Monday came, and We Americans were treated to yet another in the long list of oddities coming from Washington. Representative Barney Franks (D-Mass), ( That bastion of East Coast Liberalism.), announced that He would not be seeking another term in the election of 2012. This, after 30 years in Congress. Thirty Years, in what has become for Franks, an ever increasing Power Position.

Franks is only the latest of the some two dozen Congressman who are deciding to not seek re-election. A situation, that the “House Cleanser” in me, finds very pleasing, as my greatest hope is that all of the career hacks somehow find there way back to the ponds that spawned them and their ” We are Little Kings” mentality.
Barney joins his fellow “lifer” Chris Dodd, ( can you say Dodd/Franks Bill? You know, the one that was supposed to regulate Wall Street, and fight the cause of our economic downfall, Yet FAILED to mention, much less address, the ever taxpayer fleecing- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.) These “Partners in Pork”, expect us to believe that they are tired? Tired of the Power? Tired of the Privilege? Tired of the Graft and Insider Trading? Or in Barney’s words ” Tired of Having to be Nice?” ( Really? )
Some reports and reporters, are seeing, or at least and on cue, trying to coerce us into seeing this, as the natural progression of the careers of a few Politicians. That is how they would hope You and I see it. They, and those who choose to stay in Washington and in Power!
But I see it a different way. I see Franks and Dodd as just two more Rats, who see this Ship Called America sinking, and want no part of being tied to the Government Mast when it does. Sure, They may begrudgingly accept “some” blame once out of office, but do not want to be in office when such Blame comes a calling.
Rats, who are soaking wet, drenched with the history that 30 years of corruption and piety can douse a person with. Knowing full well what they, and the rest of them, still hope we do not see. But not having the fortitude to stand there, when the economic house of cards that they constructed,  finally comes crashing down around them. AND US!
Cowards in my book!  Willing to lie and deceive the American people for decades. Living in their lofty perches, far from those they are supposed to represent, Sharing such close quarters with those other Special Interests, with whom they have forged such equitable quid-po-quo relationships. Yet not desiring to be anywhere near ground zero when THEY and their so called experience might be needed most. Hmmm?  ( tongue in cheek here! )
Americans should be taking close notice here. Look at the many members of this Administration who have bailed since it’s inception. How many quickly ran back to their Hallowed Halls of Academia, once seeing the result of their Marxist of Socialist theory turn to Economic Tragedy. Ask yourself, When have we ever seen such a wholesale refusal to seek re-election before?  If Ever?  This should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!
For, with all the things that we do know, these tidbits that we have been able to decipher amidst the spin and spackle that is Washington and the Main Stream Media, must surely be only the tip of the iceberg, that these drunken sailors have steered our Great Nation into. And THEY KNOW IT!
They, unlike You and I, have the benefit of such assurances of knowledge, and the proximity to have enhanced themselves financially throughout this slow demise, and greatly so, whether at Taxpayer expense or as a matter of simple Morality Gone Missing. THEY are prepared for the coming disaster that THEY have created. All the while, shielding the masses from such knowledge. for fear of losing office, or possible revolt.
Look in the waters my friends!  See the floating Rats as they go by. You know their names!..  Notice their well financed life jackets!  and then look around. Do you see your life vest anywhere?  Do you see anything in the horizon, except more Horizon?  Join Me as I cheer the departure of these useless cogs of corruption, but join me equally, as I will not forget how their inept manner of operations, has cast this future for us all. We will not forget those who forged this tumult, just because they no longer reside in the Halls of Government.

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