Last Friday, an announcement came down from “all high” in Washington. No!, Not that they have finally come to some agreement on our ever-increasing debt crisis, or inflation, or even the housing market crisis. No, the BIG NEWS!, Mr. Obama is taking a 17 day vacation over the Christmas Holiday in Hawaii.

I know, You’re probably thinking: ” Didn’t they just have a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard?”  The Answer of course is Yes!, but We must all realize that this man has been working his butt off, and is deserved of such a vacation. Who are we to deny him such after all?
I mean, think about it. He has been going all over the country for the past few months, on his taxpayer funded re-election tour, touting the need to pass his newest “Jobs” bill, you know, the one that creates NO jobs, raises taxes, and has never for a moment had a chance of being passed. ( It wasn’t supposed to!.. It is merely a political ploy to set up Congress as a “Do Nothing” entity that he can run against, rather than have anyone focus on his miserable and ineffective record of leadership and failed policies.) Yes Mr. Obama…Take a break!
We also Friday saw unemployment figures drop below 9% for the first time in a long time!  Of course, this is Washington Math we are talking about, and the number only dropped because some 350,000 people have exhausted their unemployment and/or  have simply stopped looking, therefore NO LONGER BEING COUNTED!  Such a common trick of mathematics used often by Washington, but HEY!, the percentage went down right?  so Yes Mr. Obama. Take a break!
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is currently about to go to Europe to see how much of our money it will take to put a temporary band aid on the European Economy. Not a Fix!  Just a band-aid to hold off fiscal collapse ( or the next infusion of cash ) for another month or two. Mr. Obama himself, has just recently “Summitted” abroad to solve the pending economic downfall there. All of these great leaders putting their heads together to come up with absolutely NOTHING!   The leader of Italy is crying Sir! So yes Mr. Obama.. Take a Break!
Later this Month, OUR Government once again runs out of capital to function. Yet another effect of not having a ( mandatory ) budget pass for  nearly  4 years now, and once again we will see a stop-gap spending bill passed in the last hours, with just enough borrowed to keep us running for yet another few months, and just enough hidden earmarks to get the votes needed to even accomplish that. Your leadership, knows no bounds sir!  So once again, Yes! Yes Mr. Obama..Take a break!
The Super Committee that YOU and the Democrats cleverly tricked the Republicans ( and many Americans )  into, ( not saying much for the Republicans who fell for such a tactic, instead of holding feet to the fire of reform and spending reduction ), has as planned, failed miserably. So once again, for all the talk of cutting spending, we have seen ZERO cut. What we have seen is our Debt increase daily. But, You played your cards well Sir, and now the status quo remains, and no one will have to vote for anything that might hurt their re-election bids. Well Played!  Yes Mr. Obama.. Take a  Break!
Our strength and place within the world has been diminished. So much so, that a little craphole like Pakistan, ( notice I will not say that with the local inflection of accent  that YOU so readily use whenever you speak of Muslim or Latin Nations ), flips us off to our face, while still accepting the billions we send there for “Humanitarian” purposes. You, since taking office, have done all you can to tear our Nation down both here and abroad, and the results are in full view. You truly must be exhausted.. Yes Mr. Obama…Take a Break!
You have systematically, on one hand, crushed our energy industry, halted job creation, any resemblence of energy independence, and have even punted til after the election of 2012, the pipeline from Canada that would have added jobs and “friendly” fuel to our reserves. While on the other hand, funneled countless billions into the hands of your cronies, bundlers and eco-freaks via loans for alternative energy companies that we learn, have the life expectancy of a mayfly. It is not an easy thing to accomplish, such damage to a Nation’s energy infrastructure, so Yes Mr. Obama.. Take a Break!
You have finally, through inept diplomacy, effectively kept your promise to bring our troops home. Iran is poised to move on in, at a moments notice, and our true ally in the region, Israel, is all but alone in defending their population from almost certain attack. All the while, fermenting Class Warfare here at home, to keep us at each others throats, rather than focused on the many ( and I do mean many ) failings of your administration. The 99%  is fully behind you sir!  You have turned us on each other!   You must be soProud!  So Yes Mr. Obama.. Yes!  Take a Break!
Since taking office, You, your administration, your Congressional allies, and the media, that rests snuggly against the lint in your pocket, have done all you can to “Fundamentally Change America”. The Socialist/Marxist Utopia you seek so strongly, is almost at hand. One more term should do it. One more term, to finish the dismantling of our economy, further divide our people, weaken our military might, and backdoor our Constitution!  It is not easy to accomplish such dramatic change to a “Free Nation”. You must play your cards properly, seize every opportunity to deceive and still be propped up as a successful leader.
These things do not come easy sir. But as ONE American, who sees clearly what you and your Progressive Marxist companions are attempting. One American, who still believes more in the power of the individual than that of the Government. One American, who prays that We ALL wakeup before it is too late, and this “Bell” that you are swinging, is completely Rung, and the America We have known is no more.   I beg of you the name of all that is holy… Please, Please Mr. Obama..  Take A Break!

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