approach to Governing our country. He was going to “Change” the way Washington worked. This one item,  of all that we must forget, should be the easiest. (  Why  not?  It was after all so easy for Him to forget! )

The final aspect of this whole ordeal that we must force from our thought processes, is the current and Historic inability for Government to ever adhere to proposed budgeting for any and all of the programs that flow from passed legislation. The general rule of thumb is that “If the Government says it will cost one price…  you then need to Double it!  and many times Triple it!  and you might be close to the final “Real” costs.

Speaker Pelosi had put such heavy emphasis on the numbers coming from CBO, ( the Congressional Budget Office ), who gauge the costs of proposed legislation, and the “Giddiness” abounded as leaked “pre-estimates” came in at $940 Billion. Over the costs of the original Senate Bill, but under the Trillion dollar mark that they have now deemed the most new debt that America can stomach at any given moment.

The problem of course with this whole scenario, is that CBO can only score the numbers and information given to them. They do not differentiate between real numbers an hopeful projections some Twenty years in advance. Manipulating the CBO scoring process is as easy as telling your kid to eat their veggies now and that there will be Ice Cream for all later. Naturally, any parent can tell you, that Ice Cream never happens, and the foul tastes are already swallowed and digesting into the system.

This is a Scam!  But knowing Washington the way we do, would you be surprised to find it any other way? The D.C. associated with Washington now stands for Deceit and Corruption. Our Representatives, ( insert Gag reflex here! ), do not represent the citizens. They have traded in their loyalties, giving them now, to their Respective Parties, Re-election concerns and Special Interest dollars.

We will instead, now focus on the facet of this latest last great push for “Social Justice”, ( Spreading the wealth ), that all of those in Washington  hope we will somehow allow to roll past our notice and thought process, as we remain focused on the “Dog and Ponies in this ongoing Show”.

The prime and underlying question regarding all of this activity and lunacy, is the matter of “Constitutionality”.  Which, should the measure have by now either “Passed or been Deemed as Passed”, will by today, already be being challenged vigorously by several States and individual Legislators at the halls of the Supreme Court.

Whether it be a challenge to Article 1 section 7, which would prevent such a “Deem and Pass” maneuver on this legislation, or the question of “Enumerated Powers Act” or even “Commerce Clause” infractions, challenges like this and others, will surely be being pressed and pursued by many who still believe the Constitution was written and ratified to defend against just such a “Government Out of Control”.

I, like many, fear that only a Constitutional challenge to this railroad of Progressivism, will somehow derail their efforts at “Fundamental Change” in and to America.  It is not Healthcare, nor Education, Financial systems or even our Energy needs which require “Reform” now. Before we as a Nation take one step further, we must reform Washington and how our Government Process Works.

The only Sweeping Transformative actions that we should be focused on, is in returning our Government to that which is  “Of, By and For” the People. We should target Washington for a total cleansing and not proceed with any other massive legislation, until the “Swamp” truly is drained, and the “Reset Button” has been engaged.

Until we finally have enough, and take back control of our own destinies from these agents of corruption and ideology, we will not only continue to get what they have been giving, we will ultimately get “what we deserve!”  We must return our Nation to the “Constitutional  Republic” which has been our most important foundation, and of which we have for generations all enjoyed the benefits of.  It is as Daniel Webster said, ” The hand that Destroys our Constitution rends our Union asunder forever! “

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